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Chapter 5 – Always

Lawson's mind was reeling from Josh's visit. Was it that obvious to everyone that he might just fall apart if anything happened to Shannon? He knew that the significant amount of other police officers knew that the Senior Sergeant and Sergeant from Tactical Response where in a relationship, but did they honestly, really know how much love he had for Shannon? It wasn't something that he'd honestly thought about, but maybe that was because whilst everyone knew about them, they really didn't know what when on between himself and Shannon. What happened between them, stayed between them; it was their unwritten rule.

Deciding that he'd been away from his girl for far too long, Lawson decided it was time to go back to bed. In an attempt to not wake Shannon up, Lawson slowly crept back into bed.

"Lawson…" Shannon murmured.

Lawson stilled, "Shannon?"

"Stop trying to be quiet and just get comfortable."

"Sorry. I didn't want to wake you," Lawson muttered as he got comfortable in bed.

"It's alright. You woke me up anyway," Shannon replied as she snuggled in closer to her man, resting her head on his chest.

Lawson slowly wiped the hair out of her eyes, "How are you feeling?"

"I feel better. I don't feel dizzy anymore."

"Good. How long had you felt off for?"

"I tried to keep it under control before and during the raid."

Lawson moved slightly in order to see her face, "Shan…"

"I know, I'm sorry. I should've said something beforehand…"

Lawson kissed her forehead, "Maybe you should see a doctor?"

Shannon scrunched her nose up, "You know how I feel about doctors…"

Lawson smirked, "I know, but if you think that you still aren't feeling that well, before we go back to work on Monday morning…"

"Okay, okay. So does that mean now that Kerry gave us two days off on top of our weekend off, that we have four days off?" Shannon asked with a smile on her face.

"It does…"

"So that means, I get to spend four days doing this…" Shannon murmured as she closed the gap between herself and Lawson, placing a soft kiss on his lips.

Lawson's grip around Shannon tightened, as he deepened the kiss.

"It does, babe. Lots of quality time," Lawson murmured as he kissed her again.

"Good," Shannon replied in between kisses, "I did say I wanted your body."

As their kisses intensified, so did their passion for one another. Lawson slowly moved himself, careful not to hurt her, so that Shannon was now underneath him, "You've got me, Shan. Always."


Lawson woke to the sun shining brightly though his bedroom window, as he blinked once more, the events of the past four months flashed before his eyes, and halted with Shannon lying on the ground. It was a sight that he was thankful, that he didn't see every day. Shit, he was just glad that she was okay.

Feeling the absence of his girlfriend, Lawson decided it was time he got up. He slowly made his way out of his bedroom, he wiped his face over, in an attempt to wipe that past four months away. As Lawson walked sleepily into his kitchen, he smiled. Shannon was leaning slightly against the kitchen bench, humming.

"Good morning," Lawson murmured as he wrapped his arms tightly around Shannon's waist.

"Mmm," Shannon uttered as she clasped her hands over Lawson's, "Good morning to you too."

Shannon turned around, so that she was facing Lawson. She leant up forward and kissed Lawson lightly on his lips. As she did so, Lawson's arm circled her, and she always loved the feeling of his arms around her. In an instant their moment was ruined, by the sound of Lawson's mobile ringing coming from the bedroom.

"No… don't get it," Shannon murmured between placing light kisses on Lawson's lips.

"Shan… you know I have to get it," Lawson muttered, as he pulled away, and quickly made his way to his bedroom.

"Mm. I know," Shannon murmured quietly as she followed Lawson slowly.

Shannon leant against the door frame, as she watched Lawson.

"Kerry…" Lawson muttered into the phone, "I thought you gave us today and tomorrow off?"

"How's Shannon?"

Lawson glanced up to Shannon, "She's good. Now, you didn't ring just to ask me how Shan is?"

"Sorry, no. Just ringing to see when you'd prefer to have the official debrief, today or tomorrow?"

"Debrief today or tomorrow?" Lawson asked Shannon quietly as he placed his hand over his phone's speaker.

Shannon sighed, "Today. That way we get it over and done with."

"Might as well do it today, Kerry."

"You just asked Shannon what day she'd prefer, didn't you?"

Lawson smirked, "What time?"

"Ah, we'll make it at the end of shift."

"Yeah, yeah. Sounds good, see you then."

"Yeah, bye lover boy."

"Smart arse," Lawson muttered as he hung up the phone.


Christian drove TR1 absent minded, around the streets of Melbourne, so far the day had been fairly quiet and for that he was thankful. With two of their senior officers on days off, what they really didn't need was all hell to break loose.

"So… Lawson and Shan?"

"What about them?" Josh asked.

"They must be pretty serious about each other, if Lawson's taken days off…"

"You know they were together once before, before Shan was posted to TR…"

"Yeah, I heard a rumour about that," Christian muttered as he turned the indicator on, and slowed TR down for a traffic light.

"Let me just ask you this Christian, when Shannon was lying on the ground, right in front of you yesterday, what was your first thought?"


"Exactly. I'd say they're pretty serious about one another, mate."


Lawson and Shannon sat side by side on the lounge, with Shannon's laptop resting on both of their legs, as they hunted through real estate.

"What about this one?" Lawson asked, pointing to a run down, green house.

"Lawson! I swear to god, if you're serious, this relationship is over!"

Lawson laughed, "Of course not. I just wanted a reaction."

Shannon smiled, and as she leant in to kiss Lawson softly on the lips, she murmured, "well, you got one."

Lawson smirked, "Oh hey… how about this one?"

Shannon still leaning into Lawson glanced slightly at her laptop, half expecting it to be another joke. She was quite surprised when it was a beautiful brick three bedroom home, not too far away from TR's base.

"Wow," Shannon murmured.

Lawson glanced down at her lightly, and smiled, "You love it, don't you babe?"

Shannon looked up at Lawson slightly, and then back at the screen of her laptop, "Uh huh."

Lawson's smile grew, "So, how about after the debrief at base, we take a look at it…"

"That sounds fantastic," Shannon replied, as she placed her hands on Lawson's face and kissed him passionately.

Lawson kissed her back, just as passionately. As the broke apart, Lawson rested his forehead against Shannon's.

"Laws… if we do this…"

"Mm…" Lawson murmured as he kissed Shannon's forehead.

"That means it's ours; a house in both our names… ours."

"Shan… I love you. I will always love you, okay. I want the whole catastrophe, us buying our own home is just the beginning of our future, and you know that. It's always going to be you and me, okay."

"I know, I know," Shannon laughed, "I'm just checking."

"You don't need to check, okay. You don't need to worry about that. I will always feel this way about you," Lawson stated, and leant forward. Their lips met

"Laws…" Shannon murmured in between kisses.

"Shan…" Lawson uttered, as he grabbed hold of her right hand. The timing was perfect. He was going to propose.

Suddenly, their moment was interrupted, "Lawson… we've got to go. The debrief."

Lawson kissed Shannon on the lips again, and she squealed lightly, "Lawson!"

Lawson pulled away, "Yeah, yeah. Let's get his over and done with."

As he watched Shannon walk out of his apartment, he sighed. Lawson couldn't believe it. The Victoria Police really had no sense of timing.