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''Bonnie Bennet & Abby Bennet you're cordially invited to the Mikaelson ball'' Abby Bennet read out loud as she held the thin white elegant envelop in her hand.

''That's one place I will not be going to'' Bonnie said from the coach she was laying on in her house,

''Bonnie I know I am the last person you want to listen to but I think you should go'' Abby said putting the invitation down as she took a seat on the arm chair beside Bonnie.

''You're invited as well why don't you go'' Bonnie said rolling her eyes, the last place she wanted to be was in a room full of pretentious vampires.

''Look Bonnie I have my reason for not going, but you should go because Elena and Caroline will be there'' Abby said she only wanted her daughter to loosen up even if it meant going to the ball with species she hated.

''Fine I will go'' Bonnie said as she stood up , maybe Abby was right she needed a day off even though it still seemed like work since she had to look out for her friends even at the ball.

''Great I have the perfect dress for you and I can do your hair'' Abby said excitedly this was good for mother and daughter bonding.

'' I would like that'' Bonnie said smiling at her mother's attempt at bonding


''Bonnie stop moving'' Abby said as she pinned her daughters curly hair to the side ''Okay now stand up and take a look''

Bonnie did as she was told she looked at herself in the floor length mirror and she loved what she was seeing.

Her dress was emerald green which highlighted her eyes beautifully; the dress was a corset dress which flowed down to a beautiful skirt. The dress showed off her curves in all the right places her hair was curled and pinned to her side her makeup was simple but highlighted her best features perfectly.

''You look beautiful'' Abby said proudly ''Come on you should get going you're already late''

Bonnie nodded and hugged her mother who was surprised but she hugged her daughter back and was glad they could share this moment.

''Have fun'' Abby called out as Bonnie left.


Bonnie breathed in as she stood outside the Mikaelson home, she was nervous but the quicker she found Caroline and Elena the better.

She put on her brave face and entered the buzzing ball, the party was live as she watched people dance and drink and laugh.

She spotted Caroline dancing with Klaus which confused her and concerned her,

''Bonnie you came'' Elena said as she approached her friend '' you look beautiful''

''Thanks so do you'' Bonnie said smiling in relief she was glad to see Elena

''Bonnie care to dance'' Elijah said appearing out of nowhere surprising Bonnie as he held out his hand to her, Bonnie knowing this was not a place to piss off vampires she reluctantly took Elijah's hand as he pulled her to the dance floor.

'' I must agree with Elena you do look exquisite '' Elijah said Bonnie blushed at his comment but quickly put her head down hoping he would not notice.

''I was surprised that you invited me'' Bonnie said trying to keep conversation because she was becoming rather uncomfortable with the way he was looking at her.

''Why are you surprised you're their witch of course we would invite you'' Elijah said causing Bonnie to pull away from him.

'' Excuse me I am not a piece of furniture I belong to no one'' Bonnie said lashing out she was one step away from giving him an aneurism.

What Bonnie had failed to notice was how loud she was and had pretty much caught everyone's attention.

Bonnie looked around at everyone staring at her and Elijah she flushed embarrassed, picking up her skirt she walked out to the balcony.

Bonnie was fuming how dare he initiate that she was their witch, who the hell does he think he is.

''I must say I applaud your fierceness'' A voice said behind Bonnie, '' I mean no one has ever spoken to my brother in such a manner and lived to tell the tale''

Bonnie turned around and had to hold back a gasp I mean she knows all vampires are beautiful but he just made her heart skip a beat. He was dressed in a tuxedo he had perfect carved feature he kind of reminded her of a younger Elijah.

Her blood run cold as she realized he was an original, ''the name is Kol by the way, and you must be the infamous Bennett witch''

''Yeah or like Elijah so eloquently put it ''their witch'' '' Bonnie said uses hand quotations,

''Are you not their witch?'' Kol asked curious,

''No I am no one's witch they're my friends okay'' Bonnie said becoming frustrated with people thinking that she was the Salvatore's possession.

''Well then please forgive my brother for assuming such a thing'' Kol said smiling at the angry girl.

Kol was infatuated with the witch he had noticed her the minute she had entered their home, everything about her called out to him, her beautiful scent her green eyes. The way she moved elegantly as she danced her very presence intrigued him and she was very entertaining.

''Care to have another dance with a more pleasing brother'' Kol said sticking his hand out and winking at Bonnie.

Bonnie stared at his hand knowing she should say no but it was like her body had a mind of its own as she took his hand.

They danced in sync to the music as they stared at each other completely oblivious to the party around them.

''I am surprised that you actually turned up to the ball when my brother Elijah suggested inviting you, I mean witches are known to despise vampires'' Kol said looking pulling Bonnie closer to him.

''I do hate you, don't think just because I am dancing with you that I like you or your kind'' Bonnie blurted before she could stop herself.

She audibly swallowed expecting the original vampire to lose his shit for disrespecting him but much to her surprise he laughed.

''You certainly are an interesting creature my dear Bennett'' Kol said completely amused by the girl she sure had a mouth on her but he loved it.

Bonnie smiled genuinely she didn't know why she felt so comfortable around him he just has this great aura about him.


''Seems like Kol has made himself known to the Bennet witch'' Finn said to Esther,

''Perfect now all he has to do is make the witch fall helplessly in love with him and all shall go to plan'' Esther said smirking at Bonnie and Kol as they danced…

Okay so this was meant to be a one-shot but I'm not sure should I continue?)