Alleypup's POV:

Brooklyn was cool.

For one thing, the other girls were teaching me to use a slingshot, and Spot had been conveniently MIA, so no one to boss us around. Dock was a cool temporary leader. He seemed to know that people couldn't do everything, and he respected that.

Nickel was back, but she seemed very preoccupied with the kidnapping cases, and aside from selling papes, she stayed in the girls' room a lot. But other than that, Brooklyn was cool.

That is, until I got snatched.

I just walked round the corner, and ran into something, a cloth, I think. Covered in a perfume or a drug or something that made it smell funny.

All I remember is, I blacked out.

I woke up in something of a box.

Actually, it was a room, a small room, really a cell. It was clean, but the walls were an ugly brown color, pure stone, and the only light came from a barely working light bulb hanging from the ceiling.

I realized something.

I wasn't naked, no. But I was dressed in something not my clothes. A white nightgown, the kind rich girls wore.

And that meant that to change my clothes, someone had had to undress me.

Oh, they were gonna pay!"

But, I noticed something strange.

My hair was brushed out neatly, and there was someone else in the room.

Actually, lots of someones. But not really in the room.

The room was small, true, but three walls were pure glass. One wall, I could tell, made the door; it was the smallest wall and I could see the door. The other walls, though, were see-through, and through them I could see girls dressed as I was. To my left and to my right, at least ten girls in each direction, maybe more, but I wasn't really concentrating on that.

What was this place?

I stood, and found immediately that the person to my right was Sarah Jacobs, the one and only.

She was leaning against the wall, asleep, hunched in a ball.

She wore the same type of nightgown as I did, but she looked ragged. Her nightgown was rumpled, and her arm was bandaged and bloody. Her hair was mussed.

Wait, her arm was bloody?

What was this place?

The door opened, and I turned, reaching for the slingshot that wasn't there. There was a short boy about my age, with a sneer on his face, standing in the doorway. He smiled, and said,

"Da boss wants you."

My eyes narrowed.

"Blank." I said. It wasn't a question.

The boy smiled. "He ain't da boss. Da boss says I'm to bring you to 'im. He don't care what it takes, so long as I don't kill you."

I shook my head. "I ain't goin' nowheah." I told him coldly.

The boy shrugged. "Easy. Then I'll stay." And he entered, and began to shut the door.

I leaped for it. "On second thought—"

He grinned.

He took me into the hall. Then, he led me up and down a few hallways and staircases, so many that I lost count, but I memorized every turn, so I could navigate it if I had to.

If Blank wasn't the boss, who was?

It could be anyone.

Too many people hated the newsies. Maybe this was just a manifestation of all of those people, and they were just using Blank as a pawn to take the bullet.

The boy finally stopped and knocked in front of a door that looked expensive.

"Come in." a voice came from within.

The boy opened the door, but didn't even enter. Instead, he just pushed me into the room. I stumbled, and fell, and the boy closed the door behind me.

"Get up." The voice said coldly, and I did so. I hated him for it, but it wasn't like I had any other option.

I looked up at the 'boss' of this whole operation.

He was someone I didn't know. A boy, around seventeen or eighteen, or maybe nineteen years old, with sandy blonde hair.

He held a knife.

Third Person POV:

Tempest ran into the Manhattan Lodging House just as Jack was getting ready to go to the council meeting in Central Park.

Everyone looked up at Spot's girl.

"Temp?" Spot demanded, frowning. "What're you doin' heah?"

For an answer, a breathless Tempest held out a note.

"Alleypup." She said simply.

Jade snatched the note from her, and read it aloud with a horrified expression.

"Brooklyn, 'Hattan,

Alleypup ain't important to you or anything, right?

Good, because unless you bring me Falcon and Havoc, she dies. No exceptions

Friday night, guys and girls

That's your last chance.

Make it count.


"I'm gonna kill him." Jade swore. She had a soft spot for Alleypup, who she had practically adopted as a sister.

"Blank took Alleypup?" Diamond demanded. She snatched the note from Jade, who let her.

Blink clenched his teeth. "What're we doin' heah, standin' round like ninnies? We oughtta be marchin' in there, getting' Clover an ev'rybody else out!"

"Or else we gotta trade for somefin." Someone muttered.

"Who said that?" Jack demanded, but nobody fessed up.

Falcon held Havoc, and crooned in the little blind girl's ear. She felt eyes staring at her, but she tried to ignore them, and soothe her worried, nervous little daughter.

"Alright." Spot said, standing up. "Ain't we got a council meetin' ta go to?"

Jack nodded. He looked to Falcon. "Fal, come wit' us. It involves you anyhow. And bring Havoc, it ain't safe for her alone." He looked out at the room, and said to everyone. "Travel in pairs. IF someone gets taken, don't panic. Don't go after 'em. Come tell us straight 'way."

Everywhere heads bobbed in agreement with Cowboy's words.

"I'm comin' to the meetin'." Tempest announced. When Spot opened his mouth, Tempest said, "An' I don't give a damn 'bout protocol, neither, Conlon, so don't even try it."

"Why do I put up with you?" He muttered. His fingers twitched, like his instincts made him want to yank out his slingshot.

Temp grinned wildly. "'Cause you love me, dontcha, Conlon?" She said, wrapping her arm round his shoulders.

"Davey's comin', too." Jack said, and nobody argued.

"Jack, I'm not sure if I should—" Davey began.

"Your loss, Jacobs." Falcon said, standing. She held Havoc tightly to her, as if she were afraid that if she let go, her daughter would slip away. "Your sister gettin' raped, after all."

Davey silently decided he'd come, and everyone knew it.

Central Park was gorgeous. It was too beautiful of a day for this kind of meeting, to discuss what to do about the raping of lower and middle class girls no one cared about.

They met where they always did, a hidden place.

They all sat in the soft green grass, on the ground, so no one was higher than the others. Of course, some were taller than others, but Spot's eyes out-glared all of theirs, so personal appearances held no grounds.

Every leader was there. Except for Queens, but Queens was always late. The boys, back when there were fewer girl newsies, used to joke that the girls came late because they were fixing themselves up. A few broken limbs later and they reconsidered and never mentioned it again.

"Hello, guys and gals." A voice came from the shadows. No one jumped. It was too hard to surprise a newsie.

Well, that is, no one jumped except for Davey, because Davey was hardly even a newsie, he was so middle-class.

"Shadow?" The leader of the Bronx peered at the second in command of Queens. "What're ya doin' heah?"

"I'm heah foah da council meetin'." She said, and took a seat where Queens always sat.

"The meeting's fer leadahs on'y." Midtown hissed.

"I know." Shadow said. And she pulled something out, a note.

"Dear Newsies,

It is time you learned, Blank is not the brains of this operation. He is merely a benefactor.

I have many benefactors.

Bring me Falcon and Havoc, or Duchess dies.

Then everyone else

Starting with Sarah Jacobs.

Get the picture?

Friday, midnight at the square in Manhattan.

I will be waiting with the girls.

Don't mess this up, or the girls won't even live to make you regret it.

You know who I am"

"Let's not mince woids." Shadow said flatly. "Ev'ry one o' us've got a goil or two, or even t'ree missin' from deir borough. Now, who's in favoh of givin' Falcon an' Havoc to Blank?"

The leaders looked at each other. Falccon clutched Havoc, Jack bit his lip.

And hands were raised.



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