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Chapter 4 – Eyes Open

"What do you mean, Shannon's down?!" Lawson asked quickly over his comms.

"I don't know. She was fine a second a go, and now she's unconscious."

"Are you still at the side door?" Lawson asked rushed.

"Yeah, mate. Get the ambo's in here?"

"I'll be there in a sec. Josh, get the ambo's in here now for me," Lawson muttered as he ran towards Christian and Shannon.

In an instant Lawson was on his knees beside her – he didn't even acknowledge Christian. His worst nightmare had just flashed right before his eyes. His girl was down. "Shan…"


Stroking Shannon's hair back away from her face, Lawson kept talking to her in hope that she'd wake up. "Shan… Shannon, please baby, wake up."

Slowly Shannon's eyes flickered lightly, but remained closed. Her body relaxed when she felt Lawson's presence.

"Lawson …" Shannon murmured as she opened her eyes slightly, and noticed that Lawson was by her side, and the ambo's had just arrived and were preparing to assess her.


"I'm okay. I'm pretty sure I just fainted," Shannon replied, as she fought to keep her eyes open.

"Hey, keep your eyes open for me."

"Mm…" Shannon murmured.

Leaning forward Lawson kissed her forehead, and whispered, "Don't do that to me again, baby."

Shannon smiled at him lightly.

"I'm gonna move back, so the Ambo's can assess you, but I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere."

From that moment on, he knew what his future held – Shannon. It was time to get the engagement ring out. As he stepped back, he felt the eyes of the rest of TR on him, waiting. Waiting for the crack in Lawson's armour to show.


The way back to Melbourne was uneventful, with the rest of the TR team travelling back together in TR2, and Lawson and Shannon in TR1, which allowed them to have time to themselves.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Lawson asked, as he moved his left hand from the steering wheel, to rest it on Shannon's right upper thigh.

Shannon sighed, and placed her right hand on top of his, "Yes, Lawson… you heard what the ambo's said. I'm dehydrated and I need some rest. There's nothing wrong with me."

Lawson glanced quickly at her, as he turned his attention back to stretch of road in front of them, he spoke up. "You had me worried, Shan. When Christian said that you were down … I thought the worst. I thought…"

"You thought one of the suspects had hurt me," Shannon spoke softly, and as she did so her grip on Lawson's hand tightened.

As Lawson slowed TR1 down to stop at the traffic lights, he brought Shannon's hand that was entwined with his up to his lips, and kissed it.

"Yeah… I did. With our jobs, you just never know…" Lawson trailed off, the chinks in his armour beginning to show.

"Is my big tough Senior Sergeant of a boyfriend, going soft on me?" Shannon asked.

Lawson kissed her hand once more, "When it comes to you, yes. I just love you so much, Shan…"

Shannon smiled at him, enjoying the time that they had together, even if they were at work, "I know."

Shannon untangled her fingers from Lawson's as the traffic lights turned green, so that she could brush the strands of hair out of her eyes and so that Lawson could focus on the road.

"Kerry's agreed to give us both a few days off… so you can rest, and so I don't stress," Lawson murmured as he focussed on driving.

Shannon laughed softly, "Really?"

Lawson smirked, as he turned into his apartment complex, "Yeah, she's being nice. I think."

Shannon frowned, "Aren't we going back to base?"

"Shan, you need to rest. Josh is coming here to pick up our gear, and take TR1 back. He'll drive my ute here," Lawson replied softly, as he turned the ignition off.

"Hmm, okay," Shannon replied quietly, as both she and Lawson unclipped their seatbelts off.

"Wait, let me," Lawson stated, as he quickly jumped out of TR1 and made his way to the passenger side.

As he opened the door, Shannon sighed and looked up at him, "Lawson…"

Suddenly, she was lost by the intensity of his eyes; the fear and the love that filled him. Slowly, Shannon raised her hand up and touched his face, softly rubbing and stroking. As she did so, Lawson leant forward and rested his head on hers, and let out a sigh of relief.


Lawson and Shannon lay in bed, tangled in one another's arms. Shannon sound asleep and Lawson wide awake; enjoying Shannon being in his arms and being able to listen to the sound of her breathing.

Hearing a knock on the door, Lawson slowly extracts himself from Shannon's arms without trying to distract her.

As Lawson quickly throws a shirt over his muscled torso, he makes a move to grab the keys of TR1, knowing full that Josh is at his front door.

"Hey mate." Lawson greeted, "Here's the keys."

"Cheers," Josh replied. "How is she?"

"Yeah, she's good mate. Nothing major, ambos reckon she was just tired and dehydrated."

Josh smiled, as he took in Lawson's appearance, "Shan sleeping now?"

"Yeah… you know when Christian said she was down…"

"I know you thought the worst mate. Shannon's okay, that's the main thing."

Lawson smiled.

"Still got the engagement ring then?"

Lawson's eyes rose to Josh's in an instant, "Of course, I have."

"Are ya gonna ask her? We all saw how you were today, Lawson. You looked like you were going to fall apart; when we watched the ambos check her over."

"You're the same with Tash."

"Yeah, yeah… I know."

Lawson sighed, "I'm just waiting for the right time, mate."