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Epilogue – the Loved One

The next day

"Good morning Sasuke-kun!" Sakura screeched happily.

The two boys already at the bridge cringed at the shrill tone.

"Naruto baka say good morning!" Sakura ordered.

"Oh shut up Sakura," Naruto grumbled. "Stop talking to me, you're annoying."

Sakura turned from shocked to furious in the span of a second.

She aimed a punch at Naruto's head, who barely batted an eyelash when he saw it coming.

Before it could hit Naruto, Sasuke's hand stopped her fist forcibly.

"Touch him and I will not hesitate to hurt you," he snarled.

Sakura pulled back in shock. "Sasuke-kun?" she asked.

Sasuke ignored her and he and Naruto sat on the railing of the bridge, talking in low voices and exchanging smiles every now and then.

Sakura was even more confused than before. What had happened to her team mates in the last two days?

"Hey Sasuke?" Naruto asked.


"You know how Gaara was here yesterday? Why were you glaring at him so much?"

Sasuke blushed. "I…um…" he stammered.

Naruto grinned. "Sasuke, were you jealous?" he said.

"No." Sasuke said instantly. "Maybe…yes."

Naruto chuckled and kissed him quickly so Sakura didn't see.

"Aw my Sasuke-kun, you don't need to be jealous," he said.

"Shut up Naru. And don't call me that," Sasuke said embarrassed.

Naruto laughed. "Wait, Naru?" he asked.

"Yeah, my new name for you. You don't like it?"

"No I like it. But…let's make it a private one, dobe is fine in public." Naruto replied.

Sasuke nodded just as Kakashi-sensei turned up.

-time skip – moving on from the boring training (and I also can't be bothered writing it either)-

Naruto was walking home from the long day of training, aching all over, when he turned into the alley towards his apartment.

Suddenly a group of four men attacked him.

The first grabbed Naruto's collar and shoved him against the wall viciously.

"Let me go!" Naruto demanded.

"Oh okay, here you go," the man threw him to the ground, where he glared up at his attackers.

"Let me go home and leave me the hell alone, you know I'm not allowed to fight you, so leave me be!" he shouted.

"Oh Lookie here, the demon's getting bold, let's teach him a lesson," the man grinned.

Before they could get anywhere near Naruto, there was a blur of blue and white and one man was on the ground in pain.

And hand shot out to catch another man by the throat, throwing him down next to the first guy.

The third went down next, soon followed by the fourth, then the fifth – the one speaking – was smashed into the wall and fell beside his friends.

"Had enough guys?" the figure stood in front of Naruto, shielding him in case they got up again.

"Sasuke, man I'm glad to see you," Naruto smiled.

Sasuke grinned.

"Ugh, you…you're helping this…this thing?" the fifth man rasped.

Sasuke glared and aim a kick at the rising man.

"His name is Uzumaki Naruto, and you will do well to remember it!" he snapped.

"And if any of you, ever, come near him again, you so much as look at him, and I will kill you." Sasuke added.

The men looked at Sasuke and knew he was being serious.

Slowly they scrambled away and Sasuke turned to help Naruto up.

They kissed.

"Thanks Sasuke," Naruto said burying his head in the crook of Sasuke's neck.

Sasuke's arms came around him and held him tightly. "I love you," he said passionately. "And no else is going to ever treat you like that,"

Naruto squeezed Sasuke. "I love you too Sasuke, I love you too."

"Let's go home Naru,"


Sasuke moved in with Naruto the next day, and as long as Sasuke was with Naruto, the villagers left him well alone.

Naruto was never bothered by them again.

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