Agent Darcy, still frustrated and curt, started to pursue Jane out of Rosalind Harker's haunted dwelling, but Lisbon cut her off, the shorter woman's determined strides carrying her quickly after her consultant. Jane had just stepped off the porch when Lisbon caught up with him; her hand snaked around his elbow, pulling him to a stop.

"Jane," she began in a firm but soothing tone. "It's gonna be okay. You were acquitted for killing Carter. Even if Darcy knows that Carter wasn't Red John, it doesn't change anything, they can't try you again. That would be double jeopardy."

Jane's eyes skittered around while she spoke, like a caged animal. They flitted from the house to the ground to the red lights on the police cars that were pulling up to help process the scene, casting a ghoulish light on them both. He swallowed hard before meeting her eyes.

"I know," he told her quietly, as if speaking too loud would call down some cosmic retribution. "But Wainwright already doesn't trust me. He thinks I'm a clinical psycopath, and I'm sure the powers that be will want to distance the CBI from the publicity nightmare that is sure to arise from Red John's resurrection coupled with the fact that their consultant shot the wrong killer. He'll be told to get rid of me, and why shouldn't he?" Jane's words were rushed, a panicked stampede. "And I need to stay, Lisbon. You're—this job is all I have. Red John is back, and he wants me to hurt. Why else would he want Darcy to know he's alive? And if he wants me to hurt he'll come after you, and I can't-"

Jane bit off his next words with a grimace. He turned from her, undoubtedly to stalk off into the darkness to think, but Lisbon still had hold of his elbow and she held firm.

"I can't…" Jane said again, and Lisbon wasn't sure if he was trying to stop talking, or trying to tell her something. His eyes came back to hers, searching with wanton desperation.

"I can't." he murmured brokenly, plaintively.

Lisbon nodded, sympathy and determination clearly written on her face. "I know," she soothed. "Listen to me, if Wainwright thinks he can just dismiss you then he'll have to get through me. We are going to find Red John and stop him. But in order to do that, I need you to stay with me, okay? You and I and the team are going to work this together." Lisbon rarely gave in to the urge to touch Jane more than necessary, but he looked so broken and lost, she couldn't help it; she cupped his cheek briefly before letting her hand fall to his shoulder. "It's going to be okay. You're still here, and so am I and neither of us is going anywhere. "

Jane nodded, his eyes not leaving hers, as if afraid if he blinked she'd be gone. She smiled at him, waiting calmly until the corners of his mouth lifted slightly in return.

"Alright," she sighed. "We'd better go tell Darcy what we know."