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Set in Season 7, episode 12: Flesh and Blood

Chapter 1: Make my day Monday

The dinging sound of the elevator announced his arrival in the evidence garage.

"Abby, what'ye doin'?" Gibbs approached the blown up car, a strange combination of socks and shoes sticking out from under it.

"Don't say it Gibbs, I know. My shoes and socks. It's mismatch Monday."

Abby rolled herself from under the car and found him looking down at her as she was lying on her back and he was standing between her feet. Neither of them felt the need to change that.

"For who?", he asked curiously.

"For me." She said it as if it was a matter of course.

"How about it's 'make my day Monday', for me."

He held out his hand and she grabbed it, letting him pull her to her feet. A series of goose bumps travelled over her body as their hands touched, even the gloves couldn't protect her from reacting so strongly to him.

She looked around her as they discussed the evidence she found under the car and the exciting fact that Tony's father was in town, but her mind was wandering. For the moment there was nobody else in the garage and she was vaguely aware of the fact that she was still holding his hand and he didn't seem to mind one bit. Without thinking she took a step closer to him and noticed the immediate change in his blues eyes, sure she heard him hold his breath for a second. Their eyes locked as she let go of his hand and slowly took off her gloves. He watched her with an intent look as she moved closer to him, no more than an inch between them when she said: "What can I do to make your day, very Special Agent Gibbs?" in a low and whispering voice that made his body respond immediately. He blinked and swallowed hard, not sure he heard her right.

"This?", she teased and touched his face, softly tracing his jawline from his earlobe to his chin with her finger.

"Or this?" she ran her fingers ever so slowly through his silver hair.

"Or … maybe … this?" she finally sighed and kissed his lips, softly but surely.

He pulled back, trying to say something but didn't find the words. Abby thought for a moment she'd misread his body language before, but doubt got no chance to spoil the moment. He pulled her in his tight embrace, pressing his body against hers and then kissed her, forcefully and demanding, a low growl deep in his throat. He wanted her, in every possible way. She answered his kiss with the same passion, their tongues exploring until they had to break it up to get some air, their foreheads resting together and they were panting heavily.

"Jeez, Abbs", he finally managed to say, "that's a heck of a way to make my day".

"Day's not over yet, Gibbs", she said gruffly.

Before he could even start to figure out what she was implying they were forced apart by the dinging sound of the elevator.