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Chapter 1: So Long Ago


"He's cured", Sam Carr's voice informed Max over the phone. "After running a number of tests, it's clear Joshua's DNA is more compatible with Logan's than your was. The antibodies that initially stabilized the virus stayed in his bloodstream making him immune. He'll also be able walk on his own without the exoskeleton."

"You're serious?", Max whispered after a pause. Never in her life had she been so happy to hear two words. With the virus no longer a threat, she and Logan could have the relationship they'd been neglecting for the past nine months. They could never be a 'normal' couple, they both knew that, but at least this gave the chance to at least be together. In her state of shock, Max dropped the phone, letting herself fall backwards onto her bed.

"Hello? Max? Are you still there?", Sam questioned, hearing the thud on the other end.

Max scrambled to pick up the phone, "Yeah, yeah, I'm still here. Thank you Sam, so much."

"It's no problem. I called Logan already, so he's probably waiting for you. Just promise me one thing Max, that you and Logan won't screw this up."

Blushing slightly, Max couldn't help the chesire cat grin the spread across her face. "I'll try", she promised, hanging up the phone.

Calling on all of her transgenic speed, Max rushed to her Ninja and began he familiar journey to Logan's penthouse, cursing her baby all way for not being able to go any faster.


Standing outside the wooden doors, Max found herself knocking, which reminded her of the last time she had come over with the intention of touching Logan and her stomach in knots. Bracing herself as the knob began to turn, Max looked into Logan's eyes, instantly relieved to see the brilliant blue depths sparkling.

"I've been waiting for you", Logan said quietly as he moved aside to let her in. Neither one sure of what to do, after an awkward pause, Logan finally spoke up. "I started making dinner, figured you'd be hungry."

Raising her eyebrows suggestively at the many underlying meanings 'hungry' could have, she smiled, "Could I ever turn down your cooking?"

Not being able to stand it any longer, Max took Logan's face in her hands and fused her voluminous lips with his. Sliding one arm around her waist and bringing his other hand to the back of her head, Logan eagerly returned and deepened the kiss. They stayed like that for several minutes, until Logan pulled back. Max moaned in protest, only to be silenced by Logan's fingers over mouth.

"One of us doesn't have transgenic lungs, Max", Logan playfully reminded her.

Looking deep into his eyes, Max summoned all the courage she could muster to say what she did next. "Logan?"


"I love you, too," Max stated, rare tears welling up in her eyes at the long-overdue confession.

Finding her lips again, Logan whispered into them, "I love you".

Walking silently to his bedroom, dinner having been forgotten, they spent the rest of the night celebrating the cure in the way only lovers can, falling asleep in each others arms just as the sun made its first appearance over the horizon.


Ontario, Canada

May, 2036

Max replayed that last night with Logan over and over in her head every night while sitting on top of the old Skylon, looking out at Niagara Falls. Ontario had taken a hit after the Pulse, being on the American boarder and loosing nearly all its tourism reeked havoc on the city's cash flow, so the once flourishing restaurant was now abandoned, making it the perfect replacement Space Needle. Though she had made a life for herself in Canada, she could never get over Seattle, or those she had left behind there no matter how hard she tried. For the past 15 years Max had walked into the little coffee shop she worked in, every morning wishing she would be greeted with the sight of bikes, lockers, Original Cindy and Alec making up new diseases to explain why she was late, and Sketchy off on some new stupid antic. She even missed hearing Normal "bip" at everyone. Instead she walked in, on time, to the sight of coffee machines and muffins in their plastic trays on the counter. Every time she would drive by a high-rise apartment building, she would look up, zeroing in on the windows. But instead of seeing Logan musing as he looked at the city below, she'd see nothing. More than anything she wanted to be able to look into his eyes, see him smile, or hear him laugh just one more time. She missed him so much, there were still days when she could barely get out of bed. However, above everything she wanted set right, there was something she had to tell Logan. Max knew contacting him would get them both killed, but this had been burning in her every day since she fled Seattle. She felt she was running out of hope, running out of time, and ready to crack.


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