Two weeks after all the stuff with Morgana and the dragons.

"So," Arthur said to Merlin one morning as he pottered around the king's room doing his usual seemingly endless list of chores, "I've been thinking."

"Don't hurt yourself."


"Sorry, carry on."

"The whole of Camelot saw that two weeks ago."

"It was rather hard to miss."

"You just don't do subtle do you Merlin?"

"I do subtle as much as Gwaine does sober."

"You mean never?"

"Nope. Contrary to popular belief Gwaine's rarely drunk. He's just naturally a bit..."


"No. Well... yeah I suppose."

Arthur let out a snort of laughter, "So anyway back to what I was saying."

"Yes, yes, you were thinking. Anything else?"

"As I was trying to say before you distracted me."

"I think you distracted yourself really Arthur."


"Shutting up."

"Something needs to be done."


"Magic. Well, more specifically you."

"Oh, so I save all of Camelot AGAIN anf now you're just going to go and execute me. Gee thanks Arthur, I thought we moved passed that stage after you punched me in the face."

When Arthur had realised that Merlin had magic and that he was the last person to find out he had taken a rather violent course of action.


"I mean I've been saing your royal behind for four and a half years now. Four years Arthur! Doesn't that grant me a little bit of clemency, would've thought you could at least reduce it to banishment-"


"But no! You've got to go the whole hog haven't you? Well if you want to sentence me to death then so be it but you'll have to catch me first."

Merlin began a mad dash for the door but Arthur tackled him and brought them both crashing to the ground.

"Merlin would you just shut up and listen to me?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Well you can either say that you'll listen to me and get up and we can talk like grown ups or I can just sit on you whilst I say what I have to say."

"You realise I could make you move if I wanted to."

"I'd like to see you try."

Arthur instantly regretted his words as he saw a small flash of gold and before he realised what was happening he had been thrown back and landed with a thump on the bed. By the time he had manage to sit up Merlin was gone.

"MERLIN!" He ran out the room just in time to see the servant whip out of sight at the end of the corridor.

He sprinted after him and when he got to the end of the hallway he saw the Merlin had paused down the next corridor and seemed to be doing something to the floor. When he caught sight of him though he quickly started running again. Arthur made to run after him but quite quickly found himself in what appeared to be a lake.

No, wait, it was the floor.

Merlin had enchanted the floor.


He swam to where the enchantment ended and climbed out of the floor (that was weird) before continuing the chase now sopping wet.

"Merlin what are you doing?" Gaius asked as his ward burst into their shared chambers.

"Can'." He babbled.

"What did you do this time?"

"Nothing! He just starts talking about what happened with Morgana, completely out of he blue. Next thing I know he's tackling me to the floor. I thought that was a sure fire sign that execution was coming."

"Merlin I know what Arthur was going to say."

"You knew he was going to have me executed and you didn't tell me? Thanks Gaius, I thought you were actually beginning to like me!"

"He wasn't going to have you executed Merlin!"

Merlin stopped his frantic dashing around (he had been packing)

"He wasn't?"

"No." Came a voice from the doorway, "I wasn't. Although now I'm not so sure." Merlin and Gaius looked up to see their king standing there dripping with water from head to toe.

"Merlin what did you do?" Gaius asked.

"I may have enchanted the floor."

Gaius' eyebrows began to climb up his forhead.

"To become a... er..."

"A lake." Arthur finished shaking out his hair.

Gaius opened his mouth as if to say something but then thought better of it. He decided to just leave them to it and hande Arthur a towel on the way out.

"So..." Merlin said after a couple of uncomfortable moments, "You weren't going to have me executed?"


"What umm... What were you going to do then?"

"I was going to tell you about a decision I made, I thought you might like to know what was going on before I announced it to the people but now you'll just have to wait."

"What? Arthur!"

"Serves you right."

"That's not fair!"

Arthur just pointed rang out part of his shirt.

"Point taken." Merlin muttered, "But still..."

"Still what?"

"Tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me!"

"Are you done?"

"Depends, are you going to tell me?"

"Depends, can you turn the floor back?"



"I'm sure I'll figure it out."

"How can you even know how to do something without knowing how to undo it?"

"Well I don't know if I know how to undo it yet! I haven't exactly had a chance to try..."

Arthur sighed and left the room motioning for Merlin to follow him. They walked along in silence until they reached the lake/floor/thing and Arthur stood and pointed to it.

"Fix it."

Merlin grinned and conjured a boat.

"Not quite what I had in mind Merlin."

Merlin sighed and bent down to examine it. He tentatively place a hand on the floor, he frowned when - instead of hitting water - his hand came into contact with smooth stone.

"Err... It is fixed."

"Great. What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything." Merlin frowned and then spotted a figure at the other end of the corridor. "But I suspect he might have something to do with it."

It was the druid that had been so very... helpful in the search for Emrys.

"I fixed your floor problem for you, I must say that was rather inventive Merlin."

"Thanks, but how did you..."

"i have a talent at undoing enchantments."


"Yes it is rather useful."

Arthur just shook his head, "Maybe I should give the job to you then, you seem to know what you're doing more than this useless thing." He nodded to Merlin.

"Hey! I am not useless!"

"I beg to differ."

"cough cough-Morgana-cough cough-dragon-cough cough."

"Shut up Merlin."

"Anyway what job?" The druid asked.

"Oh well now that would be telling."

"Arthur..." Merlin began.

"Alright," he held up his hands, "later on today I'm going to make an announcement to the kingdom. I'm repealing the magic ban."

He now stood before to very goldfishy looking sorcerers.

"So in turn it makes sense that I'm going to need a court sorcerer, and... well... can't believe I'm going to say this but you seem pretty powerful Merlin."

Arthur was almost knocked over with the force at which Merlin collided with him in a hug.

"Merlin! Get... off... me..." Arthur struggled to pry himself from the vice like grip.

"Oh... Sorry." Merlin looked sheepish.

"I take it that you want the job now?"

"What? Oh yes, yes of course."

"Good because I'll be honest, I'm not sure I could trust many others not to turn around and stab me in the back. Literally."

"Hey!" The druid said.

"And you wouldn't be able to keep all the top secret secrety stuff to yourself."

"Point taken."

"Top secret secrety stuff?" Merlin asked sceptically.

"Yes Merlin, it's actually an official term."


Arthur floundered for something to say for a minute before walking off down the hall, he was halfway to the end of the corridor when there was a splash and he disappeared from sight.

"I think you missed a spot." Merlin said.



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