His Mudblood Slave

Introduction from Hermione

Hello there. Well here I am. Slave Granger. I wanted to tell the world how my life was turned upside down by a simple accident. You see I fought at the Battle for Hogwarts. I came out of it alive. But sadly Ron didn't. Oh how I miss him. However after the battle I was asked by Professor McGonagall if I wanted to return next year to do my seventh year. I agreed and well that where it all began for me.

You see it all started at Hogwarts (like always) I was in the Libary looking for a book. Now what was it? Oh that's right. Potions from the Dominican Republic. Slughorn had set us homework about Potions from around the world. Anyway that when the accident happened. I can't believe that if I hadn't forced the book back in the other book wouldn't have fallen out and almost crush my foot.

Anyway here I am jumping ahead. Tell you what. I will let you find out what happened. After all some do say life accident are meant to happen.

Hermione x