Part 2:

"You're an awesome kisser Mattie," I said, grinning at the blush that sprayed across his face, his eyes reflecting the look in mine, lust.

I pressed my hard on to his hand, encouraging him to touch it more. He didn't need another encouragement before giving my bulge several squeezes. He ran his dainty little fingers up and down the little hill, sending little tingling feelings throughout me. I gritted my teeth, trying to hold back the urge to flip our positions over and rip his clothes off and ravage him. Mein gott how much I would love that.

He gave me a small smirk at the reaction he got out of me, shimmying downward as he took the cloth member into his mouth. sucking softly and nudging here and there with that precious tongue of his. He had me panting, which was unawesome since I was the one that was suppose to do that to him instead, but I didn't mind it that much.

"You like to tease Birdie?" I asked him in a husky voice, making him giggle a bit.
"Do you like to be teased Gil?" he asked me, crawling up again to plant another kiss on my lips as he undid the zipper, slipping his hand inside.
"Tch, I don't mind if it's you Mattie," I told him, causing him to blush again. I let him take my 5 meters into his hand as he stroke it. He started to pump me, adding in the right pressure and squeeze that would make me so much harder.
I let out a small moan, sucking on his bottoms lips as I slowly reversed our position so that he was on the bottom of me.
"W-wait Gil, this isn't fair," he protested, pouting as I spread his leg open.
"I let you have your fun didn't I?" I asked, grinning at him as I slipped his pants off, palming his cock.
"Looks like you're in quite the situation Birdie," I cooed to him as I rubbed my thumb at the tip, letting the precum cover my fingers. It was so cute, his flushed face, lustful moans, and desperate cries for me to enter him already. I fondled his balls, teasing the base as I did so.
"G-Gil..stop it...I-I can't..." he cried, wrapping his legs around my waist.
"So impatient Mattie, but soon," I told him. I busied my mouth with his nipples, swirling my tongue around each as I bite down gently on them. The harden nubs perking up to meet my tongue.
"G-Gil..." he whined out to me in between pants as he moved his body closer to me.
"You're in the mood now aren't you?"
"Sh-shut up..." he said weakly. He braced himself as I position the fingers before his twitching, wet hole. I pushed in with one finger, feeling the tight, warm inside clamp over them as he let out a small cry.
"You okay Birdie?" I asked, making sure I wasn't hurting him too much. He nodded slightly, motioning for me to continue. I started to thrust inside of him, adding a second one to it. I could hear his muffle cry.
"It won't hurt that much soon Mattie," I reassured him. He nodded and gave me a small smile, reaching up to bring me down so I could kiss him again. He held on tightly to me as I thrust my fingers, pressing one place to another inside the walls to find that small bundle of nerves that I needed. Finally, I felt a small bump hit my fingers, causing him to cry out loud. Perfect, I scissored my fingers, stretching it as much as I can.
"T-there Gil...f-feels...ah...good..." he moaned into my ear. God I want to be inside of him already.
I pulled my fingers out, causing him to whimper from the lost of them.
"Are you ready for my awesome 5 meters?"
"Y-yeah...hurry," he begged me. I smirked at how lustful he's become as I inch in, holding onto his hips tightly. He let out a cry of surprised as I filled him in all the way, trembling hands holding on tightly to my shoulders. It felt so good inside of him, feeling his hot wall surround my member and squeezing and holding on to it tightly. I felt like I was in heaven, holding back the urge to fuck him senseless now.
"Sh, sh, it's alright birdie, tell me when it's okay to move alright?" I told him, kissing his forehead gently as I brushed the damp bangs from his face. He gave me a smile and nodded, wiggling around underneath me to adjust himself. I took that as a yes and started to move at a slow tempo, pulling out almost all the way and slamming back into him, angling at that special spot i've found.
" good..." he moaned, moving his body along with my thrust. I started to hump his harder and faster, loving the friction that was happening and the feel of that tight body around him. I reached for his cock, pumping it in rhythm with my thrust. Both of our moans filled the air, our own little background music.
"C-coming...ah..coming..OH!" he cried out as he came all over out stomachs, letting out a final cry as his seed spilled out. I ram into him a few more times before his inside massage my cock to its orgasm. I came inside of him, filling him to the brim with my essence. Finally, when I was finish riding out my orgasm, I pulled out of him, pulling him next to me as I cuddle him. Cuddling is awesome too yah know.
"That was..." he trailed off.
"Awesome," I finished for him, holding him close as I plan small kisses onto his cheeks.
"I love you Gil," he told me before succumbing to sleep with an angelic smile on his face.
"Ich liebe dich auch," I told him before going to sleep myself. I guess we'll clean our mess when we wake up.


Alright, so happy really late valentine's day guys! late. Um, this is also a gift to my friend gloria for her birthday! Yeah, it's awesome! Okay, so I really don't know if this was a good sex scene or not, I think I just failed cause it is so short. god, it probably doesn't even make sense. anyways, hope you guys like it and please review if you can, thank you!