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Finally the next and last chapter

Klaus threw the stake into the fire. Caroline smiled. It was finally over. Nothing could kill them now. He went back to his painting and blocked the two girls out. Klaus had tried to get out of going to the dance tonight, but when Caroline and Rebekah begged him to go he reconsidered. Might as well have one last hurrah before they left.

"Sure you don't want to come?" Caroline asked Rebekah, "You love shopping, and this is your dance by the way."

"I just don't feel up to it," Rebekah replied. "I still have some of my old dresses from the era lying around somewhere."

"Okay if you are sure," Caroline said, "I am going to be teaching Elena and Bonnie some 20's dance moves after so I will see you later." Caroline walked away with a confused look on her face. What was going on with her?

Rebekah/Esther let out a breath once Caroline was gone. Now that she was out of the way Esther could carry out her plan.

"Something wrong?" Klaus asked.

"Of course not," Rebekah answered. "Just thinking about the dance. I have big plans for tonight."


"I thought you didn't like the 20's," Elena said to Caroline who shrugged.

"I just didn't like it because Klaus and I were apart." Caroline told her. "Other then that it was great. The music, the dancing..." Caroline took Elena's hand and twirled her around. "So who are you taking?"

"Going alone I guess," Elena said.

"Ask Stefan," Caroline said. "I like him more. Besides wasn't he your date to all the other decade dances?"

"I just made out with his brother," Elena reminded her.

"So?" Caroline said, "The thing about dating brothers is each of them needs their turn."

"Speaking from experience?" Elena said and Caroline smiled.

"When Klaus and I were apart I didn't live like a nun," Caroline said, "Yes, I had a good time with these two brothers. Well until I killed them by accident, but before then it was a blast."

"Killed them?" Elena said.

"Well they found out about each other and then fought," Caroline said, "There was some blood spilled and I couldn't help myself."

"Caroline that is a horrible story," Elena said putting a hand on her hip.

"Live a little darling," Caroline said putting a boa around her, "This is the 20's." Elena giggled and Caroline joined in. It was nice to have a friend, and Elena was a person who would do anything for her friends. Caroline was counting on that. "You can love a lot of people in this world Elena. I admit there are others I have felt affection for in all my years, but there will always be one person you will go back to. One person who truly has your heart, no matter how many others you love."

"I..." Elena started but was cut off.

"Enough with the dating drama," Bonnie interrupted, "This is night is about having fun and forgetting all of the other stuff we have to deal with. So dancing."

"Right," Caroline said, "So there is no one is rubbing up against each other and grinding. There is no swinging of the hips. There is a lot of spinning and a lot of twirling. Your hands and legs are always moving." Caroline demonstrated and Elena and Bonnie joined in. "Mostly you let loose and have fun. In the 20's you didn't have a care in the world. Dance like it."


"Rebekah are you almost ready?" Caroline called out. "Klaus is going to meet us at the dance!" Caroline walked over to Rebekah's room and she wasn't there. "Rebekah?"

Caroline searched the house and couldn't find her. She ended up in the room with all the coffins and saw Rebekah laying in one with a dagger in her heart. Caroline instinctively went to undagger her but she felt a piercing pain in her back. Caroline fell forward with a dagger in her back and Esther appeared behind her.

"Now that she is out of the way," Esther said looking down at the blond girl her children loved so much. "She would have exposed me." Esther turned to Ric. "If you ever need a hostage use her. My children would do anything to keep her safe, and she is good friends with Elena too."


"Caroline where are you?" Klaus said into the phone. "I know it takes you forever to get ready but this is ridiculous. I only went to this because you and Rebekah begged me to." Klaus looked over at Stefan and Damon talking in hushed whispers.

"Oh bloody hell what now?" Klaus said to himself and went to find out what the hell was going on and where his girlfriend and sister were.


Klaus removed the dagger from Caroline's back. It wouldn't be long before she and Rebekah woke up. Klaus looked at the body of his mother.

"Your trap failed mother, I live, and I will go on living," Klaus walking closer so he was looking down at her. "Let your beloved spirits try and preserve you again, I dare you to come after me. I will build an army so big no one will ever touch me. My survival will haunt you through eternity. You will never destroy me!" Klaus cried out and then he felt a soft hand on his shoulder.

He turned around and saw Caroline standing there. She had woken up fast, probably sensing that he needed her. She smiled and put her hand on his cheek. She kissed him and took his hand and led him to bed. He needed rest, even though he would never admit it. Caroline watched him sleep and she knew one thing. They needed to get the hell out of here.


Klaus agreed they should leave, but they were bringing Elena with them. Caroline had always done what he asked because she loved him, but this was getting ridiculous. He needed to let it go. She and Rebekah both tried to convince him to leave, but he was having none of it.

"Isn't this enough for you?" Caroline asked after Rebekah tried and failed to convince him. "Isn't your family enough for you? What about me? Can't you just be done with it all and leave with us?"

"Caroline I need to build my army to protect myself, protect all of you," Klaus said and Caroline snorted.

"Well there's my answer isn't it? Silly me for thinking that I could be enough for you," Caroline said with angry tears forming.

"Caroline..." Klaus started but Caroline waved him off and walked away wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. She promised Rebekah she would help clean up so she walked over to the school holding back tears.


"Where is everyone?" Caroline asked entering the gym and seeing Rebekah cleaning up.

"Matt is working," Rebekah answered, "So it is just us, which isn't fair considering we didn't even go to the dance. My mother stole my body and put a dagger in my heart, and in your back. You okay?"

"No, your brother is an idiot," Caroline said starting to clean up too.

"That is nothing new," Rebekah said and Caroline manged to smile, "I am going to get started on the gym." As she walked down the hall Alaric suddenly appeared in front of her. "You're supposed to be dead."

"I am," Alaric said and pulled out a stake and shoved Rebekah into the lockers. Before he could stake her Caroline came over and pulled him off. Caroline held him back while Rebekah staked him, but nothing happened. The two backed up slowly and then ran. Rebekah managed to get out but Alaric grabbed Caroline.

"Run!" Caroline cried out to Rebekah. "Run!"

Rebekah watched as Alaric dragged Caroline back into the school, his skin burning in the sun. Rebekah ran to go find her brother. Rebekah guessed that Alaric wanted Caroline alive and hopefully she would stay that way until she and Nik could rescue her.


"Nik!" Rebekah said running into the house.

"What?" Klaus said already irritated. "I am on my way over to the doppelgangers."

"Alaric has Caroline," Rebekah told him. "She saved me and then he dragged her back into the school!"

"He is supposed to be dead," Klaus said.

"Well he isn't," Rebekah said and Klaus clenched his fists.

"Now he is," Klaus said storming out of the house.


"Perfect," Klaus said upon seeing the group in front of the school. "What are you lot doing here?"

"Well Elena decided to go in and save your girlfriend," Damon told him. "Ric has them both now."

"Okay," Klaus said, "I will help you save Elena and get Caroline. But listen, if anything happens to Caroline I will kill you and everyone in this entire town, understand? Let's go."


"Do you have any idea who she is?" Alaric asked Elena. "What she has done? Who her elegance is to?"

"Out of love," Elena said back.

"Love," Alaric mused. "What do any of them know about love?"

"That is the only thing worth fighting for," Elena said and splashed the glass of vervain in Ric's face. Elena quickly untied Caroline. "Get help!" Caroline ran out, but Elena was caught before she could escape too.

Caroline felt someone grab her and she tried to scream.

"Shh...its okay, its me, your safe," Caroline relaxed at the sound of Klaus's voice. She leaned into him. "Go home and stay there do you understand?" Klaus said and turned around around. "Do you understand? Do not come back for me."

"Klaus..." Caroline started.

"I mean it Caroline, stay inside, do not come back for me," Klaus said and with that he was gone. Caroline ran the other direction.


"Where are you?" Caroline said into the phone. "Please tell me you aren't doing something stupid that will get yourself killed. Call me!" Rebekah come into the room with a somber look on her face. "What is it?"

"When I went to check on Nik I heard them talking at Elena's house," Rebekah said, "Instead of using the spell to stop Alaric's heart, they used it on Nik. His body is now chained up in a coffin somewhere."

"What!" Caroline cried out.

"They also said something about dropping him in the ocean," Rebekah said and Caroline snapped.

"I am going to kill them!" Caroline cried out while Rebekah held her back. "I am going to kill all of them!"

"Caroline if you hurt them we will never get Nik's body back!" Rebekah yelled and Caroline started to calm down. "I called Elijah and he is going to speak with them and make a deal. We will get Nik back Caroline."


"Once the weapon is in our possession we will scatter to the ends of the earth, and Alaric will follow us." Elijah told Elena.

"And you'll just...run," Stefan said.

"We have done it before," Elijah said, "Klaus and Rebekah spent the better part of 1000 years running from my father. A half a century for Elena to live out her natural life is nothing in comparison."

"We finally stopped him," Elena said, "You can't just bring him back, not after everything that he has done to us."

"I give you my word I will not revive Klaus in not even in your children's lifetimes," Elijah vowed, "Perhaps that will finally teach him some manners."

They continued to discuss terms until Stefan asked, "What about Caroline? She will be okay with leaving Klaus in a coffin for the next couple decades?"

"Caroline will honor the deal," Elijah assured them, "She has asked us to not tell her where we will be keeping Klaus's body to resist temptation. Rebekah is with her now."

"Is she okay?" Elena asked.

"No she isn't," Elijah answered. "She is quite distraught. Caroline has loved Klaus for centuries remember, she is in a great deal of pain at the thought of never seeing him again."

"I need to look after the people I love," Elena said.

"You love your family Elena?" Elijah said, "Well so do I. So does Rebekah and Kol. So does Caroline. But we have lived and loved far longer then you. You say you love...I am not quite sure which brother you are favoring at the moment, but you have loved them for what, a year? Imagine 350 years. Then imagine they are taken away from you." Guilt flashed over Elena's face. She had never thought of it like that.

"She can have him back," Elena told him. "We have a deal."

"What!" Damon said from the speaker phone.


"I am going to go with him." Caroline said but Rebekah shook her head. Damon was going to show her where Klaus's body was being stored and give him back.

"No I'll go," Rebekah said, "You are still too upset. I'll go get Nik. Stay with Elijah. Always and forever Caroline." Caroline nodded and hugged her before Rebekah left. Elijah walked over to Caroline and hugged her while she cried. After a while Caroline excused herself and went up to her and Klaus's room. His clothes were still there, his necklaces, it seemed like any moment he could walk in. But he wasn't. Caroline was going to have to wait decades to seem him again. Well they had been apart before, they could do it again.


Caroline felt a burning in her heart. It was like she was on fire. She dropped to her knees and held a hand to her chest. Just as soon as the pain was over it stopped, but Caroline knew. She knew that meant Klaus dead. Rebekah hadn't gotten there in time or something. She waited for death to come too. For her body to turn gray, but nothing happened. Caroline looked at the time. Almost dawn. Well she better get going.

Elijah called up to her but when he got to Caroline's room she was gone.


Rebekah came up Elijah with tears in her eyes.

"He's gone," Rebekah said, "There was nothing I could do to stop it, and that means Caroline...oh god..." Elijah put his arm around her.

"Stefan and Damon are alive, but I can't find Caroline anywhere." Elijah told her when they broke apart.

"How is that possible?" Rebekah asked. "We know that Nik sired their bloodline, and where could Caroline be?"

"Last I saw she was in her room," Elijah said, "I didn't see a body so maybe she somehow survived too."

"I hope so," Rebekah said wiping her tears away. "We lost Nik, we can't lose our sister too."


Caroline didn't now how long she had been sitting here. She toyed with her necklace staring out at the rising sun. She had taken her rings off and with one little pull of her necklace and she would be no more. She would be able to join Klaus, wherever he was. Heaven, hell, a ghost. Who really knows until they are dead? But Caroline knew she belonged with Klaus and if he was no longer living she didn't want to live either. Klaus had always said she was dramatic. Well it seemed this play would end in a tragedy.

"Don't do it." A voice behind her said. Caroline turned around.

"Tyler?" Caroline said, "You survived too?"

"So it would seem." Tyler said sitting down next to her. "Planning on killing yourself?"

"When you can't be with the person you love what is the point of living?" Caroline asked expecting no answer. What did this boy know of love?

"Well if the person you loved promised you a 1000 years why would you stop so soon?" Tyler said and Caroline looked at him. "Come on now love, you truly believe a bunch of children could kill me?"

"Klaus!" Caroline said and Tyler/Klaus nodded. She grinned and kissed him. It felt strange kissing Tyler when she knew it was Klaus, but at least she was able to kiss him.

"But I really need to get back into my old body," Tyler/Klaus said looking down at himself. "This is not a good look for me."

"I wouldn't say that," Caroline said looking his body over, "Tyler isn't that bad."

"Excuse me?" Tyler/Klaus said and Caroline.

"I am just saying there could be uglier bodies you could be possessing, my love," Caroline told him. "But he lacks something."

"What is that, love?" Tyler/Klaus asked through clenched teeth.

"Dimples," Caroline answered simply.

The End


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