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Jun and Sangoran sit by the end of the grounds talking. Meanwhile Yuho wanders around looking for them. As she continues walking, she stumbles upon Yukari, who was exiting the art room. "Oh, hello sempai." Yuho greeted softly. Good afternoon, Yuho." Yukari greeted back. "How have you been lately." She then asked. "G-good." Yuho answered. "Why were you in the art room anyway?"She asked, trying to change topics. "I was helping Maki-sempai with some physical fitness on her arm." Yukari answered. "Isn't it a bit soon to do that?" She asked. "Yeah, but she is really determined to and once her mind is made up, there's no stopping her." Yukari states and sighs. "So what brings you around here?" She then akss. "Oh right, i'm looking for Jun." She tells her. "Jun you say?" I believe I saw her by the end of school grounds with some boy. Does that help?" Yukari informs her. "Yes." She bows her head, turns around and starts running toward the doors. As she is running, she turns her head and yells over, "Thanks sempai! Tell Maki-sempai to get well soon!" As she turns back around she bumps into someone and falls to the ground. "I-I'm sorry." She begins to stand up and sees an angry faced Ensuu staring her down. Yuho starts to walk toward the door and is blocked by Meiko. "Exuse me." Yuho says as she tries to pass Meiko. "I don't think so kid." Meiko begins saying. "So where are you going?" "It's none of your concern!" Yukari interveins. "Do you want us to beat you into the ground?" Meiko asks as a smirk formed on her face. As Ensuu reached back to pull out her sword, the door behind them opens and Shizuku steps in and confront them. "Are you two serious?" She asks in disbelief. "I can't believe you two would ttack two injured sword-bearers. Both of you are leave this building and remain in your room for the rest of the week." She ordered as she passed the two. Without hesitation Ensuu pulls out her sword and swings at Shizuku. With a quick reaction, Shizuku ducks the swing, pulls her sword out, and hits Ensuu in the chest, knocking her to the ground. "You should know better than to attack someone of a higher rank than you. And me of all people. Now leave before I have to carry your unconcious bodies there myself." Shizuku demands as she pulls out her other sword. Ensuu stands up, and stares down Shizuku. She then turns around and her and Meiko leave the room. Shizuku sheaths her swords and turns toward Yukari and Yuho. "You two are ok, right?" She asks in concern. "Y-yes. Thank you sempai." Yukari said. "Thank you sempai. Please exuse me." Yuho bows in thanks and runs out the building and heads toward Jun and Sangoran.

"I still don't believe you." Jun told Sangoran. Believe it or not. I am telling you the truth." He says. "No. Your lying. There is no way the Kaichou is related to someone as insane as what you told me." She protests. "Really? Look back on recent events. Now you tell me." He challenges. Jun ponders her thoughts for a moment. She then feels the lightbulb turn on in her head. "Oh my god, your right." She realized. "Right about what?" Yuho asked as she approached the two. "It's nothing." They respond. Yuho then walks over to Jun, places her hands on Jun's shoulder's, and stares in her face. "It's not going to work." Jun told her. Sangoran leans up against the corner of the wall, in wonder of what will happen next. Yuho then begins to squeeze Jun's shoulder's tightly. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. You should know you can't hurt me- OW!" As Jun was bragging, Yuho hits Jun in the head with her sword. "Now tell me." She demanded. "Or else." "Oh a twist" Sangoran thought to himself as he tried to hold back his laughter. "No, don't do that!" Jun begged. "I, Yuho Shizuma, your princess demand you tell me." Jun's head then began to hang in shame. "She said it." "P-princess?" He muttered as the winds of confusion had passed through his mind. "Y-your kidding, right? Please tell me your just screwing with me." He said in hope. "I'm afraid not. It's not something I want either but I have to deal with it." Yuho explained. ""Ok. How's this for an idea!" He offered. "You tell me your 'princess' thing, and i'll tell you about myself. Deal?" He proposed. Yuho site down infront of Jun and Sangoran. "Deal." She said in agreement.

Shizuku steps into Hitsugi's office room. She shuts the door and lets out a big sigh. She then turns around and notices Hitsugi, Tatewake, Akira, and Sae all staring at her. "W-what." "Where is he?" Hitugi asked Shizuku. "Damnit!" Shizuku yelled. "I forgot to look for him. I had a minor problem and it made me completely forget." "Same old you, right?" Akira said. "So what kinda problem was it anyway?" She asked. "Well, the pair of Ju Ensuu and Himuro Meiko, were trying to violate hoshitori rules and attack Someya Yukari and Shizuma Yuho in the arts building. Then Ensuu tried to strike at me so I put her on her ass and sent the pair to their rooms for the remainder of the week." She announced with a sense of accomplshment in her voice. "Would ou like a cookie?" Hitsugi offered. "What's with the sarcasm!"Shizuku questioned. "It's not. There is an actual plate of cookies right on the table here. Do you want one or not?" She asked again, sliding the plate across the teble toward Shizuku. "Oh, well in that case." As she reached for the cookie Hitsugi pulls the plate from her reach. "Not until you apoligize." Hitsugi said. Shizuku then stands straight up, and with a sturdy tone, drops to her knees and begins begging for forgiveness. Hitsugi begins laughing so hard she fell back in her chair and spilled the cookies and her drink, which she had sitting next to the cookies. She then stands up, fixes her chair, and begins to calm her laughter. Akira and Sae try to hold back their laughter as they notice the stains and tears in Hitsugi's uniform. "Damn. Shizuku, if you get me another uniform from our room, i will forgive you." she said. "Right away!" Shizuku immediately responded as she jumped up. She quickly bolted from the room and headed down the hall to the right side of the doorway entrance, leaving it wide open. You know what? I'm going to call this dolt. He is really starting to annoy me now." Hitsugi thought aloud. "So is that why you two are paired?" Sangoran asked them. "Yeah, pretty much." Jun answered. Sangoran's phone begins to ring the 'Nyan Cat' song again and Jun and Yuho fall over in laughter. Sangoran opens his phone and, as he puts to his ear, rolls his eyes. "Yo sis! Do we really have to go through this everytime? It's this wonderful thing known as 'caller I.D.'. Try it sometime." He says with a pair of girls in the background laughing. "You needed to be in my office 20 minutes ago. Get your ass over here now!" She demands and immediately follows up by hanging up the phone. "What a pain in the ass" They both say. "Well it was fun chatting with you both. Let me walk you two to your dorms. Sound ok?" He offered. "Thanks, but no thanks." Jun replied. " I'm just going to walk her back. It seems like you have family troubles to deal with." She added. "Well, ok then. Gotta run!" He yells as he runs off toward the school buildings. "You could have just said yes." Yuho told Jun. "Eh. It just feels a little wierd right now."Jun said as she placed her hand on top of Yuho's head. "Uniform, uniform, uniform... It's not in any of the usual spots." Shizuku said aloud as she searched for one of Hitsugi's uniforms. She opens up a chest at the end of Hitsugi's bed and finds sets of folded up uniforms. She pulls one out, shuts the chest top, and bolts out of the door. "Sae can you go meet my idiot brother outside? I'm afraid he might get lost." Hitsugi asked. "Sure." Sae replies as she gets up and walks out of the room. "Akira hold this." Hitsugi said as she tossed her dirty uniform at Akira, who watches as it flies past her head and drops behind the couch. "So your just going to sit there and wait until SHizuku gets back with that uniform? Akira asked. "Pretty much." Hitsugi replied. "In your bra and panties only? Aren't you worried about him coming in?" Akira questions. "There's nothing to hide." Hitsugi said. She stadns up from her chair and walks over to Akira and sits on her lap. "W-what the hell are you doing!" Akira demanded in question. Hitsugi places her hand on Akira's face. "Come on, you know it as well as I do." She relied softly. "Ah there you are." Sae says as Sangoran ran up to her. "Yeah, she send you out here to get me, or do you just have feelings for me?" He jokingly asks. Sae responds by kicking him in his left knee. "Shit! That hurts!" He yells out. "Yeah, the only feelings I have for you is pity." She answers, with annoyance radiating from her body. "Now let's go." She demands as she walks into the building. "Sheesh, can't anyone take a joke around here?" He says to himself. The two walk down the hallway and notice Shizuku coming from the other side with Hitsugi's fresh uniform in hand. They all turn toward the doorway and see the half naked Hitsugi, sitting on Akira's lap, face-to-face. Sangoran and Sae's jaws slam to the ground in shock. Shizuku stood with a suprised look on her face, spechless, and stood on place like a rock. Sangoran tries to walk away but his quickly gripped up, by his collar, by Sae "Well hi you three. Sorry you had to find out this way." Hitsugi commented. "W-wait a minute! S-Sae this isn't what it looks like! I swear!" Akira yells. "Let me go! You all seem to be preoccupied right now." Sangoran says, trying to somehow escape Sae's grip. "Nope." Sae immediately denied. "Fine, you come with me then, You look like you could use some fresh air." He tells her. He then picks Sae up and puts her over his let shoulder. "We'll be back when it's a little less akward." He then caries Sae down the hall and outside. They get outside and once the doors shut, he puts Sae down and she slaps him in the face. "What was that for!" He questioned. "The whole time you were carrying me down, you had your hand on my ass." She replied. "Or did you not notice?" She asked sarcastically. "It was? I actually hadn't noticed. My apologies." He tries to apologize again but Sae turns her back to him, and folds her arms across her chest. He then turns away from her, places his hands in his pockets, and chuckles a bit. "If it's any conselation..." He begins to say as Sae peeks over toward him. "You do have a nice ass." He admitted. Sae's body swings around, her face slightly blushed. "Y-y-you have the audaciy to say that to me!" She screms at him. "Well I was just being honest with you." She begins to approach him and he throws his arms up in self defense. "Thank you." She said as she gave him a hug. As he begins to blush, Sae knees him in the nuts. "Don't do it again." She says as he drops to his knees in pain. "Now let's go. I'm pretty sure their dine screwing around in there." She grabs him by his ear and begins dragging him inside. "Ow, ow, ow, my ear! Let go please! It hurts!" Hitsugi sits down in her chair, closes her eyes, and goes deep into thought. "Don't think this is just going to go away!" Akira shouted. She stared at Hitsugi for a moment and she opens her eyes and looks at Akira. "I'm sorry, what was that? I wasn't listening." Hitsugi said. "Well at least it was a big joke." Shizuku keys in. "Who said it was?" Hitsugi questions in a playful tone. Sae stops Sangoran as they approach the room. She turns around and begins to whisper to him. "Listen, tonight has been really...confusing. So for just this once I'll look over it. Next time however..." She cracks her knuckles and gives him an evil and scary death stare. "I will castrate you." She finished. Frightened by the threat, he nods his head and they walk into the room. "Oh good your both back." Hitsugi says. "Anything before we go to the council meeting?" She asks. Sae and Sangoran look at each other and then they each look at Akira and Hitsugi and say, "We need to talk later." "Well if you wanted to know how long Akira and I have been in this secret affair, I will tell you now." She offered. "HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT WHEN THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON BETWEEN US!" Akira screams in question. Shizuku sighs and walks out of the room. Akira gets up and her and Sae exit the room. As they are leaving, Sae smacks Sangoran and Akira in the back of their heads and continues walking. "Well now." Hitsugi begins speaking. "Would you like to talk about it now or later?" She asks. "Well you could have picked a better prank. Maybe one that didn't involve you being half-naked." He answers. "She stands up and walks over to his side as she begins to pass him and stops. "Oh Sangy, one day you'll learn." She pats him on the head and walks out of the room. Now boiling with anger, he bursts out of the room. "I'm going to kick your ass!" He yelled as he began chasing Hitsugi down the hall. "You'll have to catch me first!" SHe replies in a joyful and playful tone.