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"Well that's more like it," Klaus said looking down at his body with a smirk. Katherine held her breath while the witches smiled. All of a sudden the apartment door crashed open. In a blur Klaus was on the floor a blond girl on top of him. The witches froze not knowing what to do.

"Miss me?" The girl said and instead of killing her or at least throwing her across the room, Klaus smiled, not a smirk or a evil grin, an actual smile.

"Always," Klaus said and kissed her. Katherine's eyebrows went up and the witches looked shocked. They finally broke apart Klaus still on the ground with the girl's knees on either side of him. "How did you find me Caroline?"

"Come on my love," Caroline said rolling her eyes, "We always find each other, and I couldn't miss your big night." Caroline got up off of him and Klaus stood up. They kissed again.

"How did you get invited in?" Klaus asked.

"Pretended to be locked out of my apartment and needed to use the phone," Caroline said grinning, "You taught me well."

"Who is this?" Greta asked while Katherine narrowed her eyes.

"I'm Caroline," The blond said her arm around Klaus's waist. "I am...for lack of a better term...Klaus's girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" Greta said shocked. The Klaus she knew had said time and time again that love wasn't important and only a weakness, he had turned her love down many times.

"Sort of," Caroline said, "Love hate really, sometimes we love, but a lot of the time we hate as well."

"Are you coming to ask for forgiveness then?" Klaus asked Caroline.

"I thought it was more the other way around," Caroline said putting her hands on her hips, "Walking in on you participating in an orgy of 6 women was not that much of a welcomed sight. And for the last time I was just feeding on that man. Nothing more."

"Do you often feed naked?" Klaus asked and Caroline smirked and whispered in his ear.

"Sometimes," She said her breath making him shiver. He looked at her and a growl escaped his lips.

"Out." Klaus said to the others. "I will call you when I need you. Except you Katerina, just turn the music on loud again." Once the witches left Caroline giggled and the two went into the bedroom and closed the door. Katherine turned the music on high, but it didn't block out all the noise.


"You have missed me." Caroline said leaning on her elbow.

"I have been in a box for a long time Caroline," Klaus said grinning, "I was very happy to see you."

"Would Katerina not have been there to break your fast?" Caroline said, "Or what about that witch? It seems I might have some competition."

"There is no competition, no one compares to you," Klaus said and Caroline giggled again.

"So the doppelganger has finally appeared again?" Caroline asked. Klaus had filled her in on everything.

"Yes," Klaus replied, "It is finally time my love."

"Great so I can finally hear you talk about something else," Caroline said and Klaus narrowed his eyes at her.

"Watch your step, Sweetheart," Klaus warned.

"I am not one of your followers Niklaus," Caroline said sitting up and leaning on one hand, "I am with you because I want to be. I care about you, you are my love." Klaus took her other hand and kissed it. He forgot how much he liked to hear her say that.

"We have been apart a long time," Klaus said and Caroline laid back down.

"I guess I will have to stick around for a little longer this time," Caroline said smiling, "Maybe 20 years, as long as you don't anger me."

"We are always going to anger each other," Klaus said and then his smile faded, "What do I do now? The curse will be over. What do I do now?"

"Well...me again if you want," Caroline said wiggling her eyebrows.

"I have missed you," Klaus said laughing pulling the sheet over their heads. Meanwhile Katherine felt like banging her head against the wall. She might just be pretending to be compelled but she needed to keep it up for a little longer. So she did the only thing she could, turned up the volume attempting to drown the sound out.


"A blond girl came and jumped on Klaus just before I blacked out," Alaric said and Elijah smiled. Figures she would show up.

"Do you know who she is?" Stefan asked Elijah.

"That would be Caroline," Elijah answered still smiling, "The only woman to ever keep Niklaus on his toes. Always shows up when you least expect her too. She is Klaus' mistress, lover, girlfriend, whatever the term is now. They will spend decades together and then decades apart. He cares for her, well as best as he knows how."

"I thought you said Klaus didn't love," Elena said remembering the story.

"He hadn't met Caroline yet," Elijah explained, "It was France, 1658, she was an actress. A singer to be more precise. Klaus was infatuated by her."

"And he turned her, willingly?" Elena asked.

"Yes," Elijah replied, "They have a very strange relationship, they love each other and then hate each other. She is the only person he has never tried to control."

"I thought Klaus was all about control." Elena said confused. So Klaus did have another side.

"You'd think," Elijah said. He didn't understand it either. There just seemed to be something about her that had Klaus hooked.

"If he cares for her so much why don't we capture her and use her for leverage!" Damon said excited on maybe being able to postpone the ritual.

"You will only anger him more," Elijah warned, "If anything happened to her no one in this town would wake up alive."


"Hmm...guess I was wrong." Klaus said watching Katherine cower in the corner. "It is almost time to go get the doppelganger."

"I think I should go collect Elena," Caroline told Klaus, "She will go more willingly if I take her. I am not as terrifying as you seem to be."

"Good idea, my love," Klaus said kissing her cheek.

"You trust her with something that important as bringing the doppelganger?" Katherine said baffled. Caroline had to hold back a smile at Katherine's still burnt pretty face. She was one of the many who did not like Katherine. If things had gone as planned back then, then this innocent sweet Elena wouldn't be going through this.

"Of course he does," Caroline said rolling her eyes, "What good would come of me double crossing him?" Caroline turned back to Klaus, "I will be back soon." Caroline kissed him hard making Katherine roll her eyes in disgust. When they broke apart Caroline smirked at her. Once Caroline left he looked at Katherine.

"Now that is taken care of," Klaus said walking over to her, "I need you to do something for me."


"Good you did not run," A blond girl around their age said as Stefan put Elena behind him. This must be Caroline.

"Caroline," Elena said and Caroline nodded.

"Where's Klaus?" Stefan asked.

"I thought I would be better suited to take her," Caroline said, "He will join us shortly, I will give you a minute, but only that." After their moment and declaring their love for each other Elena turned around to see Caroline with her hand held out. The vampire smiled softly. In a blink they were gone. "I'll stay with you, don't be frightened." Elena began to sob and Caroline held her as they walked.

"Why are you being nice to me?" Elena asked confused.

"I am Klaus's better half," Caroline replied. "And if it were me, I would want someone with me at the end." Elena looked ahead and noticed a women standing waiting for them.

"Hello Greta," Caroline said and Elena made the connection, this was the girl Jonas and Luka were looking for.

"You can go now," Greta said to Caroline, "Klaus told me to take her to the ritual site." Caroline raised an eyebrow.

"I will walk with you," Caroline said her tone hard, "It is a very pretty night don't you think?" Apparently the witch didn't know the order of things. Klaus had told Caroline that the witch was half in love with him.

"But Klaus..." Greta said but Caroline cut her off.

"Leave him to me," Caroline snapped, "I am going and that is final."

"Klaus will be angry," Greta said trying once more.

"Klaus is always angry with me," Caroline said with a fake smile, "It keeps the spark alive." Caroline winked and took Elena's hand and brushed past her, "I think Greta has a bit of a crush, too bad I am here now." Elena couldn't help but smile. In another life she could see herself being friends with Caroline. "Don't be scared, it will be over quickly."

"Can't you stop this?" Elena asked. Caroline didn't seem at all like Klaus.

"I have always wondered what heaven would be like," Caroline said instead of answering, "I'll never know, but you, from what I can tell by your selflessness, you are angel. You will find peace. I can't stop it, Elena, I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Elena said knowing Caroline didn't have a choice, "Thank you for walking with me." After walking a moment later Caroline let go.

"We are close to the site," Caroline said, "I have to go to Klaus." Caroline took Elena's face in her hands, "Don't fight it, you will be at peace soon. I believe that heaven is a lot better then earth." With that Caroline was gone.


"...a new order," Greta said.

"Glad you think so, Greta," Klaus said seeming to appear out of nowhere. Caroline stood next to him holding his hand. She couldn't help but smirk at Greta. Caroline's place had always been at his side. He turned to the women in the circle, "Hello my lovelies. Are we ready?" He then focused on Caroline, "You better leave, they will most likely try and stop me and I don't want you to get killed. Keep an eye on Katerina." Caroline nodded and kissed him quickly.

"Be careful," Caroline said, "We might drive each other crazy most of the time, but I cannot live in a world without you in it." Poor Caroline. Elena never thought that someone would be sad if Klaus died. Elena was glad they could have their moment before Elijah kills Klaus.

"I will," Klaus said putting his hand on Caroline's cheek and Elena couldn't look away. This man killed his own family, killed or threatened all her friends and loved ones, but here he was looking at a girl with so much love in his eyes. He let go of Caroline and looked at Elena his eyes hard and horrifying once more.

"Peace, Elena." She called out and then she was gone.

"What is she talking about?" Jenna asked Elena.

"To just let this happen, and be at peace when it is over," Elena replied, "That heaven is a lot better then being here." Klaus cracked a smile. That did sound like Caroline. She never tried to stop him, and even helped him with his plots. At times it seemed Caroline loved the kill as much as he did, but there was also a side of her that showed mercy to her victims. Telling them it was going to be alright before ripping their throats out. That is why Caroline fascinated him so much, a blond angel parading around as a bloodsucking vampire.


"Katerina, good still here," Caroline said entering the apartment. The women seemed to circle each other. They almost appeared to be exact opposites. One was fair, the other had olive skin. One had bright green blue eyes, the other unreadable brown. But both had been lovers of Klaus.

"Hello to you too Caroline," Katerina said with a fake smile, "Were you not invited to the ceremony?"

"Klaus didn't want me to get hurt when your former lovers attack to save the doppelganger," Caroline informed her, "They are fools to think if they can defeat him. I have to say I am surprised Klaus hasn't killed you yet."

"Maybe I am fun to have around," Katherine said crossing her arms in a challenge, "We did have some good times back in 1492." Caroline glared.

"How long did that last?" Caroline said smirking, "Oh, right, he only wanted to kill you. Me on the other hand? I am for keeps."

"I could kill you easily you know," Katherine said, "I am older."

"You have spent your years as a lady, a noblewomen," Caroline said, "I was on the other end of the tracks, I play dirty Kat."

"Are you saying you have an advantage because you are a former prostitute?" Katherine said kicking her where it hurts. Caroline felt blind rage trickle up her spine and had to control herself from attacking her. Klaus wanted to do that honors.

"Actress," Caroline corrected.

"I thought actress was code for prostitute back then?" Katherine said and Caroline jumped on her.

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