Surfer Tale

"Elizabeth, hope you're going to beat CeCe in the next competition." said Amy as the two girls raced down to the beach with their surfboards. "I don't know I mean if I get a huge wave that's one thing but beating her is another." said Elizabeth.

"Hey Elizabeth, Amy are you guys going to my party tonight, there's a full moon and there's going to be a lot of surfing." said Jason. "Yeah, we'll go." said Elizabeth. "Awesome." said Jason.

"How are we supposed to sneak out without getting caught?" asked Amy. "Easy, we'll say that we asked Jim-Bob even though we didn't and wait until its 11: 30. Ben's done it thousands of times and he's never been caught." said Elizabeth. "You always have good ideas." said Amy.

The two girls paddled out to the ocean and Elizabeth and Amy caught at least 10 waves and then went back to shore. "Hey girls." said Mary-Ellen walking up to them. "Hi Mary-Ellen.," said Elizabeth. "So are you two going to Kenya?" asked Mary-Ellen. "No, I can't, I have to stay and train now that I'm being sponsored by the Walton-Foster garage" said Elizabeth. "Oh, OK, Thanks for donating that pig fat." said Mary- Ellen. "No problem." said Elizabeth. "Was that Jim-Bob's Hawaiian pig fat?" asked Amy. "Yes it was." said Elizabeth.

That night the two girls snuck out and raced down to the beach, with their boards. "Glad you guys could come." said Jason as the three paddled out to sea on their surfboards. "This is fun." said Amy. "Yeah and there's a surprise at midnight." said Jason. "Well I love surprises." said Elizabeth.

Suddenly several brightly colored fireworks filled the night sky. "Awesome surprise." said Elizabeth and Amy as the three paddled back to shore.

Next morning:

"Let's go. We're going to be late." said Amy as her, Elizabeth, and Jim-Bob raced outside with their boards, so that they could go surfing with Yancy. "OK, we're here but we only have two hours, I have to go to work." said Yancy.

The four did several tricks and caught several waves. Amy and Elizabeth rested on their boards. Suddenly something grabbed Elizabeth's arm and she started to scream. "Get to the reef." said Yancy as Elizabeth and Amy paddled as fast as they could towards the reef.

"Jim-Bob, go and get help now." said Yancy as Jim-Bob ran towards Yancy's truck. The two put Elizabeth on Amy's surfboard and attempted to staunch the bleeding with Yancy's shirt.

Yancy and amy began carrying Elizabeth towards Yancy's truck. " I called the ambulance people and they're on their way, they said to meet them by that old abandoned shack." said Jim-Bob as him and Amy hoisted Elizabeth into the back of the truck and got into the back as well.

They got to the abandoned shack and Yancy, Amy, and Jim-Bob followed the ambulance to the hospital.

10 weeks later:

"Hopefully you don't get injured today." said CeCE. "Yeah, well hopefully you don't have a wipepout, because if you do the judges will disqualify you for wearing that skimpy thing." said Elizabeth.

The girls started out towards the water and Elizabeth got beat up by all the waves and broke her board.

1 week later:

"Are you sure you can handle it out there?" asked Ben. "If I can't handle it then I'll go in." said Elizabeth. After 20 minutes of surfing, Elizabeth got a huge wave and scored a 10.4.

When the competition was over Elizabeth went up to Mary-Ellen and Erin and hugged them.