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Chapter 11: The End Of The Beginning

"I don't know about the rest of you but I need some sleep," Max yawned, resuming her previous position on Logan's lap and closing her eyes.

"Since when do you get tired?" Logan laughed.

"Since now," Max drifted off.

Seeing her parents together like that stirred something in Lex. As much as she hated to admit it to herself, she hoped Logan would stick around. There was something in Max's eyes she'd never seen before when she looked at Logan; something that made her eyes glow. She looked so happy and content; a kind of happy Lex couldn't find words to describe. Before anyone caught the inquisitive look on her face, Lex backed out of the room and went to sit on the outside. She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket, but decided that it was too early to call anyone; it was only 6 a.m.

"Well, this has been an interesting evening," she thought as she reflected to herself. "My mom's arch enemy is killed by the guy who used to be her arch enemy, we hid out in the Skylon all night, apparently Mom was supposed to stop an entire cult's evil plan, and to top it all off, my father makes his grand appearance." Stopping for a mental breath, she thought back to what she was doing when this all started, "What the hell am I gonna tell Kayla?"

"So what's going on?" Jondy plopped down next to Lex.

"What brings you out here?" Lex was slightly peeved to have her musings interrupted.

"Just thinking," Lex answered vaguely.

"About?" Jondy urged her on.

"How does he make Mom so happy? I've never seen her eyes glow like that before," Lex repeated out loud.

"You mean you're dad?" Jondy pestered her. As Lex turned her head, Jondy went on, "You know you can't just avoid that word forever. And since those two are still, quite obviously, in love with each other, you can't just avoid Logan forever either."

"Haven't we already had this conversation?" Lex tried to end it.

"Hey, don't get pissy at me or I won't let you crash at my place the next few nights," Jondy raised her eyebrows.

"And why would I need to crash at your place?"

"Well what do you think the love birds are gonna do? Sleep soundly in separate rooms?" Jondy laughed.

Catching her drift, Lex grimaced, "Ok, gross! That's not an image I need in my mind, thank you very much."

"Yeah, but putting it there is entertaining for me," Jondy playfully punched Lex in the shoulder.


"Why don't you go over to Lex's? I hate to see you moping like this," Mrs. Bennett suggested to a disgruntled Kayla.

"Les gone," Kyle stuck his head out from the fort he had built on the couch.

"Gone? Kayla what does he mean?"

"What he means is that she's not home. I tried her home phone, her cell, she's not online, and I can't get Max or Jondy's cells either," Kayla sighed as she continued to channel surf.

"Well, where cold she be? She wouldn't still be sleeping would she?" Mrs. Bennett wondered aloud.

"Now if I knew where she was, I wouldn't have this problem. And no, she wouldn't still be sleeping at 11:00 a.m., she hardly ever sleeps," Kayla grumbled.

"Well, find something to do," Mrs. Bennett chided her.


Lex glanced at her watch for the seventh time in half an hour, "Mom, it's after eleven, I think they'd all be long gone. Now can I go to Kayla's?"

"Fine," Max finally gave in, "But I want you to keep your cell on, in case something comes up."

"Will do," Lex promised as she made her way out.

As soon as she reached the ground, she hut her cell on, only to have it ring instantly, "It's me."

"Lex! Where the hell have you been? You run off as soon I get you yesterday morning and you've like fallen off the face of the Earth since!" Kayla shouted.

"There is perfectly logical explanation about everything," Lex smiled at her best friend's ranting.


"Head over to my place, we'll talk there," Lex told her as she ended the call.


"Ok, so what was so important that I had to get up off the couch and come over here for?" Kayla flopped herself into her usual spot at the kitchen table.

"Um, ok. You remember what we told you last year? About my mom and Aunt Jondy and me? About what we are?" Lex tried to break the ice as she handed Kayla a Dixie cup from the freezer.

"Yeah, that whole transgenic deal. How can I forget finding out my second family comes from a secret government lab?" Kayla smirked, mixing the chocolate and vanilla ice cream in front of her.

"Right. Well, remember how I said that there were people still out to find us?" Lex went on hinting.

"Oh god. What happened?" Kayla nearly choked as her eyes went wide.

"In a nut shell, we hid out in the Skylon the whole time, my our arch enemy was killed by my mom's former arch enemy, we tricked a bunch of government agents into thinking that we were heading for Washington, D.C.- "

"Holy crap! And you're still here to tell all?" Kayla cut her off.

"Wait, you haven't heard the best part yet," Lex cocked her head to the side and raised her eyebrows. "Daddy dearest made an appearance."

"What?! You're father? He's here?" Kayla jumped up and looked around.

"Well, he's here, but not here here," Lex explained. "He's at the Skylon with my mom and Aunt Jondy."

"Well then let's go, I wanna see him," Kayla whined. When Lex only continued making ice cream soup, Kayla sat back down, "What's wrong?"


"Liar," Kayla rolled her eyes. "What do you think of him?"

"He's ok," Lex shrugged. When Kayla gave her a pressing look, she went further, "I guess he's pretty good looking. Ya know, for someone his age. And he makes Mom happy. I've never seen her eyes glow like that before. If he stays, everything's gonna be different. But now, I don't know, I kinda don't want him to go."

"Well ya know what I think?"

"Why do I feel like I'm about to find out?" Lex quipped.

Kayla ignored Lex's sarcastic remark, "You, Alexa Guevara, are the most stubborn person I have ever met. So for you, of all people, to be changing you're mind, and telling people about it, on an issue like this means that deep down, you really really want him to stay. And you want the whole normal-family thing with him in the picture and maybe a little sib to top it all off."

Lex opened her mouth to protest, but changed her mind as she processed what Kayla had just said, "You just totally figured me out. Quit it."

Kayla just winked, "Race ya to the Skylon."


"What happened to Lex?" Logan asked as he came back from the market, glancing around the room they'd all just been in.

"She went to Kayla's," Jondy told him as she ransacked the bag of food until she found a banana.

"Kayla's her best friend," Max added, seeing Logan's lost expression.

"Ok, so where is- ," Kayla stopped dead in her tracks as she came around the corner and caught sight of Logan.

Catching up wither, Lex awkwardly started introductions," Kayla, this my, uh," Jondy shot Lex a glare as she hesitated, "father, Logan. This is Kayla."

"Hey, Kay," Jondy tossed Kayla a pack of Pop Tarts. "I guess Lex told you all about the ordeal last night."

"Pretty much. Makes my life seem boring," Kayla broke open the pack.

"You think everything makes your life seem boring," Lex laughed.

"Well, you know what Alexa Colette? Not all of us have genetically engineered family members, government agencies chasing after us, and our motorcycle, ok?" Kayla faked being pissed off.

"What's with the middle-naming?" Lex stuck her hands up in mock-defense.

"You have a motorcycle?" Logan was surprised.

"Yeah, got it off the black market for my birthday," Lex smiled.

"But aren't you a little young?"

"No, they pretty much ignore driver's license laws, if they even exist anymore. It's really cool, a vintage black and red Ninja 950," Lex explained.

The four stayed in there for a few more hours, until Max and Jondy both had to leave for work. Logan couldn't get over how much Max and Lex were alike; not only in how they looked, but in everything they said and did as well.


"Hey," Max walked into the apartment, seeing Lex watching cartoons and Logan thumbing through a magazine.

"How was work?" Lex asked from her upside down position on the couch. Noticing the smiles Max and Logan were giving each other, she gagged to herself and turned off the TV, "I'm going to Aunt Jondy's."

Analyzing the look in Lex's eyes, Max shook her head once she understood why Lex was leaving. Lex simply stuck her tongue out at Max and headed across the hall.

Walking up behind Logan, Max snaked her arms around his neck, "So now that we have the place to ourselves, what should we do?" She suggestively punctured each word with a kiss.

"I think we can figure something out," Logan pulled Max down on top of him.

Max captured his lips with her own as she undid the buttons on his shirt and Logan traced circles on her hips with his thumbs.


"So what do you think they're doing/" Jondy pestered Lex for the fiftieth time in twenty minutes.

"Stop it," Lex mumbled.

"C'mon, your not being any fun," Jondy laughed. "I bet they're christening the couch."

"All right, I'm ignoring you now," Lex turned up the volume on the TV.

"Fine," Jondy laughed. "Well, I'm going out for a ride. You coming?"

"Sure, why not. My baby needs to get out of the garage anyway."


"Logan?" Max asked as they lay in her bed later that night.

"Yeah?" Logan kissed the top of her head.

"What are we gonna do? About us, I mean?"

"I'm not sure exactly. But I'm not loosing you again, Max," Logan promised.

"I know. But how are we gonna do this? Are you gonna move here? Are Lex and I gonna move to Seattle? Do we do this long distance?"

"We'll worry about that in the morning," Logan put a finger against Max's lips.

Max laid her head back down on Logan's chest, but the thoughts kept racing through her mind until the steady sound of Logan's breathing lolled her to sleep.


"Hey," Max greeted Lex as she came into the coffee shop after her last day of school.

"Hey," Lex mumbled barely loud enough for Max to hear.

"What's wrong? School's out, usually your bouncing off the walls."

"Mr. Bennett got promoted," Lex sighed.

"That's great. Why are you so depressed?" Max put a cup of coffee in front of Lex.

"The promotion he wanted involves a transfer."

"To where?

"Where the company's headquarters is, Boston," Lex spat the city's name out like it was rat poison.

"Kayla mention when they were moving out there?" Max saw a window of opportunity about getting Lex to agree to move to Seattle.

"June 30th."

After pausing a minute to decide how to word her next question, Max took a deep breath and opened her mouth, "Lex, we need to have a little talk."

"Whatever it is, it was Aunt Jondy's idea. I had no choice!" Lex responded on instinct.

"No, not that kind of talk," Max couldn't help laughing. "How would you feel about moving to Seattle? You know, now that Kayla's gonna be moving herself."

"Seattle? Isn't that one of the most corrupt cities in America?" Lex wondered aloud.

"Well, yeah. But it's not so bad once you're there. Logan and I talked about him moving here, but, well- "

"You'd rather move there," Lex finished her sentence.

"Logan lives in the best part of the city. You can pick what school you wanna go to. You would love Logan's apartment," Max tried to sugarcoat the idea as best she could.

"Why would I love his place?" Lex rested her chin in her hand and she sipped her coffee.

Max threw her head back to look at the ceiling, "Ok, you know how whenever you ride through the ritzy district, you always say how you want one of the those penthouses and how cool it would to live in one?"

For a minute Lex didn't see what that had to do with Logan, but realizing what Max was saying she jumped out of her seat, "No way!"

"So will you at least consider Seattle?" Max had a glimmer of hope with Lex's reaction to the penthouse.

"We're not leaving until after Kayla does and I get to ride all the way there. And Aunt Jondy better come with us, too," Lex stated as her terms for the agreement.

"Fine. It can be a road trip. I'll talk to Jondy, but I'm sure she wouldn't object," Max promised with a smile.


July 2, 2036

"Ok, that's everything," Max loaded the last box into the moving van.

"So I'll see you in about a week?" Logan locked the doors.

"Yeah, it shouldn't take us much longer than that," Max slid her arm around Logan's waist. "Lex!" She waved up at the Skylon, where Lex was taking in her last view of Niagara Falls.

Lex scaled down the side and headed over towards her bike, where Jondy and Max had already gotten on theirs'.

"This is girls only, so no calling. We'll be fine," Jondy warned Logan again as she held out her arms.

Returning her hug, Logan laughed, "I promise, no calls." Turning to Lex and hugging her as well, he joked about Jondy, "Make sure she doesn't try to ride off a cliff, ok?"

"Will do," Lex crossed her heart and laughed.

"What about me?" Max made puppy dog eyes at Logan.

Walking over to Max with a smirking smile on his face, he seared his to hers. Max brought her arms up around his shoulders, tilting her head to the side.

"All right already," Jondy exasperated after a few minutes.

"Oh god, my eyes!" Lex laughed, hiding her head behind Jondy.

"Logan, you're gonna miss your plane," Jondy shouted after the two didn't respond. Once they pulled back, she gunned her engine, "Finally. You two looked like you were gonna start feeling each other up for a minute."

"Very funny," Max glared at her.

Logan walked over to his car and waved to the girls as he drove off to the airport. Waving back, the three started off out of the city.

"You ready to do this?" Jondy shouted over to Lex.

"Let's get this bitch started," she shouted back as they crossed the boarder in to the states.

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