A/N: In this story, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, etc. are 5 years old. Candace is 10.

Isabella sighed on her first day of kindergarten. She was totally and completely FREAKING OUT. She didn't know a single person there. She was so scared that no one would like her. She was just a shy little girl all dressed in pink! She didn't think anyone would want to be friends with her. Plus she had such a long name! Would it confuse the other kids? She hoped they didn't give her a nickname. She hated nicknames. When her and her mother arrived at the kindergarten, Isabella gulped.

"Hi!" said a voice behind her. She whirled around, her black hair flying in the wind. She saw a little boy, slightly shorter than her, with a sort of triangular head and red hair. She vaguely remembered seeing him around the neighborhood. "I'm Phineas. What's your name?"

"Um, I-I'm Isabella." Isabella said shyly.

"Pretty name. You wanna go play with the building blocks?" he said.

"Okay." said Isabella.

10 minutes later, little Isabella gawped at the life-sized model of Abraham Lincoln Phineas had made out of blocks.

"What do you think?" asked Phineas. "Is it okay?"

Isabella gaped. "Phineas, it-it's…amazing!"

"Thank you!"

The next day, Isabella immediately went to find Phineas. "Hi Phineas. Whatcha doin'?"

"Oh, hi Isabella! I'm just thinking what I should make with the building blocks today." Phineas said. "Can you help me?"

"Ummm…how about a famous person?"

"Like who?"

"Hmmm…how about…Sacagwea?"

"That's a great idea!" screamed Phineas. "Thanks, Isa bellaaaaaaa!" he yelled as he ran inside to the building blocks.

The next day, Phineas ran to find Isabella.

"Isabella, Isabella! Guess what?"

Isabella turned around and smiled. She saw Phineas, but today she also saw another little boy about the same age as them with green hair.

"Isabella, Isabella, I've got a brother now!"

"That's great Phineas! Wait, how?"

"Well, mommy said that she's getting married to Ferb's daddy so FERB'S MY BROTHER NOW!"

Isabella giggled. "That's awesome! Hi, Ferb. I'm Isabella."

"Hello, Isabella. Charming to meet you." said Ferb.

"Ferb's BRITISH. My new brother's BRITISH!" After he said this, Phineas ran around screaming into every child, parent and teacher's face "MY NEW BROTHER'S BRITISH!" as Isabella and Ferb just stood there laughing their heads off.

So, what do you think? Next chapter Phineas, Ferb and Isabella meet a certain little nerd and Isabella and "the nerd" meet a certain high-strung 10 year old.