Author's note: So, this is my first ever Rush fic. Slightly nervous, but I hope you all enjoy :) Please let me know if I should continue. Just putting it out there, that I miss Lawson and Shannon on our screens!

Kirst xx

Sense of Timing – chapter 1

Four months had passed since the city of Melbourne had been evacuated and both bombs that had once threatened the safety of the city had been diffused. So much had changed in those short four months, and in Senior Sergeant Lawson Blake's mind, those changes were for the best. Those changes included the vacation of the one and only Senior Sergeant Charlie Lewis from the ranks of the Tactical Response squad, he had moved on to what he had called 'bigger, better and greener pastures.' Thus, allowing Lawson, to once again regain his rightful position as the boss of Tactical Response.

Tactical Response had grown stronger and much more united, as those four months had passed. Across Victoria they were known as the police squad not to mess with; a formidable team that will do whatever it takes to bring a person of interest in. Get in and get the job done, no fuss and no bullshit.

Life in general had changed dramatically for Senior Sergeant Lawson Blake, not only was he loving his job, but he was also in love with his girl; Life was good. Lawson and Shannon's relationship no doubt had been tested previously, but in the past four months they had gone from strength to strength. Shannon had forgiven Lawson for his indiscretions, simply because she loved him with all of her heart – they both know knew that they couldn't imagine themselves with anyone else. Thus, during the past two weeks it had led Lawson and Shannon to have many and varied conversations on the prospect of moving in together. Finally.

As Lawson lay in bed awake, he glanced to his bedside clock: 5.30am. He sighed; he still had an hour before he needed to get up for work. Lawson turned his attention to his girl, he smiled as watched her sleep, she was looked so peaceful and happy cuddled up to him. Pulling Shannon closer to him, he kissed her forehead lightly, as he lay in bed quietly, listening to the sounds that surround him; the ticking of the clock, the birds chirping and the early sound of traffic as people started to make their way to work.

The early morning peacefulness was disrupted as his phone started to ring, making a blind grab for his phone. Before answering it, he quickly checked the caller ID, "Shit," Lawson mumbled.

"Kerry, what is it?" Lawson asked quietly.

"Hey, Lawson sorry to ring so early but TR has been asked to help with a job."


Kerry sighed, "Now…"

"Shit, what is it?"

"I'll tell you when you and Shannon get here."

"Yeah, yeah. We'll be there as soon as we can."

Hanging up on Kerry, Lawson placed his mobile on the bedside table. He sighed as he turned his attention back to Shannon, his moment of watching her sleep peacefully had been disturbed; duty was calling, "Babe, come on. Wake up."

"Mm… Happy sleeping," Shannon murmured as she brought the blankets up closer to her face and snuggled into Lawson.

Lawson laughed quietly, as he lightly brushed some of her hair away from her face, "Shan…"

"I'm awake. What's wrong?" Shannon asked into his chest.

"Kerry wants us on a job. She didn't say what it was, just said get to base," Lawson stated softly, as he continued to play with her hair mindlessly.

"Hmm… okay."

Neither, Shannon or Lawson moved, instead they remained snuggled up in bed together, enjoying the quiet. They both knew that they wouldn't be able to enjoy the quiet until their duty to serve and protect the community was over for another day. The life of a Tactical Response Police Officer entailed enjoying the moments with loved ones as much as you could in your spare time, because you never know when duty may call.

Five minutes had passed and still Lawson and Shannon remained in bed, and neither of them had uttered a word about work. Shannon decided that it was time they got up, as she glanced up at Lawson, she smiled, his eyes were closed but he too had a smile on his face; content with having her in his arms. Shannon's smile grew as she attempted to pull herself away from Lawson, only to have him tighten his grip on her, "Lawson …"

"I know…" Lawson murmured quietly as he let go of her, allowing her to squirm out of his arms. Quickly turning her attention back to her man, she leant over and kissed him lightly on the lips, "Morning".

"Morning Shan," Lawson spoke softly in-between light kisses.

"Come on, time to get up!" Shannon exclaimed as she pulled away from him once more, and made her way to the bathroom.

"Don't want to be late! Kerry will have my balls if we are," Lawson replied as he too got out of bed.

Shannon's laughter filled Lawson's apartment.