A/N: So I decided to post these on here in case anyone came searching. I know all of my usual Klaroline readers who have me on alert will be getting this so if you don't read I won't be offended. I'm sure most people are just shaking their head at me haha This is just a result of me messing around on Tumblr with a couple other people.

Basically an AU fic where Caroline ends up in London and meets Sherlock and John. I am fully aware that none of the following would ever EVER happen, but I'm just having some fun :)

The first two are dialogue only because they were paired with graphics. So if you do want to see them go checkout HybridLovlies on Tumblr

Sherlock: I can tell you everything about yourself in 10 seconds or less.
Caroline: Fine try me.
Sherlock: Eighteen. Blonde hair. High school drop out. Though not for any of the traditional reasons like teenaged pregnancy or general laziness. You carry yourself with confidence which means you want to come off as brave but your eyes flick around too much which denotes insecurity. And speaking of your eyes, the tiny dark circles tell me that you haven't been sleeping well, possibly due to jetlag, which means you've only arrived in London from the small town whence you came. Upper middle class American, former athlete, judging by your build, mostly likely a cheerleader judging by your demeanor. Have I missed anything?
Caroline: Oh just one.
Sherlock: And what is that?
Caroline: I'm a vampire.
Sherlock: Ridiculous. Vampires don't exist.
*Caroline drops fang*
Sherlock: ….

John: So you want to bring home a teenaged girl, who is a vampire.
Sherlock: Yes.
John: Assuming that is even a possibility, do you even know anything about her?
Sherlock: Of course.
John: I mean in the real people way. Not the Sherlock way.
Sherlock: Well if there's anything you want to know you can just ask her. She's downstairs right now listening to our entire conversation.

Caroline walked around the lab, waiting for Sherlock. She still wasn't completely sure why she had agreed to this…being a test subject. She really didn't want to be someone's science project. But she was running out of money and she needed a place to stay and in exchange Sherlock and John were putting her up. It had been two days with Sherlock in the lab, him taking blood samples, asking her questions, nothing but work. The door to the lab opened and Caroline turned to see a small, brown haired girl enter.

"Oh, hello," the girl said, her voice small.

Caroline smiled at her. "Hi."

The girl walked over to the table and sat some files down. "Can I- are you-who are you?"

"I'm Caroline," she answered, "I'm here with Sherlock."

"You're here with Sherlock?" The girl's eyes widened at Caroline's answer.

"Yeah. His new research assistant."

Her eyes got even bigger. "Research assistant? But Sherlock doesn't have research assistants."

"I'm John's cousin."

It was part of the cover story they had come up with. It would seem odd that Sherlock would take on a research assistant, and as she spent more time with the man, Caroline was beginning to understand why. So they also decided to say that Caroline was John's cousin, which would cover the fact that she was also living with them, in case anyone noticed.

The girl across from her was silent then. She flipped open one of the files and her eyes began scanning the paper. Caroline stood there, awkwardly, fidgeting from side to side.

"So…" Caroline said trying to break the silence, "you work with Sherlock."

"Not really," she replied, her eyes shifting back and forth.

"You're American?"

Caroline nodded. "Uh-huh."

The girl looked Caroline up and down then turned back to her files. Again they were silent. The only sound in the room coming from the air vents and the occasional rustle of paper. Caroline began to wonder what was taking Sherlock so long. As if on cue, the man in question walked back through the door.

"Hello Sherlock," the girl said as he entered.

"Ah, Caroline, I see you've met Molly," he said breezing past said girl and around Caroline.

"Now I have," Caroline muttered, knowing that Sherlock probably wasn't listening.

"Molly, Caroline will be my new research assistant. So she'll be requiring the same access to everything that I do."

Molly watched Sherlock flit around as he gathered up and put away some of the supplies, erasing the traces of what he had truly been studying that day.

"I never knew that—that you needed a research assistant. I could—I could help—I you wanted, that is—"

Sherlock moved grab his coat, pulling it on as he answer. "Nonsense. I've got Caroline. Come on along Caroline."

Caroline quickly grabbed her coat and followed Sherlock as he walked out of the room, throwing Molly a polite smile as she went. She fell into step with Sherlock as he strode down the hospital corridor.

"Well she definitely doesn't like me," Caroline said to him.


"Why do you think that?"

It wasn't even until they were home that Sherlock answered her. John had mentioned it was a regular occurrence. He was sitting at his laptop, staring at the screen, hands flat together in front of his face.


"You just said Molly doesn't like you. How do you know that?"

"I did know. I noticed."

Sherlock's mouth twisted up ever so slightly at her quip.

"Tell me."

"Well," Caroline began, "she was very nervous about me. She kept pretending to study her files when really she was giving me the once over. I've seen girls do it. Trying to size each other up, judging them by their clothes or their hair, it's a skill we all learn in high school. She asked if I was American, putting special emphasis on that. Another detail which might make me better than her. Oh! And then when you walked in she got even more flustered and she watched the way you interacted with me. Tried to noticed your body language towards me and then got this really weepy look on her face when you basically rejected her after she tried to offer to help you."

"I don't understand," Sherlock replied.

"She hates me because she likes you," Caroline answered, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Sherlock made no reply moved his hands to his keyboard and began clicking away.

"So did you two ever date?" Caroline prodded.


"She's a cute girl."

"Caroline, I'm flattered by her appreciation, but I don't 'date'. I consider myself married to my work," he replied, continuing to focus on the screen in front of him.

"You lead her on."

Sherlock stopped typing and let out a half frustrated sigh. "You know I really don't have time for your teenaged melodramatic interpretation of things."

"It's not melodramatic," Caroline protested, "you go into this girl's place of work and just strut around all day, knowing perfectly well that she could get in trouble because you're there, and you completely ignore her."

Sherlock stood and walked over to the window where his violin set in its case. He removed the instrument and tucked it under his chin, pulling the bow across the strings. A smooth calming melody filled the living room.

"You notice everything," Caroline said, "but you ignore what you don't want to see."