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Nova's P.O.V.

I watched Alpha admire the rainbow in the window. I sighed through my nose, I wished I could be pretty like her. Even wearing the ugly orange jumpsuit, she was prettier than me. She had white-blonde hair and icy-blue eyes. She had fair skin, no blemishes at all. At the hell-hole, we couldn't have our hair cut, so it was pretty long, Alpha's was to her mid back, mine was to my butt. Even though we were there for 3 months, our hair grows fast due to our powers, and it even continues growing abnormally fast without powers.

Any-who, our hair was greasy and dirty and just... ugh. "We need to cut our hair", I said to her and she nodded. "You want me to find a pair of scissors?", she asked. I laughed, "You know, these rooms seem pretty well stocked, maybe there's a pair in the medicine cupboard". She shrugged and went to look.

I watched the waning sun until I heard snip snip. I looked behind me to see Alpha grinning madly with scissors in her hand. Bad combo...

About an hour later, we both had our hair cut, washed and styled. Alpha's hair was short and spiky, just the way she liked it. My hair was silky and jet-black. My bangs came came down the the bridge of my nose and the rest down to just below my shoulder. Even though I have 20/20 vision, I prefer to use my other senses.

I admired my hair in the bathroom mirror as Alpha cleaned up our mess. Just as she put the last snip of hair in the bin, someone knocked on the door in a rhythm, Knock-edy knock-knock, knock-knock! I went to answer it and the brown-haired girl, Kitty I believe, gasped, "Your hair, I like it! Any way, I was, like,wondering if you guys, like, wanted to borrow some my clothes..."



Alpha and I said at the same, I glared at Alpha, "Yes" She just grumbled. Kitty squealed and pulled us along to her room. It had bands and dark stuff on one side, and pink and stuffed toys on another. "I, like, share my room with Rogue, but she's,like, nice, so I don't mind too much.", She explained and led us over to her wardrobe and turned to us, "Dinner's in, like, fifteen minutes, so we gotta, like, hurry!"

I laughed as Kitty pulled all sorts of different outfits on Alpha, but they were all too short, so it was decided she would have a short blue dress for a shirt and white shorts. I ended up wearing a purple blouse and black knee shorts.

Suddenly, a knock sounded on the door and someone came in, "Kitty, are you using the new kids as dress-up dolls?". The girl seemed to be the same age as me, with brown hair and white side bangs. She had a southern accent and wore an accusing look. "Well, they're not, like, complaining, right guys", Kitty defended. Alpha snorted and I jumped up, holding out my hand to shake. The fellow southern-belle flinched back in surprise. I let my hand fall, "I don't, bite, I swear". The other girl looked like she just realized what she did, because she explain quickly, "It's not you, it's just, mah powers, they drain other people, just by touching them".

I nodded in understanding, "Sorry". The fellow belle, gave a small smile and left. I turned around, feeling awkward. Kitty waved her hands dismissively, "Don't worry, she'll, like, totally warm up to you. Now, let's do make-up!". The brunette went over to her vanity and picked up some mascara. I wrinkled my nose and looked over to Alpha. Uh oh... I gulped, it's never good when she looks at me like that...

We were a few minutes late to dinner, because Kitty insisted we had make-up on. While Alpha only had eyeliner on, I had lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, and I borrowed some earrings. I'm not a girly girl, but I like to feel pretty. I smiled nervously everyone in the room as we entered the dining room. Kitty sat across from Alpha, Alpha sat with Logan to her right (to her displeasure) and me to her left, Rogue (I kind of figured that out by myself, so I'm not positive) sat to my left and Kurt sat across from me. I smiled slightly at him, and he returned the action.

The professor turned to Alpha and I "Now, Mar-"

"Nova" I corrected him, I pointed to Alpha "And she's called Alpha". He nodded, "Very well, Nova, Alpha, if you wish, Storm has volunteered to take you shopping for clothes". I nearly sunk in my seat with relief, 'Clean clothes, new clothes, clothes that fit, clothes of my own...'. "That would be awesome!" I glared at Alpha, "Right...?". She scowled at me, then nodded. Storm smiled kindly, "We can go right after dinner, if you want". I nodded vigorously, "I used to hate shopping for clothes, and when Moira dragged me to Hot Topic for some item or another, I'd always end up spending money that I didn't have...". Alpha snickered at me, "I remember when you almost shoplifted-"

"It was an accident! I had realized I picked it up" Truthfully, I thought that Alpha had put it it my basket to toy with me. Our resulting argument was interrupted, "Who's Mowva?". It was Kurt that had asked that. Alpha glared at him, "That's my true name, but also like another person. I'm Alpha, the girl I was, was Moira". Kurt shrank under Alphas glare, and other conversations picked up and dinner continued normally, except Alpha and I never spoke.

"Pink, or red?", I held up a blouse up to my body. It was pretty and slightly frilly, but enough to be stupid looking. Alpha rolled her eyes, "Neither, pick something, like, blue, or, black, I don't know". I sighed, and went to pick something out. I had just but the blouse back, when I something I like. It was also a blouse, but it came with a whole outfit. It was country-styled, reminding me of home. It was a red plaid blouse, with it's elbow length sleeves held up by a strap and a button. It also came with jean shorts, a white cotton undershirt, and coupons for boots and a hat. The coupons are a little much, it's a little cheesy, seems like a Halloween costume, I thought, but it's stylish too... I picked it up and went to try it on.

"Have gotten everything you wanted?", Storm asked us. I had found out that I could get some bathroom essentials, jewelry, and other stuff I needed. Smiling, I answered , "Yep" and Alpha nodded. Alpha had spent most of her time in Hot Topic. "Alright then, let's pay for your items and return to the institute", Storm followed us as we payed for our last items.

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