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Rule 10 - Never get personally involved in a case.

Tony sat behind his desk with his head in his hands, because there gets to a time where you're just too stressed to think straight and need to take a few moments to regain yourself. He sighed and glanced over to the picture of the picture of him giving Ziva a piggy back, both had grins spread across their faces... the memories came flooding back.

It was a gorgeous spring day, like the type you see on movies - the trees were shades of gold, red and orange, they were even staring to drop their leaves. The wind seemed to be just right - not to cold, but just windy enough to make you laugh when it flowed through your hair. Tony sat with Ducky on the picnic mat as they watch Abby, Ziva, Gibbs, Jimmy and McGee kick the football. Tony smiled at the sight of Ziva, his new fiance, laughing as Palmer tried hand balling the ball to her.

"Tony!" Abby yelled, "Get off your butt and come kick the football!"

Tony laughed, "But then who would keep Ducky company?"

"Go on, Tony." Ducky told him, smiling gently.

The truth was that Tony was actually quite content with watching the game, he enjoyed seeing them happy, but he could see Ziva giving him those puppy dog eyes and he could never say no to them. He pushed himself off the ground and joined the others.

"I'll play it down for you guys, I don't want you to feel bad because of superior skills." He grinned.

Ziva rolled her eyes. "Quit boosting up your own ego and play." She chuckled.

Gibbs kicked the ball to Tony and with ease he marked it. Ziva saw Tony goofing around with the ball, she smirked to herself as she ran up behind him and pounced on his back.

"Hey!" Tony laughed.

"Well that's what you get for not passing the ball quicker." She said.

Tony passed the ball and grabbed hold of Ziva so she didn't fall off his back. Abby as quick as she was managed to snap a picture of the two - it was a perfect picture.. both were laughing and both looked gorgeous.

"You know.. I could dump you in the pond over there..." Tony grinned, his eyes floated over to the small pond near by.

Ziva narrowed her eyes, "You wouldn't."

He chuckled mischievously. Needless to say that day ended with everyone soaked to the bone.

Tony bought himself back to reality... he didn't like reality at the moment though. He pulled out his phone and tried to call Ziva's mobile again, but no answer. He sighed, rubbing his fingers along the bridge of his nose. He was at a dead end, he had run out of leads and run out of hope.

"Go home." Gibbs told him as he walked into the bullpen, "Go and get some sleep, sitting here stressing isn't doing anyone any good."

"I can't go home, not until we've found Ziva." He sighed, "It's been three days, boss... I'm starting to think that-"

Gibbs cut him off before he could finish the end of a sentence neither of them wanted to hear, "No. She out their, I know it. Got a gut feeling."

Tony just sighed.

"Remember, rule number 10, DiNozzo."

"How can I not get personally involved? She's my wife, Gibbs!" He said with a little too much anger behind him.

Gibbs just brushed off the anger that had been thrown at him, because he knew Tony was under a lot of stress and after all, he never really followed rule 10 himself.

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