In Times of Reckoning
Maggie Griffin

Summary: Nick Bluetooth reflects on himself and his mission at the very beginning...


I don't want to think about what would have happened had Euripides not appeared. Had Allegra and Jens not found me in the underground, and had the Aquarts finished feeding as they wanted.

With what Euripides told me about them, it's hard to believe that such a genteel race could have sunk into such evil after what happened. Not that I can blame them. Gorm took away everything. Their home, their food, their lives. Euripides own race is all but completely wiped out, save him of course.

Sitting in The Egg now, I can't help but wonder how my life would have been without the map. Without the dreams-well, memories in any case. There is no way out of it now for me, and deep inside, I know I don't want there to be. I know that Allegra realizes how important this is, despite being so desperate to return to earth. I can't say I blame her, she almost died back when she and Yen went looking for Euripides.

Not to mention the dozen or so other races he's wiped out to suit his own needs. Countless lives destroyed, because of his want for power. I remember Allegra telling me what Jens said to her back on that withered excuse for a planet.

"Destroyed? You don't know destruction!"

He was right. Not me, not Allegra. Neither of us know the true meaning of the word. Even for a race that has throughout the centuries found sport in killing ourselves off. We don't know real destruction.

But I'm afraid now.

I'm afraid that soon, we will.