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Set in Season 7, episode 12: Flesh and Blood

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Chapter 4: Friday's revenge

After waiting and wanting for so long, the kiss last Monday opened the door to a whole new dimension and the days since had been torture for both Gibbs and Abby, the last 10 minutes in the car before they stumbled into the house almost murder. Their fundamental need to hide their feelings had changed into a primal craving to hold, touch and surrender to love, only temporarily impeded by Gibbs' devilish idea of sweet revenge...

He couldn't possibly look sexier than he did right now! Silver hair, smoldering blue eyes, confident grin, muscular shoulders, sculptured chest, toned arms and a flat stomach, he had every possible right to be named sexiest man alive, even if only in the eye of the beholder of all this.

A pile of clothes lay on top of his shoes next to where he was standing. Very, very slowly he unbuckled his belt, his chest heaving, almost feeling the touch of her roaming eyes on his body, sensing her every uncontrolled slight move, every shiver, every sigh. He was fully aware of the effect he had on her when he unzipped his pants and stepped out of them, now standing opposite her in his bedroom, completely at ease with himself wearing nothing but his boxers. She tried not to stare at his groin, but failed miserably. Having to watch him slowly undress minute after minute had been torture, his idea of revenge, and she had only herself to blame that he didn't allow her to touch him like she desperately wanted to. This was pay back time and he was enjoying every second of it.

"This what you had in mind, Abby?" he said gruffly and flashed a smile when green fire met blue desire.

"Yes", she whispered.

"Are my 7 minutes up yet?"

"no... ".

"You sure?", his smile didn't leave his face as he moved closer to her, stroking her arms when he reached down to grasp the hem of her shirt, slowly moving it up and over her head, dropping it on top of the pile, immediately followed by her black lace bra. She needed to steady herself and her hand reached out, came to rest on his bare chest, the heated touch send an instinctive reflex through his body. The beautiful woman in front of him was pure temptation.

"Not yet, Abbs", he resisted her touch and stilled her hand with his. He was winning, with more self control than he thought possible, but he also was nearing the point of no return, she could tell and not just by looking at his boxers.

"Jethro …. ", anticipation dripped from her voice, wanting him to give up and give in.

"Say it, Abby", he grumbled, feeling his control draining quickly, knowing the game wasn't over yet, he hadn't surrendered and she wasn't giving in as easily as he had wanted, or hoped.

His well build hands cupped her face and his lips brushed hers for a second before he kissed his way down to her spiderweb tattoo, slowly tracing each line with his tongue, making her skin tingle and her body ache for more. Surely she had to respond to this. But she didn't.

"Not ...yet", she groaned.

He kissed her eyes shut before claiming her lips again. This time he kissed her more forceful and demanding. Now her response was instant, her tongue battling his, desperate to take over the lead and get her hands on him, but still he wouldn't let her. He held both her hands, their lips were the only other body parts touching. The kiss grew more passionate, wild, searching for more, leaving them breathless.

"Jethro ...".

"Abbs ...".

"You win!", breathing simultaneously into the other when surrender knocked them off their feet and was celebrated with a scorching kiss. He pulled her tight, giving in to the temptation of feeling her body against him. First time skin on skin was almost too much and the loud moan that escaped her lips was the echo of his deep growl. He had punished her enough, and himself even more in the process, but it had been worth it and the surrender was sweeter than either of them ever could have imagined. A feeling of universal belonging and never needing more than the other could give was shared when their physical worlds fused together, completing the emotional bond they already shared for so long. The world was forgotten, there was only them, here and now.