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"Febuary Fourth"
by J.T. Magnus, 'Turbo'

Alfred tossed and turned and pulled a pillow over his head to drown out the noise from outside. The normally fun-loving - some would say uncouth - and energetic - read; out-of-control - Nation was being sternly reminded of why this day annoyed him. Finally, he rolled out of bed and, storming to the window, slammed it open.

"Cut it out, okay! Some of us are trying to sleep here! Show some respect for your only brother and let me get my beauty sleep, willya?" Alfred shouted out the window.

Arthur raised an eyebrow as Alfred walked into the Nations' meeting half-asleep before collapsing in a chair.

"I can't stand this holiday," the younger nation grumbled.

Arthur thought for a moment, "I thought you enjoyed your 'Groundhog Day', America... why anyone would want to dedicate a day to a ground rodent's shadow is beyond me, but you've always made such a big deal out of it before."

"That was Thursday," Alfred muttered, "This is Saturday... Stupid brothers."

England looked down the table to where his brothers, Scotland and Wales; and sister, Ireland, were deep in conversation - likely related to Scotland's independence - and chuckled.

"Ah, the sibling you're always trying to ignore just because he lost your little rivalry. How is the Confederacy?"

"Little backstabber woke me up before dawn this morning with firecrackers and gunfire, what does that tell you?"

Arthur's expression became smug, "That now you know how I feel every July."

England walked away laughing.

Author's Note; Please leave politics at the door, whether you're a proud Southerner or from other parts of the United States or the world. This was written solely in good humor to provide entertainment in honor of the day that the Confederate States of America was formed with no intention to offend anyone or their beliefs.