Hello there! So yes, a prucan fanfic I made out of nowhere and yes it will contain smut and boy on boy so you've been warned! This is my first time writing a smutty fanfic so please excuse me ^^; All Hetalia character belongs to himaruya-sensei~

Part 1:

I edged in next to him, wrapping my arms around his waist as i let my other hand play through his soft, golden locks. He was so cute, my little pet. As i plant a soft kiss onto his neck, he breathe in a sharply, becoming rigid in my arms.
"p-please stop that," he muttered softly, shivering slightly as i bit the shell of his ears. i frowned, "why birdie? aren't we going out?"
"i-i know gilbert….but i don't think i'm ready for it yet," he told me, giving me a small smile.
"But it's been 4 months Mattie, I can't hold on much longer," I whined to him, tightening my grip on him.
"Can you hold on a little bit...longer? I just don't want to screw up our first time together," he told me as a bright red blushed brush across his pale skin.
"Are you really worry about that Mattie? I should be the one worrying about that, not you silly," I said, playfully taping his nose.
"I-I'm not joking Gil! I mean it! What if I hurt you...when i enter you?" he asked softly, adorably puffing up his cheeks. I blinked, my mind slowly clicking together what he was saying, "Whatddya talking about Mattie? You aren't serious are you? You can't top the awesome me!"
"O-oh yeah? Watch me!" he said as he suddenly pushed me onto the bed. I was caught by surprised and let myself fall, landing on my elbows as I leaned up to face him.
"Woah, you're getting brave all of a sudden." He ignored my comment and started to slowly unbutton my shirt, latching himself onto my neck as he sucked and licked at my collarbone. The feel of his warm, hot tongue against my deprived skin easily made me hard. "I thought you said you wanted to wait," I said smirking, resting one arm on his back as I drew senseless circles on it.
"I thought you said you were going to top," he said back in a soft, husky voice. Oh god, could he turn me on any further? Though I still didn't like the idea of being bottom to him, I thought I would let him have some fun before I turned the table on him.
He continued his work, steadily trailing his lips down my front. He stopped at each nipple, taking his time to bite and tease each hardened bud. I let out a low moan as the small sparks of pain ran themselves through me, ending at the place that was threatening to burst out of its hold any minute now. He was working his mouth like an expert, making me wonder if he's done this with any other nation before. Aw fuck it, I'm not going to worry my awesome self with that idea.
He slid one of his hand down to my pants, slowly rubbing the bulge that wanted to be released from its cage.
"Y-you're already so h-hard Gil," he grasped as he continues to palm me. I let out a low groan, a growl starting to form in the back of my throat since he was going so painstakingly slow.
"And it's all because of you mein lammchen," I told him, grinning as he blushed again. I pulled him up so that our lips could meet, his soft, smooth lips smashed against mine as our tongues dance with each other. It was wet, sloppy, but hot and awesome nonetheless. Our teeth clatter against each other. I sucked at his bottom lip, enjoying the feel of it between mine. They were so succulent.
But we couldn't kiss forever so we had to pull apart for air. Our breathes came out ragged, panting as we move to touch each other fiercely. If only clothing wasn't such a problem. I swear one day I'm going to get him walking around the house with only an apron on.