Title: Dementor's Kiss

Author: Kades

Chapter: Halloween

Word count: 1,112

A/N: First I want to thank everyone who has reviewed, added me as a favourite or is following my story.

Second; several people have commented that Blaise is male in cannon; however for the purposes of my story Blaise is a girl.

Third: just a reminder that there are only two horcruxes in my story; the diary and Harry himself.

Finally: some people have told me that proper nouns are the same in all languages and that names would sound silly in parseltongue, however in this instance let us say names translate differently in parseltongue as it is not a human language.

ʓ Parseltongue ʓ

Previously in Dementor's Kiss:

So during his next defence lesson Harry waited for everyone to leave before he approached Professor Quirrel, and simply said

"Hello, Grandfather"

"I do not have a child, let alone a grandchild Potter," Quirrel responded sharply

"That's because I wasn't talking to you Quirrel," Harry said with disdain before he slipped easily into the ancient language of the serpents.

ʓ I was talking to you grandfather, Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as Lord Slytherin and the father of my mother, Melindae Persephone Riddle also known as Lily Rose Evans ʓ Harry spoke with respect

ʓ Hadrian, I had feared that the old goat had brainwashed you, that you would not know of the truth about me or of your proud heritage. I feared that you would blame me for the deaths of your mother and father as Dumbledore spread the tale of my defeat that night. ʓ there was barely a hint of relief and remorse in the Dark Lord's voice as he spoke to his grandson for the first time in nearly ten years. Even if it was through possession of the idiot Quirrel

ʓ Dumbledore tried to turn me against you Grandfather, he very nearly succeeded in manipulating me and making me his pawn in his fight against you, however fate intervened and I was placed with Lucius and Narcissa and now I know how to help you return to your physical form. However for this to succeed I need two things from you, permission to use your diary Horcrux in a ritual and a promise to not imbibe any unicorn blood no matter how desperate you become, I know that Quirrel's body has begun to deteriorate, but with your permission I can have the ritual ready in just over twelve weeks. ʓ Harry explained

ʓ I give you permission to use the Horcrux, but how did you even know of it? Does Dumbledore know of it? ʓ Voldemort asked Harry

ʓ I am your grandson, I made it my mission to know and no, Dumbledore does not yet know of your Horcrux, although he suspects that you were not truly vanquished that Samhain night. ʓ Harry replied

ʓ He has long suspected that I survived, for now he is but a nuisance. You hide your secrets well, grandson, but know that your cryptic answers won't satisfy me forever. ʓ

ʓ I know Grandfather ʓ Harry answered ʓ could you please keep your plans to let the troll in during the Halloween feast Grandfather, I plan for one of my classmates to learn how unwelcome she is in our world. ʓ

ʓ How did you?… never mind… one day I will learn your secrets grandchild of mine, ʓ Lord Voldemort responded

ʓ Do you trust Severus? ʓ Harry asked quickly changing the subject

ʓ With your life ʓ Harry wondered at the answer

ʓ And with yours? ʓ Harry asked

ʓ You must go now, my child I will speak with you again soon ʓ Voldemort dismissed Harry from the classroom

Harry was happy he had finally had a chance to talk to his grandfather; although he wondered why his grandfather would trust Severus with Harry's life, but refused to answer when Harry asked if Severus could be trusted with his life. Harry hurried to dinner where he joined his brother and their friends; he decided he would approach Professor Snape after dinner in the final hours before curfew.

Harry, like all of the Slytherins knew that Severus would be in his office from dinner until curfew, which was still several hours away, Harry knocked quietly on the door of the potion masters office and waited patiently for permission to enter.

"Enter" Professor Snape looked up from his desk as Harry entered the office, "Good evening Harry, how can I be of assistance to you today?"

"Good evening Professor, you know the truth about who my grandparents really are," Harry stated bluntly as he waited for Professor Snapes acknowledgement, "are you willing to help me, to help my grandfather?" he asked

"I am always willing to help you Harry, after all, your mother was a dear friend of mine, as are Lucius and Narcissa."

"I need a potion it is extremely complicated and I believe it hasn't been used correctly in well over half-a-millennia; the recipe has been translated from Parseltongue. I was hoping that you, with your considerable skills and knowledge of potions would be willing to attempt to complete this potion" at this point Harry handed over a copy of the recipe to the professor who looked it over, his eyes sparkling at the thought of the challenging potion,

"You understand Harry that some of these ingredients are extremely rare and will be expensive to buy, if they are even available at all."

"I have access to Salazar Slytherin's personal potions room, I am hoping that most if not all of the ingredients will be found there, I will of course reimburse you for any ingredients you need to purchase as well as for your time in brewing the potion." Harry responded sounding more like his nineteen year old self than the eleven year old he was meant to be.

"Very well then, will tomorrow evening be alright to collect the ingredients, I will need to make sure that they haven't deteriorated or become too potent during the last thousand years." Severus relished the thought of making a potion that was basically unknown to the Wizarding world.

"That is acceptable, I will be here directly after dinner to accompany you to the Chamber and storeroom" Harry responded.

"I hope you understand that it is imperative that you tell no one of this potion, if the headmaster was to discover what we are attempting Azkaban will be the least of your worries" Harry's threat was not unheeded by the Potions Master.

"I swear on my life and magic that none of the details we have discussed in this room, at this time, will be shared with anyone without the permission of Hadrian James Marvolo Malfoy-Potter, So mote it be" there was a flash of light after Professor Snape gave his oath, and Harry was satisfied that his plans were safe, and there was now less than two weeks until Granger would meet the Troll, he wondered if his grandfather would still go after the stone, even though Harry was going to help him attain his corporeal body, he suspected he would as his grandfather desired immortality with his fear of Death, but even if he did not want the stone for himself he would certainly want such a powerful artefact out of the reach of people like Albus Dumbledore.