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Sakura stirred and awoke to find herself in an unfamiliar place. Her head felt as if someone had drilled a hole into it. Memories of the past eight flooded her mind but things were different. She felt as if she was watching someone else live her life. When she fully regained her senses she realized she was in a prison cell and she had a chakra restraining seal on her that she could feel thanks to years of medical ninjutsu training. The prison had a single bed, a toilet and one light bulb.

She began banging on the door trying to break out but with no chakra she had no strength. She continued beating against the door for twenty minutes. Finally the door opened and she saw someone she thought was dead. Standing in front of her was the former Kazekage Gaara. He wore a dark blue ninja uniform; it was so dark it was almost black. Over the uniform was a light blue flak jacket that had a zipper, shoulder pads and neck guard. The right shoulder pad had a red swirl and the left had the patch of the Konoha Military Police Corps.

"You've been in a medically induced coma for the past week. You won't be a hundred percent for a while." Gaara stated plainly. "The Feudal Lord wants to see you."

Sakura was unsure about what was happening but she was too confused to argue and followed Gaara. The Jinchuuriki lead her to what appeared to be a large chamber, but in fact it was an office. The walls were covered with shelves that had scrolls and books. In the middle of the room she saw her best friend Ino. Ignoring Gaara she rushed to Ino's side. After hugging her friend Sakura saw that Shikamaru, Neji, Hinata, Lee, Shino, Kakashi and Shizune were also there. For some reason Sakura didn't hate them like she had for the last eight years. She could sense that they had the same chakra restraining seals on them.

At the far end of the room was a desk and an empty seat. Gaara walked over to the desk and joined the seven people who already standing there in the same uniform as him.

"Those are eight of the nine Jinchuuriki." Kakashi whispered catching Sakura up.

"We're currently being held in the New Whirlpool. The blonde Jinchuuriki called this the Capital building. They captured us during their invasion of Konoha." Shizune added.

"You mean District 1." The blonde Jinchuuriki spoke up.

"Yugito you weren't supposed to say anything about that." Gaara reprimanded his comrade.

"Ah they should know that they have no home to return to. It has been a week since Kirigakure successfully took hold of Konoha with the help of the New Whirlpool. It was a total massacre; Kiri killed anything and everything in their sights. The area known as Konoha was then commissioned into District 1. A sort of Kiri 2 under the direction of the New Whirlpool." Yugito explained.

"I guess I was right." Shikamaru mumbled.

"There's no way that Tsunade-sama would have allowed Konoha to be taken over." Hinata declared.

"Your precious Hokage turned tail and ran for the hills." Yugito smirked.

"Tsunade and the few hundred ninja who survived are currently holding out in Suna." Gaara added.

"What about the civilians? Did they make it to Suna as well?" Kakashi asked. He had spent the past week in a prison and not gotten any answers and now he had a chance to find out the truth.

"Sadly none of the Konoha civilians made it out of that tunnel. They were all killed by a rogue ninja and enemy of the New Whirlpool named Tobi." Gaara lied, as the children were spared.

Ino was about to shout something about Naruto being the one who killed the civilians but the hatred that filled her for all those years was gone. Just like Sakura the blonde Kunoichi had been unconscious for the entire week in a medically induced coma.

"The world has learnt of the power we possess and they will learn that the New Whirlpool is not a nation to be messed with." Yugito said.

"Don't the others speak at all, it's kind of creepy." Shizune noted.

"I'm the captain of the Whirlpool Eight and Yugito is my vice, so only we are allowed to address you without the Feudal Lord." Gaara said.

"Where is Naruto? Is he the Feudal Lord?" Kakashi asked remembering Naruto talking about the New Whirlpool.

"Why yes, yes I am." Naruto said as he appeared in the once empty seat, he was wearing the same uniform as the other Jinchuuriki. Naruto nodded to the Whirlpool Eight and all of them except Gaara and Yugito left.

"You've taken your father's jutsu to a whole new level. It's almost like walking to you." Kakashi stated.

"The Flying Thunder God Jutsu was a legacy of his Konoha cared more about than his own flesh and blood." Naruto replied.

"What did you do to me? The last eight years of my life seem like a lie. Why is that?" Sakura asked in tears.

"That was all Danzo. The old bastard had a very powerful sharingan hidden under those bandages. He used it to manipulate most of Konoha. The Jonin elite, Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Choji and Kiba were the first to be affected. I used my mangekyo sharingan to undo what he did to you. Your mind will be weak as it adjusts to reality." Naruto answered.

"Why did you take us prisoner instead of killing us like the rest of our comrades?" Hinata asked thinking about whether her friends and family had survived.

"I've been building the New Whirlpool for the last few years. A perfect nation free from prejudice and corruption that will destroy the ninja world. During those years I've allowed ninja clans who could understand my ideals to join the New Whirlpool. The Fuuma clan who I freed from Orochimaru's control was the first to join. Fragments of the Yuki Clan and Momochi Clan were rescued from the land of water and given safe haven here. The New Whirlpool is place for people who have been persecuted to come to and be safe." Naruto said.

"That was a really beautiful speech but it doesn't explain why you kept us alive." Neji responded.

"Isn't it obvious? After Danzo framed me you were some of the few people who believed I was innocent. This is just my way of repaying your faith. The New Whirlpool will accept you as family. You can rebuild your clans here." Naruto offered.

"We had families and clans back in Konoha and you killed them." Shino grumbled.

"No, we didn't kill everyone. We captured forty two ninja who Naruto felt deserved to live." Gaara spoke up.

"That's just a minor detail, if I didn't do anything Danzo and his minions would have butchered all your comrades in a civil massacre. Isn't that right Sakura?" Naruto looked over to the pink hair Kunoichi.

"Danzo planned to kill the Hokage and then have his dogs from ANBU Root kill everyone in your clans who opposed him." Sakura admitted.

"You see, I saved you all and a few others so you could help me make the New Whirlpool a force to be reckoned with. The Aburame Clan, the Hyuga Clan, the Nara clan will all make valuable members of the New Whirlpool. Even you Lee, Kakashi and Shizune would become a powerful ally of ours." Naruto said.

"In case you didn't know I'm no longer a Nara." Shikamaru mentioned.

"You still have the blood of your annoying and brilliant clan flowing through your veins." Yugito said.

"I tried not to kill any of your clan while I fought against Konoha but Hiashi Hyuga and Shikaku Nara did die at my hands." Naruto said.

"You killed my father." Hinata tried to hold back tears. Even though they were estranged he was still her father.

"You can look at the negative or you can look at the positive. I saved all of you from being killed by Danzo. Even you Kakashi were saved by Yugito after you used Kamui." Naruto responded.

"So basically you're building a place where you can gather your own private army of ninja." Shizune hissed.

"You're wrong!" Yugito shouted.

"It's okay Yugito." Naruto pacified his comrade.

"The New Whirlpool isn't just a place for ninja." Gaara added.

"About two and half years ago Danzo led his ANBU Root on a witch hunt through small towns in the land of fire. Without proof he accused them of helping Konoha's enemies and burnt down their homes killing many of them. I received word of his actions too late." Naruto explained.

"We went into the land of fire and rescued close to three hundred innocent people and gave them a home here. They weren't forced to join us they wanted to and they helped build the New Whirlpool." Yugito finished off.

"So you're trying to appear as a saint to make up for the things you've done. You were a black market bounty hunter." Kakashi said.

"Not just him, we all were bounty hunters. All the money Naruto made went towards treating Itachi Uchiha while all our bounties went towards building the New Whirlpool." Gaara spoke.

"I am no saint and I will never claim to be one. I am just Naruto Uzumaki, the first Feudal Lord of the New Whirlpool and Jinchuuriki of the Nine Tailed Fox. I will be the force that leads the world towards peace." Naruto stated.

"Peace can never be achieved through violence and force." Hinata replied.

Before anyone could say anything more a knock came from the door.

"This must be Lady Karin and her royal guard." Naruto said as the doors opened.

Karin walked into the office followed by four people. She wore a light blue kimono with a dark blue obi. The group from Konoha all became wide eyed when they saw the four individuals behind Karin.

They all wore long, black cloaks with blue clouds and a chin-high collar. The first had slanted blue eyes and very long blond hair which he wore drawn into a half ponytail and a bang hanging over his left eye. He was missing his left arm. The second had medium length silver hair slicked back with unique purple eyes. He wore his cloak open with no shirt, only pants under it. He had a Triple-Bladed Scythe on his back. The third was a woman who had blue hair, grey eyes, ultramarine eye shadow, and a labret piercing. She wore a large light blue paper flower in her hair. The last was a teenage boy with wide brown eyes and short, red hair.

"They're part of the Akatsuki." Kakashi warned his fellow Konoha ninja.

"Formerly of the Akatsuki. Deidara, Hidan, Konan and Sasori were part of the Akatsuki." Gaara said.

"What do you mean formerly? From what I understand the Akatsuki had a policy of trying to kill ninja who defect." Shizune mentioned.

"Well fuck you miss know it all." The one with silver hair swore.

"Hidan, no need for that kind of language now." Naruto said.

"Balls." Hidan mumbled.

"Well you see once the Akatsuki made their move I kept showing up and stopping them with help from Itachi nii-san. I met Deidara and Sasori while saving Gaara and Hidan while saving Yugito. After I spared their lives I saw that they potential and I gave them the option of joining the New Whirlpool. By the time I sealed the three tails away in Yukimaru the Akatsuki began falling apart. The true leader Tobi and the figurehead leader Nagato clashed over what to do next. Their confrontations eventually led to Tobi killing Nagato and taking his kekkei genkai. With the Akatsuki falling apart they took me up on my offer and brought Konan with them. Konan and Nagato were founding members of the Akatsuki and she needed my help killing Tobi. Alas even the combined strength of Itachi nii-san and myself weren't enough to kill him and he escaped." Naruto explained.

"After seeing Naruto battle and hearing his plan for the New Whirlpool I realized that Nagato and him had much more in common than blood so that's what made me stay." Konan the blue haired woman spoke up.

"What do you mean blood?" Neji asked.

"Nagato was an Uzumaki like me." Naruto answered.

"I'm curious as to what gave us away as members of the Akatsuki; by the way I'm Deidara." The blonde with one arm questioned.

"I'm Sasori or you may know me as Sasori of the red sand. I also share the curiosity of my comrade." The red head teen asked.

"There's no way you could be Sasori of the red sand. You're too young; Sasori of the red sand should be in his fifty's." Kakashi spat out astonished.

"If I still had a human body it would be that old but that's privileged information, now tell me how you know our identities." Sasori responded.

"And please don't say something boring like it was the fucking cloak you bastards." Hidan laughed.

Karin just tried to ignore her guards swearing and looked at the group from Konoha also wanting answers.

"Jiraiya gathered plenty of information on the Akatsuki over the years. We had a special Akatsuki bingo book with your pictures and information in it." Shizune answered.

"So the old toad was actually a half decent spy." Karin smirked.

"Enough about the Akatsuki we should continue discussing whether you would join the New Whirlpool." Naruto announced.

"And what if we don't join? Are you going to keep us as prisoners?" Shikamaru asked.

"No, I would hand you and whoever else wanted to leave over to Suna once they make contact. Before you decide just know that Iruka and Ayame Umino have joined the New Whirlpool along with Teuchi Ichiraku." Naruto replied.

"I was searching for Ayame before you attacked the village. I figured you'd try and save her and her father. I thought I found her but I really ran in Yugito who was blending in so well." Shikamaru laughed.

"You have a sharp mind. Think about working towards true world peace. Your respective clans will help further the cause. You may not live to see it, but your children and grandchildren could." Yugito said.

"These eyes aren't mine so I won't be able to pass them on to my children but Hinata, think about it, an Uzumaki with the byakugan would make a perfect heir." Naruto theorized causing Hinata to blush.

"Gaara, Yugito please escort the Konoha ninja to the holding room with the royal guard." Karin declared. "I have important business to discuss with the Feudal Lord."

"Konoha isn't the place you thought it was. If you want to learn the truth you should stay." Naruto said to the group while holding one of Konoha's secret scrolls before they left.

Once everyone was gone Karin sat on the desk as sighed deeply.

"You're the damn Feudal Lord why do I have to do all your duties." She complained.

"Because I am only the temporary leader, remember." He replied as he walked over to bookshelf.

Karin frowned at the statement but accepted it. "I've tried using the information we retrieved from Orochimaru's lab in Konoha but still no luck."

"Creating an artificial rinnegan is proving harder than I anticipated. Tobi knows how Nagato got his; he even claims to have given Nagato the rinnegan. I have the sharingan and Uzumaki blood why can't I activate the rinnegan." Naruto continued flipping through the book.

"I have a theory. It was grief, the loss of his parents that activated Nagato's rinnegan. Whenever you were in a life threatening situation the fox would give its charka. Even if you had the ability to awaken the rinnegan it wouldn't work because the fox would just supply you with its chakra. And now that you have Sasuke's eyes any hope of naturally activating a rinnegan through your Uzumaki blood is gone." Karin explained.

"So the only thing left is Orochimaru's and Danzo's experimenting with Senju cells." Naruto laughed as he placed the book back.

"Ever since you discovered Nagato and his rinnegan you've been obsessed with obtaining it." Karin noted as she got off the table and began walking towards the door.

"I have my reasons." Naruto replied as Karin left the room.

"You bitches better not try anything." Hidan threatened as he closed the door on the group from Konoha.

They were led to the basement of the building they were in and were now in large room. The room was well lit up with multiple lights and it didn't look like a prison. There was one large in the middle that had a wide assortment of ramen on it surrounded by comfortable looking chairs.

"This is the kind of cell you'd use to keep a foreign national in." Kakashi noted.

"Does anybody know how to get these seals off?" Lee asked as he struggled to access chakra. As the taijutsu specialist fought to open one of his inner gates he glowed red before his body went limp and he fell over.

"Lee, what happened?" Sakura asked he rushed over to help him.

"This seal, it did something to me." Lee coughed.

"It most likely messed up your nervous system. It's just like Tsunade's nervous system rupture." Shizune noted as she examined her own seal.

"So if we struggle the seal throws our nervous system into disarray, good to know." Shino said as he approached the food.

"Are you sure we can eat the food?" Neji asked.

"It's ramen, there's no way Naruto would mess with ramen, even if his gone off the deep end." Shikamaru answered as he began eating.

"Guys what's going to happen Sakura and I? He offered all of you a chance to join but what about us? We spent the last eight years hating him." Ino held back her emotions. "He practically proposed to Hinata."

"I… I… I..." Hinata blushed and stuttered feeling like a genin again.

"Proposed? More like asked just to use her body to produce an heir." Shizune said miffed.

"I don't know what I'm going to do." Kakashi shocked everyone in the room.

"What do you mean you don't know? You turn him down like the rest of us." Shizune responded.

"It's not that easy. Naruto is Minato's son. I owe so much to Minato; he became the father figure in my life after I lost my dad. I was with ANBU for the first ten years of Naruto's life and then even after I left ANBU I failed to do anything to take care of him. Maybe I owe it to him." Kakashi sighed as he thought about all the times he could have and should have helped Naruto growing up. 'Maybe if I did something, we wouldn't be in this mess.'

"How many people do you think survived the attack by Kiri?" Neji brought up the sore point.

"You really want to know how many people from the Hyuga clan survived." Shikamaru said as he ate some ramen.

"You too Neji, you're considering joining the New Whirlpool and leaving Guy Sensei behind, how un-youthful." Lee let out as he got up.

"Well I'm staying here." Sakura declared.

"What are you talking about?" Ino grabbed her friend's shoulders and tried shaking sense into her.

"Danzo ordered me to kill Tsunade and I was going to do it. I deserve to be in prison." Sakura answered.

"Didn't you hear Naruto, Danzo manipulated you using a sharingan." Ino continued shaking Sakura.

"That doesn't change anything the fact I was going to betray Konoha. I lost eight years of life to that old bastards cause. None of the decisions I made were my own, everything I did was to advance him in the Konoha ranks. Sasuke would have died hating me." Sakura said looking at the ground.

A silence filled the room. Whether Danzo really framed Naruto and Sasuke was still up for debate but it seemed true.

Sakura walked over to Kakashi and bowed to him. "I'm sorry for everything I've over the past eight year's sensei."

Kakashi picked Sakura up and gave her his trademark under the mask smile.

"I know this is a heartfelt moment and all but what are we going to do. The New Whirlpool's military might is unmatched." Shino spoke up.

"What exactly are you getting at?" Lee asked.

"Once the New Whirlpool is recognized as a major power Iwagakure, Sunagakure, Kumogakure and the remains of Konoha will wage war against it. We should pick a side while we can." Shikamaru got out in-between slurps of ramen.

"What do you mean pick aside?" Shizune asked stunned.

"It's understandable; your loyalty is to Tsunade. We spent a long time believing in Naruto's innocence. If there is a dark truth about Konoha I want to know." Shino shocked everyone with his comments.

"That's true. I've had my suspicions about the seedy underbelly of Konoha for some time. The stuff only the Hokage know, SSS ranks secrets. Those are secrets that can shatter your world." Shikamaru said.

"I always thought if I was given a chance to become the head family of the Hyuga clan I would jump at the opportunity but I'm not so sure." Neji added.

"What about you Hinata? You never got over your school girl crush on Naruto." Sakura asked with a small laugh as she remembered how dense her former teammate was.

"When I was young I would have fainted from Naruto talking to me like that but he is hardly the Naruto I remember."

The sun was setting over Suna and the tower of the Kazekage was busier than it had ever been. An emergency Kage summit had been called for Iwa, Suna, Kumo and what remained of Konoha. The four Kage were all in meeting room alone. The room was heavily guarded by ninja from all four villages.

The Hokage, in title at least, sat at the meeting table. Her eyes were fixed on a small rock that was covered in bits of crystal and blood that was on the middle of the table. She stared intently at it as feelings of failure overcame her soul.

The newly appointed Kazekage, Temari sat across from Tsunade and saw the Sannin staring at the rock. Temari knew what the significance of the rock was and why it was there.

The Raikage, Darui was a fairly tall, dark-skinned man with white, shaggy hair which covered his left eye. He wore the cloak of the Raikage over his jonin uniform but not the hat.

Onoki, the Tsuchikage was a very short, old man with a triangular beard, a big red nose and thick eyebrows. The top of his head was completely bald even though he had long white hair on the lower-half of his head which was styled in a traditional chonmage hair cut.

"I still can't believe that Gaara is alive. All this time, how could he just abandon Suna?" Temari asked not expecting a serious answer.

"Gaara did say something about Naruto using his sharingan to control the Biju; maybe he is also controlling the Jinchuuriki as well." Tsunade theorized.

"Eyes like Madara Uchiha." Onoki mumbled.

"To think the former Raikage's brother is still alive. The former Raikage himself fought against the Akatsuki member who kidnapped Killer Bee and lost. If the Nine Tailed Jinchuuriki did indeed defeat the same person to save Bee then we are dealing with an extremely powerful foe." Darui said.

"The land of waves has informed us that a number of supply ship have made their way to what was thought to be an uninhabited island near the original whirlpool village. That island is most likely the location of the New Whirlpool." Temari reported.

"We will send a scouting party to confirm if that is indeed the New Whirlpool." Onoki proposed.

"Naruto must be stopped. He killed all those people. They weren't ninja, they shouldn't have been involved. He trapped them and then slaughtered them." Tsunade warned. "His intention is to destroy the ninja world; it won't be long before he targets another village."

"If his intention is to destroy all ninja villages why team up with Kiri then?" Darui asked.

"Most likely Kiri is just a weapon for him to wield and then to be tossed aside." Temari theorized.

"We should just launch a preemptive strike and catch them off guard." Tsunade announced.

"Attacking a country that has Nine Jinchuuriki is a lot easier said than done. A small army is required just for Naruto, Killer Bee, Gaara and Yugito because of the control they have over their Biju. Our information on the others is less than adequate and we have no clues on the abilities of the new Three Tailed Jinchuuriki." Onoki countered.

"So what are you suggesting lord Tsuchikage?" Temari questioned.

"The New Whirlpool isn't just some two bit criminal organization, it a country. We should approach Kiri and ask them to strike a treaty with the New Whirlpool." Onoki answered.

"And then we wipe them out during the treaty talks?" Tsunade was quick to jump to that conclusion. She wanted to avenge her people.

"No we sign a treaty and build up our military might while we bide our time." Onoki finished.

"Are you crazy? We can't seriously acknowledge the New Whirlpool!" Tsunade shouted.

"The Tsuchikage is right. If don't recognize them as a country this way they may try to force us into recognizing them through force." Darui agreed with Onoki.

"What about you? What does the Kazekage say?" Tsunade looked at Temari expecting the young blonde to share her rage.

"As upset as I am over learning of my brothers action I have to think about the safety of the village. Suna would not be able to stand up to the might of the nine Jinchuuriki." Temari let out almost defeated.

"Well, Suna, Iwa and Kumo can sign a treaty with the New Whirlpool but Konoha or what remains of Konoha will fight them. We have several secret bases on the border of the land of fire that we will use as command center." Tsunade declared.

"If you do that you will be leading what remains of your village to their deaths." Onoki warned.

"We have nothing left to live for." Tsunade said as she rose ending the meeting.

"Just like you said they are discussing the possibility of joining the New Whirlpool." Gaara reported to Naruto. The two of them were in Naruto's office with Yugito and Killer Bee.

"I wonder what will happen." Naruto mumbled.

"Are you sure about that Hinata girl, she's cute and all but I don't think your type." Yugito complained.

"You're just saying that because…" Was all Killer Bee got out before Yugito punched him in the neck.

Naruto laughed at them before turning to Gaara.

"What's the word from your spies in Suna?" Naruto asked.

"It's like we predicted, Iwa, Kumo and what remains of Konoha have gathered there to discuss the New Whirlpool." Gaara stated.

"Everything is proceeding according to plan. I need to be alone now." Naruto said as he pointed to the door.

"You and your alone time." Yugito sighed as she grabbed Killer Bee and pulled him away.

"Yugito is curious, but she's acting furious. She wants to know what you do, so would you give her a clue." The Eight Tailed Jinchuuriki rapped as he exited.

"I don't really know what you do but I hope it gives you peace." Gaara said as he left.

When everyone was gone Naruto locked the door and returned to his seat. He closed his eyes and began concentrating. When he opened his eyes again he stood in a large sewer. There were pipes all over the place and water across the floor. In front of him was a giant fox with dark orange fur resting with its head on its front to legs. Naruto look to the fox and there was someone sitting on it. The person had black hair with bangs hanging on both sides of his face to roughly frame his cheeks. His hair was spiky in the back. He wore old fashioned Konoha ANBU uniform.

"It's been a week since I last visited here." Naruto said as the person on the fox approached him.

"I remember, just before you invaded Konoha." The man replied.

"You have no right to take his appearance Kurama." Naruto said slightly annoyed.

"You were the one who separated me from my chakra." Kurama said pointing to the sleeping fox behind him. "At least allow me to have a decent human form. I think I understand why all the girls were crazy about Sasuke, I look good."

"I've made some progress on discovering the true extent of the Sage of Six Paths power." Naruto began to explain his reason for coming.

"I know, I've been watching. I also saw how you pathetically allowed the villagers to live only for Tobi to kill them. After everything they did to you I can't believe you would even consider allowing them to survive. Your true self would be so disappointed." Kurama sounded disgusted in his tone.

"Achieving the Sage of Six Path's power would go a lot smooth if you just told me everything you know about him, after all he is your father." Naruto ignored the last statement.

"Return me to my power and we can talk then." Kurama shouted.

"And lose control of all that chakra, I don't think so." Naruto laughed.

"I know your plan. It is truly amazing to think both you and Tobi want to unite the Biju." Kurama snickered as it walked into the darkness of the cage that once held it.

"The difference is I don't want to kill any of the Jinchuuriki in the process, that's why I need the power of the original Jinchuuriki." Naruto replied as he followed.

As Naruto walked the darkness became illuminated by the light of his subconscious. Kurama stopped walking in front of a large wall. The wall was covered in moss and vines and in front of Kurama was a door. The door was just an ordinary wooden door that seemed out of place because it was in such pristine condition. Kurama grabbed the handle and tried to open it but it didn't budge.

"This door is yours to open." Kurama stepped aside.

Naruto hesitated for a moment before raising his hand to open the door.

"Think about it before you open that door. Once you go through there is no coming back." Naruto heard Itachi's voice echo as the Uchiha appeared behind him.

"How did you get in here?" Naruto asked.

"My sharingan has always been able to see in here and thanks to the some of the drugs you retrieved from Orochimaru's secret lab in Konoha I was able to regain some of my sight." Itachi answered.

"You should have called first Itachi, maybe I could have changed." Kurama teased.

"You think your mind games can affect me. I was, no still am a true master of mental torture." Itachi countered.

"You get too worked up Itachi. Why are you stopping the boy from opening the door?" Kurama asked.

"You know why fox. Opening that door will end his life and free you." Itachi spat.

"Every time I come to this door I think about Sasuke and everyone else who has died to get me here. I think about all the people I've killed in the name of peace. I know behind this door is my penance." Naruto spoke coldly.

"Naruto we need to talk about your plan." Itachi brought up the main reason for his visit.

"What plan would that be?" Naruto played dumb.

"This is getting interesting?" Kurama laughed.

"The plan where you declare war on the entire world…"

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