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Chapter 1: New Love Story?

"So, in other words, your Majesty," Lord von Christ was saying, "The social gathering that would be held tomorrow eve is a big opportunity for you to show that our Great Demon Kingdom is open and friendly to other residing countries. This monthly gathering not only extends our hand to our old friends but also those countries which still doubt the sincerity of His Excellency."

"All right then let's make this happen, although I must say I'm still not that used to gatherings every now and then. What was the last reason we had a gathering last week?" Yuri said with little enthusiasm as he see his week with full schedule of Demon King chores.

"It is a celebration for the King's Excellent Leadership, your Majesty," Lord von Christ answered promptly, "It is to show our gratefulness for your excellent ruling."

"Ah… I see…" Yuri turned to Conrad who gave him an understanding smile.

"What I don't understand," came Wolfram's shaking voice from behind Günter, "Is that why must the invitation be exclusive for WOMEN? Günter what's the meaning of this?"

Wolfram was shaking all over and Yuri had to deal with an exasperated sigh coming out of his lips while Günter deal with the blonde boy.

"Wolfram- it is also important for His Highness to be surrounded by female entities that would expand his knowledge about how to come in terms with them. Gwendal, Lady Celi and I agreed that His Majesty lacks the skills when he is dealing with ladies."

"But I am his fiancée! This is disrespect to my position! How do you think I would feel seeing him surrounded by cute women! How am I suppose to compete? Hell- I'M NOT EVEN SUPPOSE TO COMPETE!"

"I knew this was coming…" Yuri whispered as he looked at Conrad again. "Doesn't your brother realised his looks are more than enough to win ten women's approval to be the King's fiancée? Doesn't he realize those women would probably rather him more than me? With that looks of his?"

Conrad gave an honest smile, "Well, you see your Majesty, Wolfram is not at all too boastful of his looks. I think he doesn't even realize it himself. But I must disagree with your Highness saying that women would only choose him. I think some of them may favour your looks as well."

Yuri laughed heartly at that as he turned his eyes to Wolfram again, "You are being kind, Conrad, but your little brother's looks is more than all of us put together."

Conrad watched his younger brother.

"Yes, I agree."

"YURI!" Wolfram called urgently that alarmed him so much he had to look and see the pretty boy marching toward him, "As your fiancée I have the rights to tell you that I am NOT comfortable with these arrangements! Make a rule now that no one can go near you with ten meters' distance in all gatherings!"

"You are completely being unreasonable, Wolfram!"Günter lectured with a small frown, "The reason we have gatherings are to have our Majesty exposed to neighboring countries! It is a duty of a King-!"

"Yuri is not a display vase for everyone to gawk on!" He turned his green eyes to Yuri as if daring him to oppose him, "Yuri- go make the law already!"

Yuri felt a trickle of sweat escape the side of his head as Wolfram's familiar bossiness trapped him. It was a good thing the others were there; otherwise he would seemingly be the blonde boy's puppet.

"I'm sorry Wolfram, but that is really an irrational thinking, you know that already. Besides, haven't you still gotten pass with the engagement thing? I told you don't take it seriously anymore-"

Wolfram's face turned a shade of red and with how his mouth was curling, everyone in the vicinity knew what was coming-

"YOU UNFAITHFUL-" he had just started his screaming when the double doors opened, followed by a very familiar voice-

"If you don't want him- then give him to someone who deserves him."

Everybody's head turned as Waltorana von Bielefeld entered the King's throne haughtily with a man wearing the same important clothes behind him.

"Uncle?" Wolfram looked at his uncle from over his shoulder while leaning over Yuri who had also looked up at his sudden visitors.

"Lord von Bielefeld," Günter muttered with eyes expressing surprise, "What a sudden visit…"

"I come to claim my nephew to be with his rightful 'Destined One'."Waltorana declared proudly, outstretching his right arm to introduce formally, "Meet our court's right hand man's son, Lord Archinel Kiel von Rochefort!"

Everybody's eyes fell on the handsome man that walked before them. The moment Yuri saw Wolfram, he thought he had seen the King of all Good Looks in the whole wide world, only to be proven wrong yet again by another pretty boy! His hair has a shoulder length hair, much like that of Günter. It was sleek and shiny, with dark violet colour that could challenge the perfect violet night sky when it is lucid. His eyes were a deep shade of amethyst that seemed to pierce any being it would look upon. What seemed to take everybody's breath was his serene gaze; a serious, serene gaze that can melt anyone's resolve to hate him. It was moving.

"Good evening," he said in a voice so perfectly trained for formal occasions, that or he was just a perfect character, "I am Archinel Kiel von Rochefort. Pleased to meet you all. I have come here to take the hands of my destined person, Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld."

As he said this, he looked straight up to Wolfram who blushed under his gaze.

"You- you- what's the meaning of this…?"

But even Lord Brat couldn't even refuse that look. Waltorana smiled at his favourite nephew's reaction and knew he was doing things for the better. Even he cannot afford to say no to that Rochefort son, and when Kiel told him he wanted Wolfram, Waltorana immediately made plans to meet with his niece. It was after all a chance for Wolfram to be with someone that can equally surpass his looks.

And looks say it all. Even Yuri, who admittedly refuses his cute nephew, cannot say no to his plans either. The King should after all think he was being made a favour.

So all in all, it was a perfect plan to make. A perfect match to settle.

Minutes later found Conrad, Wolfram and Yuri inside the King's quarters where Yuri was sitting comfortably behind his desk.

"How can my uncle decide this on his own?" Wolfram raged, finally out of earshot from the 'Other Pretty Boy. "How can he disrespectfully ignore my engagement to Yuri?"

"C'mon Wolfram, your Uncle's plan is pretty amazing," Yuri piped up-

"SHUT UP, YOU INSENSIBLE WIMP!" Wolfram stormed with his fist banging the table, "I don't even know him! And even if he is very pretty I am not like you who becomes unfaithful after seeing someone with good looks in one go! I at least have my pride and honour!"

"Well sorry for being me," Yuri said, still smiling, "But you've got to admit, you two awfully match with each other. Really, Wolfram, I wouldn't mind you being engage to him if that's what you are so worried about."

It was a statement Yuri hadn't meant to offend someone at all, but it was enough to make Wolfram shut up for a whole minute. Conrad looked at his younger brother with a worried look. He opened his mouth to say something but Wolfram beat him up to it.

"You are really impossible. Fine, I officially revoke our engagement." He said through gritted teeth. "But that doesn't mean I want to get an official engagement right after I cancel my first one!"

He lashed a look to Yuri who still looked unaware of the damage he had done to the heart of the pretty boy and still kept a straight face.

"Wait till mother hears about this-!" Wolfram said with conviction in his emerald eyes, "I'm sure she won't-"


The room door opened and in came the ex Demon Queen, Lady Celi, followed closely by Günter and Gwendal. She has the same look as her son, very pretty and extremely dashing, but quite differ in personality. If her youngest son was labelled 'The Brat', she was officially called, 'Love Hunter' by most whispers.

She walked in and pulled Wolfram into a big hug, sending his whole face down her breast like the usual routine, "I heard two pretty boys are after you- you cute little son of mine! You truly are a charmer, ne? You've got my skills, I just saw Lord von Rochefort myself, and I must say I approve of him if ever you revoke your engagement with King Yuri~"

"Mother-!" Wolfram cried in between gasps and breaths-

"You do?" Yuri said quite enthusiastically, "Well, that's much better! Wolfram just cancelled our engagement here! So he and Lord von Rochefort can go official!"

"Really?" Günter said in surprise as Gwendal looked over at Conrad who nodded, confirming the news. "Then that is settled. I thought we're going to have problem with Lord von Rochefort coming all the way here to duel with His Majesty for Wolfram's hand. I see no point in this meeting now."

"Wait a minute- who told you I want to be engage to him!" Wolfram's voice rang out from his mother's bosom. Pushing the ex-queen forcefully, he turned to everybody with his usual glare, "I dare anyone to force me into this ridiculous relationship! I hardly know the guy!"

"That can be arrange."said Waltorana's voice as he entered the room with a meaningful smile, "What a great news to hear that you and His Highness are no longer engage. This makes everything go easier."

Wolfram gritted his teeth.

"Uncle…" he started with his fist forming. Yuri saw this and immediately his face grew serious.

"Lord von Bielefeld," he started, standing up from where he was seated, "Even if my engagement with Wolfram has been revoked, I don't want anyone forcing him to any agreement. Let him have his free will."

Wolfram looked back at Yuri in relief as the others stared back at the King as well.


"Fine then," Waltorana said with much the same attitude, like a sweet poison, "I will leave it for Wolfram to decide of course. If that is also the case then allow me and Kiel to stay as your visitors for the next three days. I believe Lord von Rochefort here will be able to gain my nephew's favour in no time. Is that approved by everyone?"

"I approved," Celi raised her hand like an excited child. Gwendal and Conrad didn't say anything while Günter looked at Yuri. Wolfram was also looking at Yuri, and when his Uncle had finished his request, the blonde boy looked at Lord von Rochefort, whom he found looking transfixed at him.

Those amethyst orbs were irrefutable.

"Fine," he muttered after awhile as he walked out of the room, "Do what you want."

Kiel smiled as Wolfram walked past him. Wolfram saw it and blushed furiously.

Is this a new love story?

-To Be Continued-

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