Welcome back readers. As promised here is the sequel to "Then came Janto with a baby carriage". If you haven't read that one yet, go read that first or this story won't make sense.

Warnings: AU. Orion-centric. Mature contents, language. Slash/het, lemons, light bdsm. If you don't like this, don't bother reading it. The lemons will be clearly marked, so they can be skipped.

Summary: Orion is now an adolescent with everything that entails.

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Torchwood/Doctor Who. I'm just borrowing it.

Chapter 1 There's a first time for everything

It was May and a glorious sunlit day. The flowers were blooming and the people of Cardiff had taken to walking outside without their coats on. The day was rather warm, thus Rhiannon had decided to take Xarion and the kids on a picnic in the park. Xarion had been assigned the task of training Orion in the ways of his mother's people. His grandmother, Rea also taught him various things, though she didn't have the time to do so often.

They were now sitting on a floral patterned blanket with a spread of sandwiches and sodas in front of them. Mica and David were playing chase, laughing loudly as one caught the other. Rhiannon glanced at Orion, sitting across from her. He had grown quite a lot. He was now a budding adolescent and had recently had a growth spurt. He had yet to grow accustomed to his greater height and longer limbs and was therefore unusually clumsy. He seemed to grow more handsome with each passing day. His fathers were still very visible in his appearance. She missed how he used to play with the other two children, but she knew that that was how it always goes. Children will and do grow up. Soon her David would also stop playing the games of childhood. She shook the sad thought off and took a deep breath, savouring the wonderful fragrance of flowers and the very essence of spring. Sighing deeply she said:

"Oh, what a lovely day. Listen to those birds. Isn't it just wonderful?" The sound of cola being sprayed across grass caught her attention. She looked at Orion. He was coughing and staring in the direction of the trees.

Orion couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Move you fat arse away, you big tub of lard. Can't you see I'm about to score here?"

"Who are you calling lard? You little pipsqueak. You couldn't score if your mama tied up the chick and told her you were an alpha."

"Hey, this is my spot!"

"Well, now it's mine, dumbass. Get lost."

"Hey gorgeous, you wanna come back to my place and fuck our brains out?"

"Mate? What do you mean you already have a mate? I can make much better babies than he can."

And those were just some of the nicer 'conversations' he heard. He looked frantically to see the plethora of people to go with those voices. But aside from a few joggers, a family on a stroll and some youths playing soccer there were no one to whom the voices could belong. Then he noticed the movement in the trees and bushes. The birds! They were the ones making the racket. He was mortified. They were so… outspoken and rude! How could his aunt say that it was lovely? They weren't singing. They were yelling, and arguing and being downright foul about it. He smirked inwardly at the pun. Maybe that was the reason for the word, he mused. Then he spotted a pair that behaved rather oddly. One bird was behind the other; flapping its wings as if it was trying to hover behind the other. 'What are they…? OH!" his face turned crimson as he realized what those two birds were up to.

"Oh, look at the birds." Mica exclaimed coming up behind him. He twirled in his seat and looked at her and then at where she was pointing. Thankfully it was toward a couple of birds on the ground picking for food. Still blushing he hurriedly turned back to focus on the sandwiches on the blanket and tried his hardest to ignore the insults, profanities and sexually laden suggestions still sounding behind him.

"Quite loud, aren't they?" a low voice whispered so only Orion could hear. He looked at Xarion. The young man was smirking knowingly at him. "Don't worry. You'll get used to it. The animals get a little crazy this time of year. It's natural." Orion nodded. He knew that. The animals didn't have the same morality that people did and it was mating season, but still… The young adolescent squirmed red-faced at the thought of all the matings taking place around him. There was no escaping it. It was all around him. Even the people had started to become more forward in their behaviour, as if they too had a mating season. His face became even more crimson as he remembered how he had walked in on Owen and Tosh making out just last week. He was still not able to look at either of them without blushing. It didn't help either, when Owen had laughed and reminded him of the time Tosh had walked in on his parents in the shower when he was little. As if he needed to be reminded of his parents sex life. He did sleep in the next room from them after all.

There was a tap on his shoulder and Xarion was looking at him expectantly.

"Pardon?" he tried, guessing he had been asked a question. Xarion smiled.

"I asked, if you were done with your food, so we can get back to work." Orion looked at him blankly for a moment, before realizing he still held his half eaten sandwich in his hand. He hurriedly finished the rest of it, not wanting to make his teacher wait any longer. Seeing his pupil ready once more, Xarion cleared his throat and began the lesson.

"Ok, I want you to reach out your mind to feel the park around us. Feel the life that pulses through it." He looked at Orion, who was now sitting with his eyes closed and a look of concentration on his face.

"Can you feel it?" he asked him. The boy nodded. "Good. Describe it to me." The boy frowned slightly.

"The people and the animals are very powerful, almost like they're shouting at the top of their lungs. The plants are… like talking in a normal voice. Not as loud but still right there. It's like the whole park is pulsing with life. Like a lit candle in a dark room. The city around the park is more dampened, but it too is whispering and talking." Xarion nodded, knowing full well what the child meant and how difficult it sometimes was to word such sensations. But it was a part of the exorcise to formulate the impressions into sentences.

"Now turn your attention to the north, outside of town. There is a place that should be abandoned by people and most animals too, but the place is "screaming"." He waited for the boy to find the place. He could see the little beads of sweat rolling of the child's forehead with his exertion. He was panting as if he had been running fast. Inwardly he was cheering the child on. It was a real stretch even for him self to sense the place, for the boy to do so would be a testament of tremendous power. But he believed the boy could do it.

It took a while, but finally the boy said:

"There! There's a mound with a stone monolith on top." Xarion knew it was the right place. He smiled proudly. His mistress would be very pleased when she heard of the boy's reach.

"Yes, that's the place. Sink your awareness into the ground there." He waited. Suddenly Orion flinched back and his eyes flew open.

"What… was… that?" he asked panting heavily. Xarion smiled proudly.

"That was a ley line. It is a series of power lines crisscrossing the world. The places where they cross, called nodes, are often places of great power. On Hallow IV the sacred city of Travesty is built next to one of the most powerful ley line nodes. Here on Earth the ley lines are largely neglected and only a few people are even aware of their existence. Most scoff at the very idea of them." He shook his head at such foolishness. "On Hallow IV it is customary to donate power to the ley lines when one comes of age and again at relevant moments throughout ones life." He smiled and got a far away look in his eyes, as if caught up in a memory.

"This planet is deeply asleep, almost unconscious. You have to really strain yourself to feel it."

"Are you saying this world is alive?" The incredulous voice of Rhiannon cut through the calm. Orion seemed lost in thought, but in reality he was straining to hear the Earth, so far unsuccessfully.

Xarion looked at the woman. She was a type of person, he had long since realised, who only believed what could be proven. She had no use for deities, the transcendental arts or the gifts of the mind. Plonk an alien in front of her and she would believe in their existence. But explain the great mysteries of the universe and the infinite gifts of the Goddess to her and she would refuse to acknowledge their reality. Too bad his mistress Rea had forbidden him to Memory-dump some of his knowledge into the minds of any of the humans.

"It is." He simply stated and she scoffed at him. But before she could say anything further, Orion cried out.

"I can feel it!" The boy had a look of wonder on his face. "It's like it's whispering, yet no one is listening." His expression changed slowly into sadness.

"What does Hallow IV feel like?" he asked after a little while. Xarion smiled greatly.

"That world is very alive. It is like a constant presence where ever you are. You never feel alone on Hallow IV. The world itself is bursting with life, screaming at the top of its lunges, as you put it." He smiled fondly. "To members of the Fourth House especially the communion with the world is an almost sacred act. The world, being closer than a relative to us, is a source of strength, tranquillity and comfort to us."

"Communion? You talk to it?" Orion asked.

"Yes. But more than that." Seeing the question in Orion's eyes, he elaborated. "You where straining to feel the ley line and the world. It took a lot of effort. But we can boost our power from the power of the world. Reach your awareness into the ground, search for power there." Again he observed Orion scrunching up his face in concentration. He reached out his own awareness and felt Orion's presence along with their surroundings. He felt Orion reach down into the ground and gave him a mental nudge in the right direction. The boy startled a little, having focused so much on his task that he had failed to notice the other's presence. He could feel power all around, but muted, more subtle than the power concentration Xarion was steering him toward.

Once there Xarion showed him how to tap into the power. Orion hesitated though, instinctively feeling the danger. If he wasn't very careful he could get hurt. Just like when working with electricity, he mused. Ever so delicately he reached out and tapped into the power. He felt it rush into him, filling him up. His heart began pounding. With a great jerk he released his touch on the power and the great influx seized. He returned to his normal awareness and once more saw the park around him. He felt amazing. He felt like he could run a marathon, a triathlon and an ironman race all in one day. The energy was practically buzzing inside him, like a wasp stuck in a bottle.

"Now imagine that it had been a ley line or a ley node." Xarion said gently, with a knowing smile. He almost felt sorry for the boy's fathers, who would have to deal with a very hyperactive teen for the next several hours. Though the boy nodded his understanding it was clear his mind wasn't on the lesson anymore. Xarion decided that it might be a good idea to reduce some of excess energy, since it was his idea to begin with. He focused his mind and gathered the molecules in the air, altered and compacted them until he finally had a soccer ball in his hands. During his stay on this planet he had discovered a liking for that particular game.

"Best three out five?" he asked.


The café wasn't too crowded. It was afternoon, so people had already eaten lunch and where still at work. The patrons were a few groups of teenagers, an elderly man and some tourists, speaking loudly in some foreign language. They were scattered around the various seats, staying out of each others way. Ianto looked around. The place was as clean as could be expected of such an establishment, he supposed. He would have preferred to go to a proper restaurant, but had been out voted by the others. Jack, Owen, Tosh and Orion were right behind him. He could feel Jack's hand on his arse as they walked over to a table by the far side wall. Jack was laughing loudly at something Owen had said. Toshiko and Orion were discussing something between themselves and he guessed it had to do with the latest piece of tech to come their way.

He smiled contently. They were sometimes loud and got on each others nerves, but they were a team and a family. He thought how it had been just a year ago. They hadn't had Orion back then. Owen and Toshiko weren't a couple. And he and Gwen had been rivals for Jack's affections. Well, not really. He and Jack had been close then, but Gwen was always around trying to insinuate her self in his place. Thank goodness that was over with. Gwen had left them alone since Christmas and was now busy planning her wedding to Rhys.

He smiled to himself at the thought of the wedding he and Jack would have. If they ever got around to it, that is. It seemed as if there was always something getting in the way. Rift spikes, weevil sightings and the occasional alien invasion just to name a few.

"What are you smiling at, love?" Jack asked with a soft smile and warmth in his eyes. He was sitting to his right at the end of the table. Owen was on his left with Toshiko beside him and Orion was across from him.

"Weddings." He said softly and blushed slightly as Jack grabbed his hand and brought it to his lips. Owen rolled his eyes, while Toshiko smiled at them. Orion was practically beaming. The waitress chose that moment to approach them to take their order. They chose coffees for the adults, tea for Orion and an assortment of cakes for all of them. They were celebrating the latest success for Torchwood. The would-be alien invasion was prevented without loss of life or the detection by the rest of mankind.

As they were waiting for their order to arrive they became aware of loud group of teenagers over at the other side of the café. They were goofing around, yelling and laughing loudly. Another smaller group in the middle of the room seemed to be the focal point for them. They looked as if they were trying hard to ignore the loud group and go about their own business. The loud group was mocking and teasing them. When Orion got up and went to the lavatory he was followed by loud catcalls and jeering looks from the girls in the group. He could still hear them as he finished up. That was when Orion decided that enough was enough. Quietly he snuck up to the door, opened it a crack and glanced into the room.

In the middle of the room the quiet group was still stoically ignoring the obnoxiously loud group. He could see one girl facing toward him. She was medium height, normal built and weight. Her features normal, yet pretty. Her hair a brown colour and her clothes looked the same as what everyone else was wearing. She was in short a plain, normal, indistinguishable wall flower. He could tell the taunting of the others was getting to her. She was looking down at the table, blushing slightly. He made up his mind and with confidence he strode out into the room, walked straight past the loud group and stopped right by the girl. She looked up at him, startled.

"I don't believe it!" he practically yelled, silencing the room. He could feel everyone's attention on him and he forced himself not to blush. "It's you!" He swooped in and gave her a quick hug and whispered in her ear: "Play along." Her eyes widened and she had turned stiff as board.

"I haven't seen you for ages!" he said loudly to the room again, as he stood back up. "How have you been?" before she could even open her mouth to answer, he continued: "I know things didn't work out so well back then, but I was hoping you would give me a second chance." She gave him a rather obvious look of confusion and slight fear. He had to do something quick to prevent the situation from crumbling between his fingers. He turned on the Harkness smile at full blast and looked pleadingly at her. "Please?" She blushed profusely, looking bashfully at him. "Please? I'm a lot older now, more mature. What do you say? Just one date." He winked at her. Her friends stared at them and the room was quiet. She swallowed hard and nodded. He smiled the trademark Harkness smile at her and let out a whoop just for good measure. He glanced out of the corner of his eye at the previously loud group. They were whispering among themselves, looking incredulous at him and the girl. The girl caught him looking at them and she smiled softly.

He pulled out his mobile and asked her for her number, and more quietly for her name. He could barely hear her when she whispered her number and told him her name was Aimee. He typed it in. Then he grabbed her hand and kissed it, making her turn a dark red again. With that he said:

"Until then." And went back to his own table. His Daddy ruffled his hair and proudly proclaimed:

"That's my boy!"

"Way to get a phone number." Owen said and toasted him with his coffee cup. Toshiko laughed and swatted Owen's arm. His Tad was smiling at him. Orion could tell his Tad knew why he had done it and that he approved.

"Aww, our son's first date." Jack said, throwing his arm around Ianto's shoulder and looking at Orion with a teasing smile. Orion paled and felt his blood run cold with shock as he suddenly realised that he would have to go on the date with the girl. I have a date!

"Shit!" he said without meaning to.

"Oi, language!" Ianto said, as the rest of his family laughed.


It took him a full two days before he plucked up the courage to call the girl. With a shaking hand he dialled the number and secretly hoped that she wouldn't answer or that she would tell him not to bother, that she didn't want to go on a date after all now she'd had time to think about it.

"Hello?" her voice sounded over the line as it connected. He almost dropped the phone from sheer nerves.

"Hello, i…is this Aimee? It's Orion… you know… the guy from the café the other day?" his voice shook and he cursed inwardly for being such a coward. 'She's just a girl. It's not like she's some sort of acid spewing alien, like the one from last week. Now that had been some scary alien', but now was not the time to reminisce and he turned his attention back to the call.

"Yes… I remember you." He noticed her hesitation and wondered why. He of course couldn't see the excited faces she was making to her friend and she had managed to keep her voice calm.

"Oh… that… that's good." He cursed again inwardly at his sudden inability to speak. "Um, so I was wondering… if you wanted to go on that date?" he managed to stumble out. "I mean," he added hurriedly, not wanting to sound needy. "This Friday? If you want to go out this Friday?" he almost sighed with relief at getting the words out. 'Get a grip, Orion' he thought as he waited for her answer. There was an odd scuffling sound and some sort of squeak in the background. 'Maybe her phone's on the blink or it's a bad line…?' he thought. He didn't see, Aimee's friend rolling on the bed, kicking her feet in the air and her hand clamped over her mouth. Nor did he see Aimee herself twirl and make an excited gesture in the air.

"Friday sounds good." She said. "Where do you want to go?"

He paled. He hadn't thought about that. He had no idea were young people would go on dates. He knew his parents liked to go out to eat, but that seemed too romantic. And he couldn't take her clubbing like Owen would do. They would never be allowed in.

"Um, I'm not sure…" he finally admitted, when his silence began to be awkward.

"Well, there was this party I had sort of planned to go to with my friends. It's someone from school. Their folks are away for the weekend. Everybody who's everybody is going to be there." She was sounding excited now. He thought about it. It would be loud, crowded and public.

"That sounds perfect." He said and now he could definitely hear some ruckus in the background. He smiled. "So what time do I pick you up?"

"Oh! Um… well… would you mind meeting me there?" He frowned. 'Was that how dates normally went?' she rushed to add: "Um, you see, my dad, he's terribly protective of me and doesn't want me to date yet." She sounded anxious. 'Well, I don't want her to get into trouble' he thought.

"No, I don't mind. I can meet you out front. At twenty hundred hours."

"Uh, when?"

"8 o'clock."

"Oh. Okay." There was an awkward pause and he was just about to say goodbye, when he realised:

"Oh, what's the address? For the party?"

"It's in Grangetown." And she told him the address. Again an awkward pause.

"Well… okay… so I'll see you then… then." He blushed at his stupid sentence. He could practically hear her smile as she said:

"Yeah. See ya. Bye."

"Bye." He mumbled as the line went dead.


The week moved at a fast pace. He had lessons with Xarion and his grandmother and he helped Rhiannon with minding the tourist office. It was busier now the tourists were streaming into the city. He also helped out in the Hub once in a while, doing odd jobs. Nothing dangerous or terribly exciting. His Tad wouldn't allow it. Though he had gone on a weevil chase with his Daddy once. They just hadn't told his Tad about it.

On Tuesday Rhiannon took him shopping for clothes to wear on his date. She'd gotten him a pair of black tight jeans, a button down shirt in dark gray with black pinstripes and some black leather shoes. He had spotted a leather motorcycle jacket in a shop window and fell in love with it. He knew Rhiannon couldn't afford it and his parents wouldn't give it to him, saying it was much to adult for him. All his complaints about how he would be an adult in just a few short months didn't pan out, as his Tad had yelled at him and told him that he shouldn't be in such a hurry to grow up and had stormed out of the room. His Daddy had yelled at him for upsetting his Tad and had left to go calm his fiancée.

He had then asked Xarion to conjure up the jacket for him. Xarion had given him a long lecture on how he should learn how to conjure up things for himself and followed it with lessons every day all day long on molecular reconfiguration and deconstruction. It wasn't until Friday afternoon, when all he had been able to do was turn one kind of metal rod into another kind of metal rod, that Xarion took pity on him and conjured the jacket for him. He still had the continued lessons to look forward to on Monday.

It wasn't that he didn't want to learn. He really did. It was just that it was so hard. He just didn't seem able to do it consciously. He could do it to his existing clothes without thinking, when he changed his shape or by accident sometimes, like that time he turned David's clothes pink or when he made Owen's clothes disappear. He chuckled at the memory.

Owen had had a fight with Toshiko and was taking it out on the whole team. They had been called out on mission in the Brecon Beacons in the middle of a downpour. Owen had slipped and fallen into the mud. Orion had heard him complain all the way back over the comms and when they finally arrived back at the Hub, Owen made one complaint to many and Orion lost his temper and made the man's clothes disappear. He had stood there as naked as the day he'd been born.

Orion chuckled again and bent down to put on his new shoes.

"What are you grinning at?" his Daddy asked him. He was standing in the door watching him. Orion smiled at him.

"I was remembering when I made Owen's clothes vanish." Jack laughed.

"That was a sight!"

"Oh? I didn't think you got to see too much before Tad covered you eyes." He joked. In reality Owen had grabbed a file to cover up his privates and run downstairs to the locker rooms. Jack only just entered the room to see Owen disappear round the door.

"Oh, ye of little faith… I was able to peak through his fingers." They both laughed at the joke. Orion got up from the bed where he had been sitting while tying his shoes.

"Oh look at you! You look handsome." He said and did a twirl with his index finger. Orion turned around slowly. "Very nice. She'll be lucky girl."

"Oh Daddy, it's not like that." Orion blushed. Jack gave his son a mock-stern look.

"Are you or are you not going to a party with a girl?"

"I am, but…"

"Then it is like that." Jack said firmly. Orion sighed. He sure hoped the girl didn't see it like that. Jack smiled greatly at him. "Come on, let's show you off to the others." With that he put his arm around his son and they headed for the stairs.

Up in the Hub Ianto was feeding Myfanwy, who was happily guzzling down her dinner of fish and beef. The others were finishing up for the day at their workstations. When Orion and Jack came into the room there were various exclamations and they made a lot of fuss about how grown up he looked and how stylish his new clothes were. His Tad gave him a bear hug and his Daddy practically had to pry him off. They all wished him good luck on his date and just before he was going to Jump (teleport) away, Owen stuffed something into his hand and told him not to forget.

Then he Jumped.

He arrived at a secluded area down the street from the party. He could hear the music and the loud noise of the people attending. He sighed deeply. That had been worse than he thought. He didn't think they would make such a fuss. He was only going to a party. With a girl. On a date. He took another deep breath and tried not to panic. 'Is it too late to call it off?' He looked down at the objects Owen had stuffed into his hand. He paled.

It was a couple of condoms.