A/N : Dumbledore is still alive, there were only two hocruxes; the diary and Harry himself

The final battle had been a bloody affair, many had died, including Remus, and others were left mourning, parents, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons and yet in the days following Voldemort's defeat, much of the wizarding world celebrated. However one person was not, Harry Potter was sitting in a cell deep within the Ministry of Magic, after Ron and Hermione had claimed to have defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Harry began to realise how alone he was in the world. Sirus was dead, along with Lupin, and he began to wonder exactly how much he had been manipulated by everyone. Harry had plenty of time to wonder, while he awaited trial. Apparently he was too powerful a wizard to let free. Almost everyone believed he was turning dark. After all they said "power corrupts". Harry couldn't even escape through the dozens of wards and power suppressant cuffs.

Of course he knew that the trial would be a farce, most likely he would spend the rest of his life in Azkaban and unlike Sirus, he was a registered animagus, and not even the ministry was stupid enough to forget the anti-animagus wards. Strangely enough his only visitors had been the Malfoys, they were his only supporters. Harry had begun to wonder if he shouldn't have left the wizarding world to Voldemort.

As the days passed and his trial grew closer, those he thought were friends, family even visited, but these strangers were nothing like the people he had known for the last seven years. This Ron and Hermione were cruel and self absorbed. He had known since the Triwizard tournament that Ron was jealous of his fame, but he had no idea that Hermione desired the attention.

"Famous Harry Potter," Ron sneered, "this is your end you know? The minister has promised us that you'll never see the light of day again. After all you are dark and evil, if we let you be you would be a worse threat than you-know-who"

"Do you know the what the worse part was, pretending to be your friend for all these years, you put us in mortal peril, and even though we were compensated each and every time, we hated it" Hermione's voice had a cruel undertone that Harry had never heard in it before. There taunting continued for minutes before, they left, laughing.

Even Dumbledore had visited and when asked why he had refused to speak on Harry's behalf, Dumbledore had merely smiled at him and said his destruction was for the 'Greater Good'.

Harry's view of the world had started to change perhaps Voldemort had been the lesser evil, as this train of thoughts continued, what was good and what was evil? Who determined which was which? As his trial drew closer Harry began to feel hopeless, knowing their was no future for him in the wizarding world.

On the morning of his trial, Harry was near despondent, knowing his life and future was in the hands of a corrupt and fearful ministry. He was brought before the entire Wizengamot for his trial, many had family members who had followed Voldemort or the Order. Harry barely listened to the charges as they were read, nor to the persecution. Lucius Malfoy was acting in his defence, Harry tried to ignore the irony.

Hours later the trial was over and the Wizengamot reconvened to announce their verdict.

"Harry Potter, you have been found guilty of conspiracy against the Wizarding World, Sedition, the use of Dark Magic and murder. You are here by sentenced to the Dementor's Kiss."

The last thing Harry saw before he was faced with the soul-sucking monster that was a dementor, was the stoic faces of the Malfoy family, Harry could even swear he saw tears glistening in their eyes. As the Dementor closed in on Harry his last thoughts was why the Malfoy family would cry at his death?