Sasuke would always stare into Naruto's eyes after that.

The trail went well and Sasuke was still a ninja, though he now lived with Naruto and had to report to ANBU Black Ops every week,

Even though Sasuke's sight was restored, his senses remained enhanced, and he still fought with his eyes closed to keep them sharp.

Since Sasuke's sight problem had been a mental thing, Tsunade had deduced that the thought of Naruto going into such danger to help him made Sasuke's body jolt out of its shock.

Personally Sasuke couldn't care less why he got his sight back, he was just happy he could see the one he loved now.

Sasuke would stare a lot at everything, he appreciated the little things in life that he hadn't before, but he would stare at Naruto the most.

He watched him sleeping beside him, judging how damn adorable the blonde when he was asleep, he watched him try to learn to cook eggs in the morning for breakfast.

He watched him train, and eat ramen, and he sometimes kept his eyes open when they kissed.

"Sasuke quit staring at me," Naruto would complain.

"I'm not staring, I'm gazing, there's a difference," Sasuke corrected.

"Oh yeah? What?" Naruto asked sceptically.

"Gazing is a lot more romantic," Sasuke replied with a grin.

Naruto always ended the conversation with a roll of his eyes.

But Sasuke and Naruto wouldn't have it any other way.

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