Chapter 3

Hermione's Contract

Monday arrived and for most of the day Hermione thought about what she was about to embark on. She had told Ginny and Luna all about it at breakfast. Luna wasn't sure this was a good idea and Ginny was a little worried that Hermione was moving on to quickly. Hermione sat next to Ginny in Transfigurations and the two were trying to make a lizard turn into a book. "Have you really done your homework on this" asked Ginny. "Of course. The spell should be very easy" she said looking at the lizard that sat before her. "I meant about the sub thing?" Ginny asked. "Yes. I believe I am ready for it" Hermione said. "Believe?" asked Ginny in a low whisper "Hermione you're in way over your head" she said. With a jerk of her wand Hermione turned the lizard into a book. "Trust me Ginny. I can do this" she said. Ginny turned back and jerked her wand and her lizard turned into a chocolate cake with for lizard legs. Hermione burst out laughing as Ginny divided over her desk trying to stop the chocolate cake from running out the classroom door. But even as she laughed at Ginny's mistake the little voice in her head was saying "she might be right Hermione".

After lunch the seventh years had their fitness and games class. It reminded Hermione so much of her old muggle PE classes. She walked into the changing rooms and saw Ginny and Luna already changing into their sport kit. Ginny saw Hermione and smiled "stopped the cake near the lake" she said as Hermione walked over. "What made you turn it into a cake?" Hermione asked. "No idea" replied Ginny. "It was funny" Luna chipped in. Hermione smiled then removed her clothes and changed into her kit. Before the girls left for the Great Hall Hermione pulled Ginny aside. "Ginny? I was hoping that would come to the libary with me tonight? You know last minute research" she asked. Ginny pattered her on the back "consider it down" she said. They both jogged out of the changing rooms and rejoined their classmates.

Later on that night Ginny and Hermione sat in the libary with a stack of books. Ginny sat back took her glasses off and rubbed her eyes "my god" she said. "What?" asked Hermione. "This is some heavy shit you're getting yourself into Hermione" Ginny said. Hermione sat back in her chair "I know" she said. "Second thoughts?" the red head asked. "Second, third, fourth" said Hermione also rubbing her eyes. Ginny sighed "what some advice?" she asked. "Always" Hermione said. "Do what you want too. Don't let anyone stop you" she said with a smile. Hermione gave a half hearted smile back "thanks" she said. Ginny got up "I am going to head back to dormitory. I am very tried from all that running around the hall we did early on" she said. "Ok. Night and thanks" said Hermione. She sat there for a good 15 minutes after Ginny had gone. "Ok right" she picked up the books and put them away. She had finally made her choice.

At 10:44am Hermione stood out Snape's office. She knocked on the door and his voice told her to enter. She walked in and Snape smiled "Hello Hermione" he said. Hermione smiled "Hello sir" she said. "Please take a seat" he said. Hermione walked over and sat down. He looked at her "worried?" he asked. "A little" she said being honest. "Well today we just start lightly. After all you have to be trained first" he said. Hermione nodded "ok. But I have Transfigurations at 11:30" she said. "Ok" Snape said taking a bit of parchment out of his desk "read and sign this" he said. Hermione looked at the parchment. It looked like a contract.

I Miss Hermione Jean Granger do here by submit myself as (SLAVE) to Professor Snape (MASTER). I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions as stated in this Contract of Slavery.

Article 1

My I am nothing more than property and I am owned by my Master.

Article 2

I must obey my master's command. WHATEVER! They may be

Article 3

I agree to be trained in a way My Master thinks I should be trained.

Article 4

I agree to let my Master punish me in ways he sees fit. Including Spanking, Bondage, Imprisonment (with in reason) Deprivation of food or sleep, Humiliation. Torture, Even sexual intercourse.

Article 5

I agree to remove any or all items of my clothing when command and wear whatever Master Commands me to wear. I also must hand over my wand to him.

Article 6

I agree to be marked or shaven by my Master whenever he wants too.

Article 7

I agree that my life belong to my Master and that he has 100% control over how I live it. I will address him in a manor he wants me too. And will take punishment when needed (See Article 2and 3)

Article 8

I will stay in service until my Master sees fit to release me. I will not have any boyfriend or sexual encounters with anyone else while in service and will not have another Master/Mistress while I am in service to This Master.

Slave signature

Master Signatures

Sounded ok. Hermione took the quill and singed her name. Snape did the same. The deed was done. "Good. Now let's carry on little one" he said.