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Chapter 1

? P.O.V.

I blinked open my eyes to the dim cell that held me, I felt as though I had been kicked by a horse, then run over by a train. As my eyes scanned my surroundings I felt feral, I almost felt inhuman to be perfectly honest. I looked around for my soul sister, Marney McCadàn. Finally I saw her huddled in a cell with her skinny arms wrapped around her knees. Her usually shiny black hair was sweaty and hanging around her shoulders limply.

"Marney." I managed to whisper weakly, my throat felt dry like the Sahara. "Moira?" She looked up at me with her electric blue eyes, they held no fear yet only a worried expression. I nodded. "Where are we?" she asked. I looked around. All that I could remember was walking home with Marney, we had singing our favourite song, then being chased. Then... darkness. I looked around and my eyes caught my refection in the mirror that was in each of our cells, so we can't hide, my bleached blond hair which still held its short spikes.

A man in a white looked at me as though I was an interesting new species. I stood slowly narrowing my eyes, I was in a crouched position; my eyes darted around my cautiously. I felt air come up my throat and a snarl came from my mouth, the man looked skeptical, then noted something on a clipboard. I was surprised by the snarl which had come from me, but I was still confused by my surroundings.

Marney sat curled in a ball, looking around in her cell separate from mine. I felt like an animal, caged, and inspected on. I shivered, not from the cold; or maybe it was from the cold. I didn't know exactly but just then the caged door swung open, I scooted back and glared at whatever would come. An other man stepped through the door, he too held a clip board. The man had brown hair and a balding circle on his head, he reguarded me with caution; then he raised what looked a tranq-gun and fired.

The pain was bewildering, my chest had been shot. It wasn't a bullet, it was a small needle with gold liquid in it/ everything began to get fuzzy, I could feel my heart beat faster and faster as I fought to keep my head. I groaned and tried to get up but stumbled back into the cement wall, Marney looked scared for me and tried to call out my name. I felt my eye lids flutter and close, I didn't think they would ever open again.

Turns out my eyes did open, but everything was so clear, I could smell and hear almost everything, the shallow breaths of Marney as she was already awake. I shot up right too fast, my fore arm seared in pain; I looked at my arm which had been branded. It read: Alpha. I furrowed my brow and looked over at Marney. She was looking at me and held up her arm which too had been branded, it said: Nova on it. I looked at her with confusion pooling in my eyes, why where we here? My mind was spinning and I felt dizzy, but really I felt like an animal, I don't know why but I did. The man, scientist, whatever the hell you want to call a man who works in a place like this, came back. "Marney McCadàn and Moria Balderdash, these are no longer your names, Moria, you shall be known as Alpha, and Marney, you are Nova." the man said looking over the clipboard he held. He scribbled something and left. I stood and looked around my cell, it was gray stone wall, chipping at the corners. I put my hand through the bars of my cell which connected the cells of mine and "Novas'" she grabbed my hand and held it looking into my eyes.

It was funny how her eyes could do almost anything to a person, once I looked into her eyes I knew that some how we would get free. I gripped Nova's hand like a lifesaver, at that moment she was the one thing that kept me hopeful; after all she is my soul sister. "Were gonna be okay." she whispered slowly. I looked at her face through the bars. "Why did they give us new names?" I mumbled. Nova shifted her position to face me better. "I don't know, maybe to them we're just experiments," she replied though fully. I narrowed my eyes. "To them we are, but I feel so, so, different." I said looking at my arms ruefully.

It could have been days, or merely hours. I didn't know, I couldn't bring my self to care at all. I knew that I had gone to sleep and then woken up to a bright light being shown in my face, a scientist had been trying to inspect me as I was sleeping. My eyes had flung open and were blazing with an unnatural burn, the man looked taken back by my sudden awakening. "Alpha," he said clearing his throat. I narrowed my eyes at him. "What do you want with me?" I growled, I wasn't afraid anymore.

"W-well, we need to run a few tests, to see your true abilities." the man swallowed and looked uncomfortable. Good, he should be. Nova stood. Her eyes flickered with anger. "So that is what we are, lab rats for your stupid new chemical!" she snarled, I had never seen her this angry before. The man licked his lips a few times. "Now Nova, you need to be tested for your-" that was it , I drew my fist back and slammed it into his surprised face. The man stumbled back holding his face and looking at me between his fingers. I glared right back and felt my heart beat faster, I turned to Nova just as a Man walked in. he did not wear a white coat like the others, but rather a brown suite and he had a gleam in his eyes. "Finally we meet at last."

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