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"Ohh, my head," moaned Robin. He opened his eyes to find himself up harnessed to some thin, nearly invisible ropes, like the wire used for movie effects. And he was naked. He looked down and saw Batman fiddling with a remote of some sort. "Batman! What's going on?" Batman looked up, gave his protégé a sinister smile, and pushed a button. The floor opened directly underneath Robin and a device of some sort appeared. Then Robin was raised a few inches until something touched his asshole. "Batman?" demanded Robin. The device underneath Robin rose up to him on a platform and extended a thin slit-like thing. A mechanical arm reached up from underneath that and grew warm, and then rubbed Robin's dick and brought it up to full hardness. Then it wrapped around himself and pulled down, so that the tip of it was near the slit-intruder. Robin nearly shrieked in pain because his erect penis was being held at an uncomfortable angle. Then the ropes around Robin forced his body down and his ass up. Robin craned his neck upwards and saw a thick, nearly translucent phallus hanging by a metal bar that could apparently move back and forth. Batman touched another button on his remote and the phallus started to move. More mechanical hands came out and spread Robin's asshole wide so that phallus slid in there and fucked him. Tears were brought to Robin's eyes. He had never, not once been fucked in the ass before, and it hurt like hell—especially without any good lubricant or something to tone down the friction.

"Like that, do you?" asked Batman.

"No, I don't like it," Robin replied, just barely keeping his cool. Batman pressed another button and the slit-intruder rose even further and into Robin's penis. Robin grimaced. Batman pressed another button on that goddamn remote of his. The slit-intruder crackled with energy and Robin screamed. It was like lightning was striking the inside of his dick. It hurt like hell. Batman pressed the button again and it stopped. Robin was panting, he was drenched in sweat. Batman pushed another button, and yet another mechanical arm appeared, but it was holding a ring of some sort. It reached up to Robin's length and slipped it on. Once it was on Robin, the arm retracted and Batman pressed another infernal button on that damned remote. The ring tightened around Robin's dick. Then the phallus grew uncomfortably warm in his asshole, and started pumping him again. Robin, having grown use to it now, relaxed his body and enjoyed the fucking. Then he felt his balls tighten up, and he felt the need for a release. Nothing happened, except an intensified need to orgasm. "Batman, let me cum!" yelled Robin.

"Now, why would I do that?" demanded Batman. Suddenly, he gasped, and clutched his head. He then let go, shaking his head. "What…" his voice trailed off as he looked up and saw the scene in above him. Robin had his eyes closed and was murmuring 'hold it, hold it, hold it' under his breath. "ROBIN!" yelled Batman.

"If you could release me, and get out from under me fast, and then let me down, it would be much appreciated," said Robin, a grimace on his face. Batman drew a batarang and threw it, and it hit his ward's cock ring around his dick. The batarang ejected some sort of electricity and it enveloped the ring, short circuiting it. It grew big and fell of Robin, and he heaved a sigh of relief. Then Robin climaxed about three gallons of cum* onto the floor, right where Batman had been standing.

"Thank you, Batman," whispered Robin, before slipping into blissful sleep. Batman smiled.

"Of course, my little bird."

*Remember that fluid in the syringes? That's what caused the whole three gallons of seminal fluids that Robin 'got rid of'.

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