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She was out cold, but she was breathing, she was alive. I hold her in my arms, and I have never been so happy. Ethan watches me, smiling. I search his mind thoroughly for any envy or sadness. There is none.

I smile at him widely. And he smiles back.

"I had no idea how you felt about her, Arkarian." He said his eyes flickering from Isabel's angelic face to mine, glistening with tears of relief. With my truth seeing abilities, I could see he felt horrible, he was remembering how Isabel used to feel about him.

"It's ok Ethan, Don't worry about it." I tell him. He smiles at me gratefully, before averting his gaze to Isabel again.

"When do you think she will wake up?" he asks me anxiously.

My heart leaps with worry, but his thoughts are purely friendship concern, so I allow myself to relax.

"Anytime now." I reply, fondly stroking her forehead.

Ethan grins at me again. I ignore his teasing expression.

"I'll go and get her a glass of water for when she wakes, she'll be thirsty." I say. Gently laying her head down on a cushion Ethan hands to me.

"Call me when she wakes." I yell over my shoulder. Ethan nods.

I walk down the corridor to the kitchen and open the cupboard, row after row of boring glasses stare back at me. I close my eyes for a second, and when I look again, there is a violet crystal glass on the shelf.

Violet, Isabel's favourite colour. Happiness swells inside me. All my years of torment have lead up to this perfect happiness. As I fill up the glass with water, I hear a shout from down the corridor.

"Arkarian!" Ethan's panicked voice reached me. It echoed around me over and over in the hollow room. My head snaps back and forth as I follow the sound.

"I'm coming!" I yell back. I grip the glass and run down the corridor, still echoing with Ethan's cry. Water sloshes out of my glass and lubricates the floor, making it harder to get anywhere fast. When I reach the right room, I see Ethan kneeling next to Isabel. Her body is being racked by violent spasms. Ethan looks at me frantically.

"What's happening to her?" he shouts, as he tries to avoid being hit by Isabel's flailing fists.

"I think it's her soul returning to her body." I reply. I hope I'm right.

"But that doesn't happen when we return from a mission." He argues weakly.

An uncomfortable silence fills the chamber.

"Perhaps returning from the middle realm has different circumstances." I say.

"Perhaps." He agrees, but I don't need my truth seeing to pick up that he wouldn't take a sentence starting with "perhaps" for absolute certain truth. Which I suppose it wasn't.

The spasms stop as quickly as they had begun, and Isabel's body is still, peaceful. Her soul is safe. Ethan feels her pulse and nods at me.

"Now we wait." Ethan said.

Thanks for the update of the blatantly obvious. I snap at him in my head. I don't say it out loud; Ethan has enough to worry about. So I do what I always do. I push my feelings aside and go with the logical action.

"Want some whiskey?" I ask.

Ethan stares at me like I had gone mad. I massage the bridge of my nose. We stare at each other.

"16." Ethan reminds me.

"Right." I say. I hadn't realised Ethan minded about the legality. He had killed more beings than an average soldier, for heaven's sake.

I scan his thoughts and find an image of his father's reaction when he found Ethan with a beer. Ah, so that's why.

"…Want a juice?" I say, amusement colouring my voice.

Ethan gives me a death stare.

"Or not." I pretend to scratch my nose to hide my smirk.

Ethan's thoughts tell me he isn't offended, as he tries to find something to say back.

"Want some hair dye?"

I laughed at the cheap shot.

"Want a comb?" I retorted. Hmm. not my best.

"Want a decent shirt? You need it."

"Some high heels? Make you taller."

"A girlfriend?"

The smile wipes off my face. And I jerk back as I'd been slapped.

Ethan's smile also disappears.

"Arkarian, I'm so sorry. I got caught up in the argument, I wasn't thinking. If-"

I hold up my hand. "It's alright."

"Arkarian, I..." Ethan began again. I wasn't listening anymore.

I could've had a girlfriend, I could've gotten drunk every night, I could be rich, I could have hundreds of friends. If I wanted it. I thought bitterly.

I was being irrational. I forgave Ethan straight away.

"It's alright Ethan." I repeat. "We're all under a lot of stress." I smiled at him with my eyebrows raised for a second, then my gaze drifts back to Isabel. My eyes soften instantly.

"You will have one soon though." Ethan grins at me, a mischievous glint dancing in his eye.

"Perhaps." I caution him.


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