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Tenchi Academy's First Male Idiot!

It was a suprisingly nice day out for the opening ceremony at Tenchi Academy. As preperations for the Kaichou's usual speech, she held a small meeting with Shizuku and Tatewake. During which time the students also began preparing for for another long speech which would eventually venture off topic... again. "As one final announcement to the both of you." Hitsugi said as she leaned back in the chair behind her desk. "My little brother will be here soon to help with some of the problems we've been having recently. Also with the student council and security purposes as well." Takewake's face sours in response to the news given. "You mean /him/!" She shouted in displeasure. "Yes /him/. Do you have any problems with that?" Hitsugi asked. "Besides that, he is only here as help and i clarified it with him before and will again when he arrives." She answered before a questioned had been placed. "If it goes any further than that-" she proceeded to add on as she leaned forward in her desk. She then opens the top right drawer of her desk and pulls out and places a moldy potato on a plate onto her desk. "he will have to eat this." "Where'd that come from!" Shizuku and Tatewake yelled out in shock, simotaniously. "Oh... its moldy." Hitsugi notices "I cant very well kill him now, can I?" She asks outloud. "You don't know until you try Hitsugi-san." Tatewake immediately responded. "Hmmm.." Hitsugi pondered as she picked up the potato and stared at it. She then stands up from her chair and launches the potato at Tatewake. "It was a gift!" She yelled as the potato slammed into Tatewake's face. "Then why did you throw it at me!" Tatewake asked as she laid on the floor crying. "Because you bored me." Hitsugi replied. She looks up at the clock on the wall. "Well it's just about that time now. Let's go Shizuku." She then heads out of the door with Shizuku. "Why am I so unloved" Tatewake sobbed to herself.

A town car rounds the corner and a boy, laying in the back seat, asleep, wearing a black jacket, a white button down t-shirt, black pants, blue colored shoes, and fingerless gloves, rolls off and onto the floor of the car. The thud wakes him up and he starts to get up to sit back down. The car then comes to a quick halt and the boy is jutted forward and his head slams into the metal divider of the car. "Sir, are you ok?" The driver asked with a concerned tone of voice. "Yeah i'm ok. This is why I told sis I would walk. I am definitely not a car person." He replies. "Thanks for the concern though" He aadded on. "That is why I wanred you to put on your seatbelt before your nap master Sangoran." The driver lectured as he began to drive the car again. "Yeah, yeah, I know. There's no need to bite my head off about it you know." He then sits up in his seat, fixes his black jacket collar andleans forward in the seat. "So how long until we get there anyway?" He asks the driver as the car comes to a stop. "About five seconds ago." He answered. "Good luck to you and and ms. Amachi as well." He says as sangoran opens the door and exits. He then leans into the doorway and looks at the driver. "You got it. Oh, thanks for the lift." He says as he backs away from the car and shuts the door. The car pulls away and Sangoran walks up to the sign that read 'Tenchi' on it and leans up against the side of it, his body facing the where are you sis." He asked himself.