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Chapter 16

Jack paced in the waiting room nervously, as he waited for any kind of news on Audrey.

"Sit down Jack," Secretary Heller said watching Jack pace. "You're making me nervous."

"Sorry," Jack said, sitting down next to Heller.

"How bad was it?" Heller asked.

"I don't know," Jack said. "She lost a lot of blood. But, it didn't hit bone, I don't think."

Secretary Heller sighed. "Thank you for finding her, Jack."

"I'm going to go talk to your family and then I'll let them come in, okay?" the doctor told Audrey.

Audrey nodded and waited for Jack and her father to come in. When they did, Audrey smiled. Jack sat down next to her and she grabbed his hand. Her father sat down on the other side of the bed and noticed her arm was wrapped tightly in bandages.

"Did they say when you can leave?" Jack asked.

"The doctor wants me to stay overnight so I can get the stronger painkillers, but he said I could probably leave tomorrow," Audrey said. "Did they find Rachel?"

Jack shook his head. "Not yet."

"What did she have to do with this?" Audrey asked.

"She was engaged to Mikail Aslan," Heller answered.

"What a whore," Audrey mumbled, thinking of how she slept with Jack only shortly after her fiancée's death.

Jack said nothing, feeling horrible about sleeping with her and trusting her. He barely knew her. He squeezed Audrey's hand, trying to tell her how sorry he was. He saw Audrey smile at him and he smiled back guiltily.

The next day, Audrey left the hospital, happily. Jack came to pick her up and walked her to the car. They walked hand-in-hand.

"So, how about that date?" Audrey asked, as they walked.

"Are you going to stand me up again?" Jack asked.

Audrey laughed. "God, I hope not."

"Good," Jack said. They were at the car, and Jack stopped Audrey before letting her get in. He kissed her passionately, taking Audrey by surprise. Audrey kissed him back, never wanting him to pull away.

When he did, Audrey sighed and got in the car. As Jack drove, Audrey watched him knowing that she could never go that long without kissing him again. Knowing that she just wanted to be with him for the rest of her life.