Author's Note: For starters, I really have no idea how this story is going to take shape. I love playing zombie games, so I figured it was time for me to start thinking about a zombie story possibly based off of the Dead Island game, at least in the geographical sense. As far as Dead Island's main story goes, I doubt I will stick much to it since I didn't entirely enjoy it anyway. This is the beginning, and it would help to get some reviews first so I know whether or not to continue it. Of course, I don't own anything from Dead Island, just the plot of this story and its characters.

This story also contains strong language, so beware O_O.


When the world has gone to you go with it?

If you had asked me that question when all this...shit began, I probably would have answered no. That would mean giving up your will to live, and letting the people you care about most die. I'll tell you right now, I fought, and so did the others. Turns out all we did was prolong the inevitable. These damn things just keep coming. Just when you thought you killed them all off, more show up, or one of your own succumbs to the Infection.

The Infection? Oh yeah, guess I got a little ahead of myself on that point. For now, just think of it as another type of Apocolyspe. For me, thats exactly what it was, the end of the fucking world as I knew it. I am by no means a saint, but no one should have to experience the things i have in the past 48 hours. When it comes right down to it, not much time has passed since the Outbreak. Two days ago, i was with the boys, getting wasted after a somewhat annoying week at work. We all decided to take a much needed vacation from our jobs before we ended up on the news for offing our bosses or lighting up our cubicles or something. We were all married, and most people took their families with them for vacations such as ours. It took alot of convincing, promising, and almost begging on our part to leave them at home this one time so just the boys could have some fun for a change.

In retrospect, that was the best god damn decision any of us have made in our lives.

If you were to ask me that same question now, I honestly could not answer you. At times, it feels as if a huge burden would be lifted from our shoulders if we just gave up and died. But then again, we wouldnt really die would we? We would just turn into those...monsters. We would continue to "live" off the flesh of the living, not caring who they were. The very thought of us feasting on people's loved ones, maybe even our own, is enough to make us want to live just a little while longer.

We want to live, to return to our loved ones. But, the fight can only last so long. There are so few of us, and so many of them. If help is coming, it wont reach us in time. Hell, even if help was coming they probably wouldnt last long enough anyway. How we have is nothing short of a miracle. I'm sure word of what has happened has gotten out already, whether or not its the truth i honestly couldnt give a damn. When the world looks back on this moment in time and thinks some type of plague broke out and everyone just died quietly, YOU will know better, YOU will know the truth. What you do with the truth is up to you. If you decide to go public with it, your life may very well be forfeit. If you decide to keep it to yourself, well i couldnt blame you. It helps enough that at least one person knows what happened, to know that we havent stepped into the pits of hell itself completely alone, wondering if it was all some type of horrible nightmare. This is our story, but be warned:

This is not the first time it has happened.