Bonnie awoke the next morning by the buzzing of her phone she groaned wanting to ignore it but knowing it was early so it must be important.

''Hello'' Bonnie managed to squeak out

''Little witch hope you're not enjoying your sleep too much, you need to get to my place pronto'' Damon's patronizing voice said on the other end of the phone.

''its 5'Oclock in the morning Damon what the hell is going on'' Bonnie said wanting to go back to sleep.

''Listen witch just get your judgey little ass out of bed now'' Damon said his tone annoyed.

''Fine I'll be there in 20 minutes'' Bonnie said cutting the phone not wanting to hear Damon's voice anymore.

She reluctantly got out of bed and threw a tee shirt with ripped jeans on and a hoodie she tied her hair up and left the house.

It was still a little dark out she jumped into her car and drove to the infamous Salvatore house.

The drive did not take long she parked her car and noticed a few other cars which she did not recognize; she shrugged her shoulders and knocked on the door.

The door opened revealing Caroline who did not look like her normal bubbly self, but with everything that has happened to her no one could blame her.

''Hey Care what's going on'' Bonnie asked

''Just come inside'' Caroline said looking at Bonnie with a sad expression she opened the door wide for Bonnie to enter, Bonnie sighed and walked into the Salvatore manor she could hear voices arguing in the sitting room.

As she entered she was shocked to see all the original vampires, something really bad must have happened Bonnie thought.

Bonnie became a little self-conscience she was not expecting Kol to be there but she shrugged it off and ignored all their gazing eyes.

Why the hell should she care what a vampire thinks of her just because they shared a pleasant dance does not mean she likes him or any of them.

''Judgey finally you decided to grace us with your witchy presence'' Damon said smirking.

''Just tell me why the hell you ruined my sleep what is going on'' Bonnie said she was cranking when she did not get enough sleep.

''Bonnie why don't you sit down'' Elena said Bonnie looked at Elena who seemed guilty and upset.

Bonnie rolled her eyes and took a seat next to Alaric,

''Okay now that I am seated can you tell me what's going on'' Bonnie said exasperated.

''Bonnie Abb-''

''Oh my god Abby I totally forgot to wake her up, does she need to be here as well because Damon never told me to bring her'' Bonnie said completely forgetting her mother.

''No Bonnie sweetie listen to me'' Elena said taking Bonnies hand into her own, ''Bon Abby's gone''

The roomed tensed awaiting Bonnies reaction, but everyone was taken back when Bonnie began laughing.

''Bonnie'' Elena said voice dripping with concern she did not understand why Bonnie found any of this funny.

''Are you telling me you held this big meeting and woke me up from the precious sleep to tell me my mother is gone honestly why are we even surprised she left before it's not like I care'' Bonnie said shaking her head at how ridiculous she had been to think her mother would have stuck around.

Realisation hit Elena and everyone,

''No no Bonnie you misunderstand me, I mean Abby is gone Bonnie'' Elena said squeezing Bonnie's hand a tear escaping her eye.

''What do you mean gone'' Bonnie asked confused.

''oh god, she means your mother is dead'' Klaus said getting to the point quicker which then earned him a glare from his mother.

Bonnie became silent and stared at Klaus for a couple of seconds, and her eyes travelled to Kol whose eyes were soft.

''No that's not possible she was asleep just down the hall from my room, that's not possible if something entered my home I would have known, no it's not possible I know she is asleep I came home and she even kissed me goodnight and told me we were gonna go shopping today and bond like mother and daughter'' Bonnie shouted through tears not wanting to believe any of it.

''Bonnie just calm down'' Elena said standing up wanting to comfort her friend.

''Calm down I will not CALM DOWN first I lose my grams because of you vampires, my mother who had to abandon me because of you Elena everything that has gone wrong in my life is because of you and those stupid Salvatore's'' Bonnie said through anger and tears.

Tears run down Elena's face and Caroline's as she watched her friend break down.

''Oh but do you know who is the biggest person to blame'' Bonnie said looking around the room at all the vampires with a disgusted look,

'' Bonnie Bennett for ever thinking that a witch could possible become alliances with a bunch of monsters, do me a favour and stay the hell away from me all of you. You have a problem don't come running to me because I'm just Bonnie right the Salvatore's little witch right Elijah that's all I am a little toy for the vampires'' Bonnie said hatred evident in her eyes.

''Bonnie please you don't mean that'' Caroline said crying,

''Oh I do Caroline I think it's time witches know what side they're on and that is not the vampire side'' Bonnie said ask she stalked out of the room slamming the door.

The rooms remained silent and shocked mostly Elena and Caroline and the Salvatore's.

Esther smirked towards her children, knowing everything was going to plan perfectly. Though she was not expecting the witch's reaction to be so severe which will make it hard for Kol to gain her trust but Esther knew it was only a little glitch in her plan.

Meh, hope you liked it not sure where I'm going with this story but it's going somewhere lol