This is the first chapter to the sequel to 'Until the Sun Doesn't Rise'. If you haven't read that, you may want to first.

"You humans are such stupid things."

The demon crossed the threshold into the house with ease, his tall figure briefly filling the doorway. Underneath him the salt line lay broken and useless.

"I swear, those pathetic excuses you've hunted before make all of us out to appear dumb. There are ways to get around your silly defenses."

The smirk on his lips paired with those black eyes was disturbing. Even more so was the way he weaved past all of the hidden devil traps as he crossed the room, his eyes never leaving mine. He was a predator expertly stalking his prey and he moved as if he was one step ahead of me.

"Am I making you nervous?" he asked with great satisfaction as he took in my appearance.

I began backing away slowly, hoping I could make my way back into my bedroom where my knife was hidden under my pillow. Dumb mistake not taking it with me everywhere. Right now it was my last shot at survival seeing as I hadn't informed the rest of the household about Dean's warning, not wanting to worry everyone. And now they were all gone on hunts, and I was left alone.

"What do you want?" I asked a little breathlessly.

Figuring if I kept him talking, maybe I could give myself more time to think. Or find a way to get to my knife without getting myself killed first.

He chuckled, clearly enjoying himself. "I'm just here for you. You're the perfect leverage."

"Perfect leverage for what?" I asked curiously despite myself.

"I'm glad you asked!" he exclaimed quite enthusiastically. "For Sammy boy. Ah, yes, you seem shocked that we demons are privy to idle human relationships. But come on, Sam Winchester? As long as he loves you, you'll always be his downfall. It's nothing personal, love."

My heart was racing listening to him talk. I knew the two of us getting involved was dangerous, but we'd been in situations like this plenty of times before. We were all each other's weaknesses, but we always made it out alive in the end. I just had to keep my head clear and think straight. I could figure this out.

The demon's head turned slowly to the side as he watched me cautiously backing away. An amused expression was on his face; his eyes still that frightening, endless black.

"I see the wheels turning in that pretty little head of yours," he said eyeing me. "I must admit, Sam sure can pick them."

I tried very hard to ignore the meaning behind that. Glancing over my shoulder I realized I was just at the entrance to the hallway. My bedroom was just feet away.

"Why do you need me for leverage?" I asked, trying to keep him talking.

He narrowed his eyes at me briefly, obviously contemplating what I was up to and how much he should really tell me. In a matter of moments he was back to his original demeanor.

"Crowley needs you actually, I'm just the delivery boy," he responded, though the way he said it made it sound like he wasn't too happy about it.

Chewing my lip I figured I'd take a stab in the dark on that reading and run with it. "You don't seem to be the type of guy who works well with others. Or for others, for that matter."

"I don't. I would crush Crowley if I could, that little flea. Arrogant and annoying."

"So why follow his orders?" I pried.

He smiled devilishly at me and wagged a finger at me like one might do when scolding a child. "I see what you're up to. I'm not just going to turn tail and leave you here."

"What is it he needs me for anyway?" I asked, finally feeling the doorframe of my bedroom beneath my fingertips.

Casually stalking forward at the same pace, the demon side-stepped yet another devils trap before answering.

"He needs Sam for a vessel, and if he threatens to torture you with countless horrors, well, Sam is more likely to bend and break," the demon responded with a simple shrug.

My mouth dropped a little and I forgot what I had been trying to do for a moment. Why would Crowley need Sam for a vessel?

"So you haven't been kept in the loop I see."

He grinned when my expression seemed to confirm this.

"Oh those little Winchesters."

The demon took two quick strides in my moment of hesitation. He was standing so close to me now that I was pressing my back up against the wall in attempts to make some space between us. His face was in front of mine in moments, the black pits that were supposed to be eyes were blocking my vision of everything else.

"It's always been about the souls. You're little BFF Castiel needed the extra juice for his little war up in heaven," he told me, his nose wrinkling up in disgust as he continued on, "and Crowley needs them to keep his place as the King of Hell."

Unable to hold the gaze I turned my head quickly to the side. "What does this have to do with me?"

He chuckled and put a finger under my chin, pulling my face back to his. "Eve wasn't too happy about how the pair teamed up and started scheming on taking the souls from purgatory, so then she came here and decided to start turning you stupid humans into her children." He paused to watch me cringe at the idea. "But now that your little Winchester pals kindly enough took her out of the picture, Crowley and Castiel can finish their little project and take all those souls for their own."

"No, Castiel wouldn't be working with Crowley. He would never do that," I said adamantly.

"Angels don't exactly make easy mistakes like burning the wrong bones of a dangerous demon. You really going to sit there and think he didn't do that on purpose?"

I couldn't comprehend all of that. Why would Castiel, an angel, ever stoop to working with a demon?

"Mind boggling, isn't it?" he asked in a teasing tone.

"If that's all even true, what does he need Sam as a vessel for anyway?"

"Sam is…" he paused a moment and shook his head, "was Lucifer's vessel. That makes him stronger than just any plain old meat suit. With all of those souls being held in one place, it would tear apart the body of just anyone. Something I don't think your little angel friend is aware of."

"Why are you telling me all of this?"

He shrugged casually, pulling away from me a little bit. "I could care less what happens, as long as I'm still alive and out of hell."

I slowly reached my hand into my sweatshirt pocket, trying to keep my face expressionless as I did so.

"You really think I'm that stupid?" the demon asked me as he eyed my hand in the pocket.

His expression changed instantly to something darker. He ripped my hand from inside the pocket and threw me partway down the hallway. My head bounced off the wall before I crumpled up onto the floor. I was disoriented as I laid there, one hand to my head, the other frantically searching for the holy water that was in my pocket. The demon raced across the distance between us in no time and ripped my hand out again before pulling out the bottle himself.

"You're just too predictable," he told me as he opened the bottle and poured it out on the floor. "I'm not leaving here without you. Now you have one simple choice to make. You can come without a fight, or I'll drag you, kicking and screaming. So what'll it be? Door number one or door number two?" A twisted smile crossed his dry, cracked lips. "Personally, the latter is my favorite of the two."

Gripping the doorframe to the bathroom beside me, I carefully got back up onto my feet as he waited patiently for an answer. I didn't give him one, I just attempted to sprint past him towards my bedroom. He seemed to have been taken by surprise by that, and the growl that was emitted behind me made my skin crawl.

I didn't make it far into my room before he latched on to my wrist, his nails digging firmly into my skin. Pulling me back into his body he leaned down towards my ear and I could feel his breath on my skin when he spoke next.

"Let's see what's waiting for you behind door number two, then."