Drabble War February 2012

Here is some information on the participating authors and story summaries:

While last month we had twelve authors participate, we have cut it down to a more manageable size and we have 8 AUTHORS!

If you are interested in participating in a future "War of the Words" then come on over to the Drabble War Forum group on Facebook. In the docs there are sign ups available for every month this year. "Wars" will take place on the middle weekend of each month. It is first come, first serve so come on over and claim your spot. We hope to see new "faces" each month!

The Drabble War Forum is not for authors only…it's also for the readers who want to follow along with the wars. It is a central place to meet and discuss the stories as they are posted. With each round, banners and summaries will be posted in the group as well as links to author profiles.
We also have a fanfiction . net community set up with all the 2012 Drabble War stories. fanfiction . net /community/ DRABBLE_WARS / 97678/14/0/1/

While we are labeling this a war, please be aware that no official winner will be determined. This is all in good fun…just friendly competition. The real winners are the readers who get 8 new stories each month!

Allow me to introduce the February participants:

CaraNo - .net/u/2712792/

Title: I Tell Myself
Summary: Bella comes to New York when she finds out that her grandmother only has three weeks left to live. While waiting for the nasty old hag to kick the bucket, she kills time in her mom's apartment building. Welcome to the Wisteria Lane of Manhattan. It's only three weeks, I tell myself.
Romance with a little humor and drama. Rated M for the usual.

JA Mash - .net/u/2888001/JA_Mash

Title: Without A Hitch
Summary: When she tries to help a friend, Bella finds herself as an unofficial advice guru, with Edward as her latest project. Things get complicated when she falls for him instead. Romance/Humor Rated M

Fates-Love-Queen - .net/u/2022521/
Title: Speak To Me
Summary: Life on the streets is tough. Even tougher when you have to look after more than yourself. To protect her, Bella ran away from home with her little sister. When Tanya gets sick, Bella breaks into a posh house to steal essentials. Edward's house. And he's got a gun. How can she prove herself to him if she can't speak?
Drama/Angst with a HEA, I promise. Rated M for the usual.

Welcome2myworldxoxo - .net/~welcome2myworldxoxo
Title: Sea of Black
Summary: Summary: She knew him before she met him, but he would always disappear in a sea of black before she could see him. A story about taking control and finding your place in life. AH ExB. Mature

BellaEdwardlover1991 - .net/u/1550347/
Title: Chances
Summary: After tragedy strikes, Bella gets a unique chance. A story told in 50 drabbles. Angst/Hurt/Comfort. Rated M

Judas Manifesto - .net/u/2004334/
Til the World Ends
Summary: The world has ended. Edward has been separated from his wife. When he comes to after an earthquake almost ending mankind, he goes in search for her to find she has joined a dangerous Vampire clan bent on world domination. AU, Post-Apocalyptic, Lemons.

Twiddler83 - .net/~twiddler83
Title: Southern Honey
Summary: Moving from Chicago to a small town is a hard pill for Edward to swallow when he's always had a silver spoon in his mouth. His family wanted a change of pace and all he wanted was a plane ticket out of there, until a snarky southern honey becomes the color to his otherwise black and white life.
Humor/Romance/HEA, AH, Rated M, ExB

lenidrabbles - .net/~lenidrabbles

Summary: Part of the Courting Sin series (.:%20courting%20sin), BtVS4/AtS1 rewrite.

As Buffy and Angelus make their relationship known and move to L.A., they will find out who is now their enemy and who is friend. The rules have changed, but the game stays the same. Or does it?
Warnings for language, violence, and possible character death. Rated R.

Posting starts in a week but I've also uploaded Chapter 1 as a sneak peek ;)