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Chapter Thirteen: The Finale!

Wolfram was half dragged, half carried out of the deck, followed swiftly by Archinel's captor. The blond boy's green eyes were fixed on Gizella's captor, and to the sword still pointed at her. Gizella was one powerful healer after all. Wolfram was sure those blades were like poison to her as well.

"Only five Demons, huh?" said one of the men standing on the top of the ship with two demon soldiers tied on his feet, "Let's finish them already."

Wolfram and Archinel both glared at the dozen of men in front of them and to the esoteric swords they were carrying.

A blade was raised on Archinel's chin, making the noble boy grit his teeth in pain.

"Cowards," Wolfram hissed as he shot the one who was acting like a leader a look of deepest disgust, "Attacking us with your curse swords, don't you know how to fight fairly?"

"Says a demon that uses magic?" the soldier-like leader smirked as he gave Wolfram a loathsome look, "where in that is fair?"

"We cannot use magic outside our land, we're normal warriors here in your country," Wolfram answered calmly, though feeling slightly dizzy at the presence of the sword, "Why don't you fight us in real battle instead of playing with your toys and pretend like soldiers?"

"What?" spat the irked leader.

Archinel smiled slightly in spite of the situation. He looked side ways to his fiancé and gave him a fond look. Leave it to Wolfram to say the frankest insult.

The leader took steps toward Wolfram, and then grabbed his collar gruffly.

"You Demon Tribe people are so full of yourselves," he said through gritted teeth, "Even your nasty King pretending to be nice and friendly gets on my nerves. I think he's spreading the news that your country is friendly to all, isn't that right? That's just full of trash."

Wolfram's eyes flashed.

"Don't you insult my King," he whispered, "I swear…"

"You're all talk, all of you" the man said with a smirk, "but your King doesn't really have balls. That's why probably at this very minute our King Bellar has finished him to his heart's content. That'll show those other countries that allied themselves to Demon Kingdom how pathetic the Demon King is."

Wolfram felt his ears ring.

"What?" he muttered, his eyes transfixed at the guy, "what do you mean…?"

"Our King has set a trap in the castle for the arrival of the Demon King, you brat," said the man, finally releasing his grip on Wolfram's collar and looking smug, "I doubt three Demons would stand a chance against King Bellar with his soldiers all carrying our weapons!"

He turned to Wolfram with a smirk as the other soldiers around guffawed heartily.

"So, brat with a good face, you should give up the idea that the Demon King will return to this ship already. Accept your defeat and let us finish you off. Your King is dead."

"I don't believe you!" Wolfram hissed in anger as he shot the man a look of dagger. He struggled wildly get away from his captor with his eyes flashing angrily, "Watch your mouth, you scum!"

The man raised his sword and pointed it threateningly up the blond boy's neck but Wolfram didn't look like he give a damn as he forcefully pull his arms away from the soldier behind him.

"Wolfram!" Archinel called at once, seeing beads of sweats appear on Wolfram's forehead, "Enough struggling!"

"Shut up!" Wolfram shouted, making Archinel's eyes wide. The blond boy had his eyes still at the soldier as he said grudgingly, "How dare you insult Yuri in front of me… how dare you belittle his ideals and beliefs… all of you are just a bunch of idiots wielding your pathetic swords! I cannot forgive you! Never!"

Archinel stared at Wolfram quietly as a drop of tear escape from his angry eyes.

"He's not dead!" the blond boy shouted fiercely, "So shut up!"

"Your Excellency…" Gizella muttered. Then without warning, she stoop down her captor's foot and knocked him off balance with the esoteric sword flying away from his hand. Gizella stood and turned to Wolfram and Archinel breathlessly as if moving too much caused her pain, "Your Excellencies!"

Wolfram saw soldiers pers soldiers attack her from behind. He felt cold sweat as fear seized him.


She turned and saw them, but couldn't quite move properly. Wolfram tried to escape his captor to help her but something told him it was too late. It was hopeless.

It was then that they heard sounds of hooves from galloping horses and their whines. The ship then shook a little as sudden waves hit it from the sea. The men around Gizella froze as a strong wind hit everybody's face and the sky suddenly turned dark like somebody turned off the switch of the light.

"What's going on?" cried some of the soldiers.

"There's typhoon?"

"You gotta be kidding me!"

Wolfram and the other Demons looked around as they recognize the power. Soon enough, there at the entrance stair of the ship, they saw the Demon King emerge, his long hair waving behind him, his slit eyes looked unforgiving.

"Your Majesty!" Gizella called as the ship shook again.

"The Demon King!" shouted the rest of the human soldiers.

"He's here!"


Wolfram stared at Yuri without blinking as his own captor released him in fear. The effects of the esoteric weapons seemed to lessen as the Demon King wields his power.

"I had enough from your games," the Demon King whispered, making the ship shook even more, "I had enough. You are all not forgiven."

He raised his right arm and then swung it, as if controlling the wind. A massive wind hit all the human soldiers, sending them all off the ship into the raging water. The ship shook at the force, throwing off Wolfram from his balance, but the Demon King was on him in a second, supporting him steadily.

"Yuri," Wolfram whispered as he stared up the King. The Demon King' slit eyes looked at him back and the blond boy could just feel that he was safe. That was when the wind and the sea started to calm down, and the dark sky opened, revealing the red sky of the sunset above them.

Everything was all right.

"Are you okay, Wolf?" Yuri's normal voice made Wolfram look up. He found himself closely held by the King and this made him blush.

"I- I'm fine," he breathed as he stared up at those black orbs. Yuri smiled at him.

"I'm glad."

"Seemed like he did all the work himself this time," Murata whispered as he followed Conrad up the ship. Conrad was already helping Gizella, but she merely shook her head, saying that she was unharmed. Murata glanced at the King and Wolfram, then to Archinel who had his back on them.

The great wise man sighed in understanding. "Oh boy…"

And the trip back to Demon Kingdom was on.

Back in the castle, inside the King's quarter, Günter was on Yuri once again.

"Your Majesty! I would have come, really! But Gwendal here said I'll only be in the way! When I heard what happened from my daughter I couldn't help but feel regretful! I am so sorry, your Majesty! How can I leave your side when you needed me that most?"

"Calm down, Günter," Yuri said with a small smile, "It's all over and everyone's safe now, so…there's no need for you to feel any regret…haha…"

"Oh, your Majesty… your kind heart…" Günter mumbled to his handkerchief. Gwendal closed his eyes impatiently while Conrad smiled quietly.

"In any case," Murata piped up, "At least now we made sure that with esoteric stones or not, nothing can beat the Demon King. Now that King Bellar knows that, I'm sure he would think twice before doing something against our Kingdom again… Not to mention, he'll be very busy fixing up the mess Shibuya left him at."

"I'm sure he learned his lesson well," Conrad nodded, then turning to his brother, his smile broadened, "And you don't have to use Anissana's invention, Gwendal. I heard she prepared an anti-esoteric weapon. Sort of a magnetic robot that would be triggered once any kind of esoteric substance is nearby. I also heard it's kind of wild once it activated… I hope you didn't have a hard time dealing with it."

"I'll let her know about it once this meeting is over," Gwendal coughed pointedly as he looked at his brother, "For now, we deal with the real discussion at hand."

He shot Yuri a fierce look.

"What do you really plan of my brother?"

Yuri was the sudden center of attention at this. He looked around them all before he lowered his gaze.

"About that… If Archinel really won, then there's nothing I can do about it, right?"

The others looked at Yuri as the King spoke sincerely.

"Even though I keep saying I won't give up…there are times that I must acknowledge defeat. Archinel proved himself worthy of Wolfram, and I think he would really take care of him… I keep telling myself I don't deserve Wolf, but now that I think about it, I realize it's because I don't have the self confidence around him… now that someone is there for him this time, I kinda feel regretful, because just now I realize how important he is."

"Your Majesty…" Günter whispered with his eyes flickering. Conrad stared at the King quietly.

"Of course, I still want to fight," Yuri grinned helplessly as he looked at everyone, "I'm sure that's what Wolfram would tell me too, but I'm sure Archinel would never give up. The fact that he won already makes the difference. I'm not really sure what to do anymore… that's why I decided to give way and accept it."

Gwendal looked away.

"I'm sure Wolfram will also be happy." Yuri hid his eyes as he said this behind the curtain of his hair. He clenched his fist under the table and remained silent after that.

"About the third match…" Murata said with his eyes glasses flashing,

Wolfram stood outside Archinel's room and was waiting at the doorway quietly. He heard that his uncle was inside and was talking to the noble boy for quite some time now.

He hesitated for awhile, wondering to himself if he should really come inside. He could still remember Archinel's request back at the ship. He remembered well what a dangerous thing almost happened to them then. Wolfram blushed.

Touching his lips, the blond boy looked uncertainly at the door. Archinel was always true to his words. There was never a time that kid about anything when it comes to him. That was why he was sure Archinel was also serious about taking him once they reach the castle. Now that they were here… what could possibly stop him?

We're engage, Wolfram thought nervously, that gives him every right to own me…

The doorknob was suddenly turned from the other side and Wolfram found himself face to face with Waltorana.

"Uncle," he muttered in surprise. Waltorana blinked at him, and then smiled.

"Wolfram," he said, reaching out and tapping his nephew on the shoulder, "So you are here to visit your fiancé?"

Wolfram didn't answer as he looked pass his uncle's shoulder into the half dark room. Waltorana gave Wolfram a squeeze on the shoulder.

"It's alright. You can come inside."

Wolfram looked at his uncle. There was something unusual about how his uncle was looking at him. Waltorana was looking at him with an expression he couldn't quite discern. Was it sympathy? If so, then why?

With one last nod, Waltorana turned and left Wolfram who entered the room quietly. As he entered he could feel all the muscles in his body tightening. The semi dark room gave him a foreboding feeling that something bad was going to happen, but despite that he continued toward the bed where he found the noble Rochefort sitting quietly on the bed.

The moment he saw him, Wolfram couldn't really deny how beautiful Archinel was. His long, dark violet hair was on his face with the right side neatly tucked at the back of his right ear. His amethyst eyes were glowing from the reflection of the moon shining above the tall window of his room. His pale skin radiated smoothness. He looked comfortable in the bed with the bandage circling his chest up to his wounded shoulder. That was the catch to this beautiful creature.

"You came," Archinel said as he looked transfixedly at Wolfram, "I've been waiting."

To Wolfram's surprise, Archinel slid his legs down the floor and walked straight toward him. The blond boy was pushed on the near wall, for the last time in his life, and was cornered once again by his fiancé.

"Archinel…" Wolfram whispered as he felt Archinel's lips on his neck, "Stop it… I don't want this…"

Archinel stopped moving. Wolfram found his voice as he slowly looked straight at those amethyst eyes that so forever make him melt and said directly, "I'm in love with Yuri."

Archinel did not speak. Wolfram's voice got stronger as he spoke,

"I really do like you! I do! And I cannot deny that we being together crossed my mind so many times! I was in love with you, Archinel! You always make my heart pound so fast… every time… but at the end of the day… I would always realize that it was Yuri whom I really love… what I felt for you was really special, and I really appreciate you for liking me this much… but Archinel, I can only give myself to the one I really love and its Yuri…"

Silence greeted his words and for a moment, Wolfram thought Archinel was angry for he clenched his fists that were on either side of the blond boy's face. Then, after awhile, Archinel spoke in whisper.

"I know…"

"The third match was unofficially settled after the sudden attack from Big Cimaron," Murata said firmly as he looked at Yuri quietly, "That official scores weren't given and no matter how you look at it the sudden intrusion to the match calls for a rematch."

Yuri felt a million daggers was pulled out from his chest as Murata gave him this.

"Are you…serious…?" he muttered as the thought of denial crossed his mind, "Murata… when you say rematch…."

"It cannot be helped," Gwendal said seriously that made Yuri feel more assured, "The third match's official score card weren't given and so it is appropriate to have another one to settle the matter. That is why both contenders are called once again for another battle."

The King's ears rang.

"I get to have another chance," he muttered with a sigh of relief.

"There's no need," said another voice and everyone turned to the doorway as Waltorana came in with a serious expression to his face. "Lord von Rochefort has decided to forfeit the match."

"What?" Guinter cried in shock as the others expressed it merely by their wide eyes and open mouth. Yuri did both.

"Forfeit?" he muttered as the others turned to Waltorana in dead silence.

"Archinel has decided to forfeit and officially revoke his engagement to my nephew." Lord von Bielefeld said with closed eyes, "We are going back to our lands early next morning."

"What an unexpected turn of events," Murata said, half smiling at Yuri, "Aren't you really lucky, Shibuya?"

"Where's Lord von Rochefort?" Yuri asked as he stood up from his chair with a serious expression on his face. Waltorana gave Yuri a weighing look.

"He's in his room taking a rest. My nephew is with him—"

Yuri did not wait for Lord von Bielefeld's word's to finish as he cross his table and dashed away.

Conrad and the others watched him.

Murata smiled again as he turned to the Gwendal.

"What is this about Lady Anissana's invention I'm hearing?"

Inside the dimly lit room, Wolfram watched Archinel whose back was tuned against him.

"Archinel," he whispered quietly, "you…"

"I am forfeiting. I am giving you up," Archinel said quietly as he stood his ground under the moon, "It's really a pity, but I believed you have really made up your mind this time."

Wolfram's eyes flicked in the moonlight. Archinel smiled quietly.

"I know I had a chance to your heart as long as you do not admit your love for the King and be stubborn about it. I know by then that I would be able to gain your favour if I work hard for it. I did my best and almost won you over…even though you chose the King after our engagement I was still certain I could take you away... but under the circumstances from the third match thereon, I also came to realize that it is only the King whom can protect you till the end."

Wolfram did not say anything at this. A sudden sadness filled him that has nothing to do with the gloomy room. Archinel suddenly turned to him, and then flashed him his gorgeous smile.

"What's with the teary look? I didn't think you'd be disappointed too much…"

"Shut up, you jerk, I'm not disappointed," Wolfram whispered as he looked away, "I'm just… too surprise you'd give up after everything."

In one swift moment, Archinel was over Wolfram with his right hand firmly gripping the blond boy's left shoulder and his eyes flashing.

"Don't say that," he said quietly as he pierced Wolfram with one of his look, "Don't give me a reason to make drastic actions...if you tell me now that you have feelings for me then I will not stop. No one can stop me."

Wolfram did not even manage a blink at the pressure of the bishounen's grip. He could feel Archinel's hand shaking on his shoulder and knew that he really loved him. Wolfram couldn't help but feel emotional.

"Archinel…" he croaked. "I love Yuri..."

Archinel did not blink but stare at him hard and serious; and then he smiled sadly.

"I want you to be happy. You deserve that."

Wolfram felt a large lump formed in his throat.

"Wolfram," the Rochefort boy said as he slowly leaned closer to the blond boy, "For the last time, let me have a taste of your lips…"

"Idiot," Wolfram whispered as he moved closer to him, "don't blame me if you keep looking for it in the future. You won't have the rights to take it."

Archinel chuckled.

And the two shared a romantic kiss under the moonlight.

Outside the door, to the dark, empty hallway, Yuri stood quietly as he listened to the two.

The handsome carriage bearing the Bielefeld symbol rolled in front of Blood Pledge Castle ground that morning, where all the Demons were waiting together with those who are leaving.

Waltorana and Archinel watched as the carriage stopped in front of them, and then turned to the others.

"Well, I suppose this is a good bye for now," Waltorana said as he gave everyone a smart look, "It has been a wonderful week. Thank you for having us."

"Must you really leave soon, my dear?" Lady Celi asked with a small smile as she gave Waltorana a kiss on the cheek. "Can't you stay a bit longer? Your presence in the castle was really enjoyable."

Conrad and Gwendal gave their mother a look.

"No need, Celi," Waltorana answered, "I'm sure you never get bored in this castle anyway, what with the King and your sons… well, I wish you luck and prosperity after this farewell."

"To you too," Lady Celi answered.

Wolfram walked near Archinel and offered him his hand. Archinel took it and boldly kissed it. Somewhere in the castle, the demons could swear they heard squeals of girls.

"What the…" Gwendal murmured with raised eyebrow. His eyes fell to Anissina who was smiling broadly. "Never mind…"

Wolfram cleared his throat as Archinel smiled at him and said, "That's not really what I meant, but anyway, take care of yourself."

"I'll gladly do that," the handsome boy answered with a grateful look. "Be happy, Wolfram."

His eyes went pass the blond boy to the Demon King. Yuri saw his gaze and knew it was time to say his good bye and if it was possible, maybe his gratitude as well.

"Archinel," he started, not really knowing what to say as he stood in front of him. Was he thankful that the noble boy decided to give up? Was he happy that it was Wolfram and him again?

Archinel raised his eyebrows at the King and said quietly, "Good bye, my King. It's been a pleasure to meet you."

He offered his hand for the King to shake.

"Ah, yeah, you too," Yuri mumbled as he shook Archinel's hand, "Thank you for everything."

Archinel gave Yuri a look. He opened his mouth, but then decided against it and merely shook his head in the end as Waltorana climbed up the carriage behind him.

"Until the day we meet again, your Highness." Lord von Rochefort said as he gave a respectful bow and climbed the carriage. Yuri and the rest watched as the carriage hit the road, and then out of the castle gates.

Yuri stared after the carriage, waving with all his might as he watched it vanish before his eyes. He was feeling a lot of emotion then: sadness, relief, a new start… all was mixed in his heart. With this goodbye, he knew someday they will meet him again, that beautiful guy. Yuri realized then that there were still a lot of Demons in his Kingdom that he doesn't know exist… maybe next time he would set a real party for all Noble families to come forth and celebrate with him… maybe someday he will ask Günter for that.

"Thank you for everything," he repeated at the horizon as the others slowly went back inside the castle. To Yuri's surprise, he found Wolfram standing beside him.

"Thank you for everything, what's with that?" the blond boy asked as he crossed his arms in front of him, "You could have said a lot of things to him, you know? Like you'd take care after me and make sure I am happy! Really, you're such a wimp."

Yuri turned to Wolfram.

"I'm not a wimp!" he injected quietly, "And besides, I think he knows I will do just that without having to say it. I promise I'd take care of you, Wolf."

Wolfram squinted at the King with large eyes.

"Eh… what's with that sudden attitude?"

Yuri grinned as he lead Wolfram to the castle then.

"Well, I've learned a lesson or two from your former fiancé and that is being straightforward can sometimes give you what you really want."

Wolfram barked a laugh at this.

"Hahaha! You mean to say you'll be straightforward to me? I'd like to see you try! You're a wimp…"

Yuri stopped walking and gave Wolfram a look.

"You don't believe me?" he asked with a straight face, "Well, then, come to my room this evening and lets share the bed. I'm your fiancé again, right?"

"What the," Wolfram rolled his eyes, "I haven't been out of my previous engagement yet and now you want us to be together again?"

Yuri blinked at the blond boy.

"What? You don't want to?"

Wolfram shot Yuri a look and would have said 'no' for he had enough from being engage again and again, but the King's pathetic look got to him pretty big. Indeed, Yuri' s frown of confusion and disappointment was very distinct that Wolfram couldn't help but feel sympathy toward him.

"Alright, alright," he sighed finally with closed eyes, "Since you are persistent about it…"

The sun had fully taken its place up the sky as the couple walked along the pathway.

"Hey, Yuri, will you let me scrub your back this time?"

The King looked thoughtfully at the blond boy, and then without warning, suddenly blushed as if his thoughts were too much for him to bear.

"O- of course!" he said with a suspicious smile Wolfram had never seen in his face before. "You can also sleep in my bed and all that…"

Wolfram blinked at the King but Yuri merely took his hand and gripped it to his own.

"Let's go," he said, pulling Wolfram up with a satisfied smile to his face, "We have so many things to do."

And as Wolfram followed the King, he knew that Yuri cares for him more than before. Yuri has finally taken their engagement to his heart… all because of one person whom he will never forget.

"Thank you," he whispered to himself as Archinel's face flashed before his eyes.

Yuri held onto Wolfram as they entered the castle and closed it behind them.

"Hey, Wolf, what do you say we take a bath now?" Yuri's voice could be heard from inside the castle.

"What? At this early? No way!"

"Oh come on! I'll also scrub your back!"

"Really? Then its fine… hey… are you blushing?"

"Let's go already!" Yuri shouted.

Inside the carriage, Waltorana saw Archinel smile to himself.

"Are you sure about this, Kiel?" he then asked as his eyes bore to the Noble boy, "You know I am behind you when it comes to my nephew..."

"It's fine," Archinel answered as the carriaged went on, "Meeting him is enough... I didn't really expect things to go this far... but since it did, it gave me a glimpse of his life and the King. It's bitter that I did not succeed, but I am satisfied to know that he will be taken care of properly this time."

Waltorana remained silent after this statement.

"You are something," he told Archinel who smiled gorgeously.

"I know."

Later that day, a carriage arrived and Greta came out of it followed by Beatrice and her father. They were greeted warmly by the King and Wolfram whom both surprised at the sudden arrival.

"Greta!" called Yuri as he took the young girl to his arms.

"Yuri!" Greta said happily as she embraced Yuri. She then saw Wolfram smiling at her over Yuri's shoulder, "Wolfram!"

"How are you, Greta?" the blond boy asked as he stood beside the King. "Eh… I thought you'll stay over Beatrice's house for a week? Aren't you early…?"

Greta gave Wolfram a troubled look.

"Well, you see…" she started but then a girl in her pig tail came walking toward them. It was Beatrice.

Beatrice smiled at them and gave a polite bow as the King and his fiancé smiled back. Her father came strolling after her with his genuine smile. Yuri and Wolfram greeted him.

"Mr. Heathcrife!" the King offered him his free hand.

"Your Majesty," said the Cavalcade prince as he showed his respect full of his shiny head. "My, my, you and your gorgeous fiancé are still strong I see."

Yuri and Wolfram both blinked.


"Yuri, I'm so glad the rumors aren't true!" Gret said as she hugged Yuri tightly, "I heard lots of things from Cavalcade! They said you and Wolfram got off and Wolfram has another fiancé!"

Yuri and Wolfram both looked struck as they looked at each other. They've forgotten all about their cute daughter. What would her feelings be if she learned her parents almost had a divorce like situation?

After sharing a mutual understanding that no one would tell the little girl what happened, Dacascos came running toward the King, carrying two envelopes in his hands.

"Your Majesty, mails from different country is here for you!"

Yuri blinked as he took the letters and read them.

"What's this?" he said as Wolfram look over his shoulder, "It's from Lady Flynn…"

"What? Give me that!" Wolfram shouted at the top of his lungs as he snatched the letter away. Yuri opened the other and was shocked to find out that it was from…

"Elizabeth? Now wait just a minute!" Wolfram shouted as he snatched the second letter.

Mr. Heathcrife smiled as the King and the blond boy fought over the letters.

"See, Greta? Your fathers are both sweet with each other," Beatrice told her friend with a smile.

"I guess so," Greta said smiling too, "Come on, Beatrice, let's go meet Anissana!"

"Wait for me, girls." Mr. Heathcrife called, smiling calmly to himself as he followed the two. Dacascos disappeared at will. It was then that Josak came walking with Conrad.

"Woo-ooh," the spy said as they found Wolfram and Yuri in a wrestling match. "Still getting all lovey-dovey, huh? Oh well, I've got a mail for you, your Majesty,"

"Another mail?" Yuri said as he took the letter with Wolfram breathing down at the back of his neck, "Is this mail day or what?"

"Why, your Majesty?" Conrad asked curiously, glad that his brother and the King was back to normal.

"He just got letters from Lady Flynn and even Elizabeth!" Wolfram said fiercely as he crushed the paper on his hands, "Both want to invite him to come over… the nerve!"

"Calm down, Wolfram," Conrad said smiling a little, "Its because it became known that you got engage to another man. Surely these ladies are interested with his Highness."

"Yeah? Well—aren't they being too bold about it?" Wolfram spat with gritted teeth.

"Ahhh!" Yuri suddenly shouted, "This one's from… from… Sara! Wow, he's inviting me over to his castle… that's really nice of him…"

A sudden warm feeling at his backside made Yuri aware of Wolfram's wrath.

"Come on," Conrad told Josak as they turned and walked away.

"Yup," Josak said, placing his arms at the back of his head, "Those two don't need onlookers at how lovey-dovey they are."

"YURI!" they heard Wolfram's voice loudly, "What a sneaky little unfaithful King you have become! Just because you're cute doesn't meant you can flirt with these people! I am your fiancé! Your infidelity is too much!"

"Whoa—hey! It's not my fault they got wind of your engagement! It's you who got engage to another man in the first place! It's your fault!"


"And what more—you're the one kissing him around behind my back! I wonder who's more unfaithful between us!"

That shut Wolfram up.

"You…" he started uncertainly. Yuri snatched the two mails from Wolfram's hand and with Sara's letter, crumpled it into a ball and threw it away.

"There," he said, "There's no need for you to get jealous," Yuri said as he turned to Wolfram with a smile, "We really need to make our engagement public then."

Wolfram stared at the King quietly.

"Aren't you angry?" he then said after a moment, "Me and Archinel…"

The King gave Wolfram a look, and then sighed after awhile.

"It can't be helped," Yuri said as he stood in front of the blonde boy, "What's important is you're with me… and besides, it's not like I can't kiss you whenever I want to, right?"

Wolfram clearly turned red at this.

"Idiot, saying that kind of thing…"

"Wolfram," Yuri said that caught the blond boy's attention. The King gave him a warm smile and said quite sincerely, "I'm glad you're with me."

If Archinel made him blush for the past days, it was nothing at how he was blushing furiously now. It was different when it was Yuri who was saying those things to him. There was some kind of sparkle. He also remembered how Yuri was so bold with him during their bath time, it was quite unnerving!

That was when Wolfram accepted that maybe, blushing for the rest of his life might just be possible with the King expressing too much affection to him.

And maybe he will never call Yuri a wimp.

"You wimp," he muttered after some consideration.

Or maybe, not.

-The End-







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