Weird summary, I know. This story was originally supposed to be a oneshot based on my Taito pic but it ended up being extended by events instead. Sigh. Well, enjoy reading the first part :) I'll be using Jap names and suffixes as usual.

-san: Used to address someone older than you, in respect

-kun: Used in respect, can be used to address someone younger or the same age. Usually used for boys but can be used for girls too

-chan: Used to address girls, but can be used to address boys as a sign of affection

Onii-chan: Informal term for big brother

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Taichi pouted. "Please?" He pleaded.

"No!" Yamato glared at him, eying him with disbelieving blue eyes. "No way, Taichi!"

"Yes way!" Taichi insisted, his pout deepening with the increasing intensity of Yamato's glare. "Please, Yama?"

"Don't call me that!"

Taichi grimaced as Yamato glowered at him, twitching. "R-Right…" he held up his hands in a peace gesture, then clasped them together, blinking huge brown eyes at the irate blond. "Yamato…"

"No, Taichi!" Yamato yelled at him, crossing his arms, "Give me one good reason why I should do something so…stupid with you?!"

The blond turned away with a huff, missing the flash of hurt in his friend's eyes. Taichi thought for a while in the silence that followed, then declared with a smile, "I know, Yamato!"

"What?" Yamato muttered.

Taichi grinned and looped an arm around his friend's shoulders, "'Cause I would be able to die happy if you did it with me!" He tilted his head, meeting Yamato's wide eyes with a smile. "You want me to die happy, don't you, Yamato?"

"W-What are you saying!?" Taichi started as Yamato pushed his hand off his shoulder, leaning forward, his blue eyes flashing, a flush on his cheeks, "Idiot! You're not going to die!"

Taichi blinked, rubbing the back of his head, "Well of course not! But just in case-" he winced as Yamato looked like he was about to hit him, and quickly shifted away from the dangerous topic, "A-Anyway! I don't have anyone else I can do it with! I can't do it with Jyou, Mimi, Takeru, Hikari, Koushiro-Sora-wait," he paused, musing with a finger to his chin. "Maybe I can do it with Sora. She is my childhood friend after all."

Yamato's eyes widened. For some reason, the image of Taichi doing with Sora something so cheesy made him feel uncomfortable. He bit his lip, and against his own will, said reluctantly, "I'll do it."

Taichi blinked. He looked at Yamato, unsure if he had imagined the blond's voice. He smiled as he saw that Yamato was blushing. "What was that?"

Yamato flushed, avoiding Taichi's gaze, "I said I'll do it." He voiced louder. "I'll do it with you."

Taichi couldn't resist grinning, "Awww, Yama!" He gushed happily, flinging himself onto the startled blond. "Could it be, you're jealous?" The brunette said mischievously, "You're so cute when you're jealous, Yamato."

"Get off me!" Yamato shoved Taichi away, face red and blue eyes blazing, "I'm not cute! And I'm not jealous! Why would I be?!"

Taichi just smiled sheepishly at him. He reached out and grabbed Yamato's arm. "C'mon!" The courageous leader grinned as he pulled the surprised blond up from the ground, winking, "Let's go, Yamato!"

"Where are we going?" Yamato asked as Taichi pulled him along.

"Somewhere nice and sunny!" Taichi declared happily, "It's gotta be somewhere special!"

"Why?" Yamato said grumpily. "I haven't done something so…cheesy before." He added. "But it's not as if it's anything complicated."

"Because you're special!" Taichi said as he smiled at him and Yamato felt his heart involuntarily skip a beat as heat rose to his cheeks. "It wouldn't be memorable if we just did it back there!"

Yamato sighed, looking away as Taichi led him to their destination.

"Whatever you say."

Yamato looked around at the grassy area. They were out of the forest and were in open land. The sun was shining brightly down on them, but it wasn't as hot as he would have expected it to be. The digiworld's sun must dull in comparison to the real world's.

Yamato turned his gaze away from the expanse of blue sky stretching across the world that had once been unknown to him. He looked at the brown haired boy whom had landed in the previously new world with him, raising an eyebrow. "So? How do we do it?"

Taichi made a thoughtful noise and Yamato watched as he placed his fingers together. He smiled at the shape they had formed, looking up and giving Yamato a grin as bright as the sunlight.

"Like this!" Taichi parted his fingers, stretching out his left hand towards Yamato. He curled his thumb and index finger, raising his gaze to Yamato expectantly. "Come on Yamato! I can't form the heart without you."

Yamato blushed. He stared at his fingers, then at Taichi, who was grinning widely at him. He clenched and unclenched his right hand, feeling suddenly awkward. "I-I can't do this."

"Eh? Why?!" Taichi demanded in disappointment as he withdrew his hand.

"B-Because it's embarrassing!" Yamato countered, fists clenched as he glared at Taichi.

"Why would it be embarrassing?" Taichi asked, puzzled. He looked around. "No one's watching!"

"You are!" Yamato pointed out heatedly.

Taichi blinked. "Ah." He said. He scratched the back of his neck, "Well, I won't look at you, okay?"

He smiled at Yamato, and held his hand out again, curling his fingers in the same manner as before. "Hurry, Yamato! The others will be looking for us soon."

Yamato started. If the others found them, he would never hear the end of it. He grimaced, as he unclenched his fist. Why had he even agreed to do this in the first place? Why did Taichi even want to…form a stupid heart with him?

Sighing at Taichi's eager expression, Yamato inhaled, swallowed, then reached out his hand towards Taichi's.

It was better to get it over and done with.

"Taichi! Taichi!"

Sora frowned at the lack of reply. She had walked around the area that they had chosen to take a break in, and she couldn't find the leader of their group anywhere.

"Taichi's missing?" Jyou asked as he walked up to her. "I can't find Yamato either."

Sora nodded. "It's strange," she said, as she looked at Agumon. "He didn't take Agumon with him."

"Gabumon's here too." Jyou agreed, as he turned his gaze to Yamato's digimon.

"Where could they have gone?" Mimi asked worriedly, as she came up with the rest of the Chosen Children. She gasped as a realization came to her, "Do you think they could have gotten lost in this forest?!"

"Unlikely. If they went off together, I doubt Yamato-kun would want to go deeper into the forest," Koushiro pointed out logically. "They probably went out of this forest."

"Hmmm…" Sora said thoughtfully.

"Why don't we ask the digimon where they went?" Takeru suggested. He nodded determinedly. "I'm sure Gabumon knows!"

"That's right!" Hikari smiled. She turned, running over to Taichi's partner, "Agumon!"

Agumon blinked, "What is it, Hikari?"

"Did you see where my brother went?"

"Ah, Taichi?" Agumon pointed a claw towards the entrance of the forest. "He went out of the forest with Yamato."

"Why didn't you go with him?!" Sora demanded worriedly.

"Well," Agumon scratched the side of his neck, "He didn't look like he needed me to come along with him."

"There aren't any digimon outside this forest," Gabumon reminded the Chosen Children. He blinked. "So, I thought Yamato would be safe with Taichi. If he's in danger, I will definitely sense it."

"Oh…" Sora said. She sighed, placing a hand on her forehead and inhaling to calm herself down. "Alright. But we'll need to set off soon and we can't leave without Taichi and Yamato-kun."

"Let's go find them then," Agumon suggested, getting up from his position on the ground. "They shouldn't have gone far."

Gabumon made a sound of agreement and rose as well. Sora looked at the two digimon, then at her human companions, and nodded with a sigh to the missing boys' digimon.

"Alright then. Lead the way."

"Look!" Agumon thrust a clawed hand in front of him when they were out of the forest.

Gabumon's eyes widened. "It's Yamato and Taichi!"

"Taichi! Yamato-kun!" Sora called, but it seemed that they were too far away to hear her.

"What are they doing?" Sora asked in exasperation. She moved forward impatiently after Agumon and Gabumon.

"Wait!" Agumon said, indicating to the couple of bushes near Yamato and Taichi. "We can watch them from there."

"Why do we need to observe them?" Koushiro asked.

"Because they seem to be having a private moment!" Mimi said excitedly, and Sora started as the other girl grabbed her arm. "Let's go, Sora!"

"Mimi-chan…" Sora protested. Seeing that Mimi wasn't going to relent, she sighed and allowed herself to be dragged to the bushes.

"I wonder what they're doing." Sora thought as she and the other Chosen Children hid behind the bushes. Yamato was reaching his arm out, cheeks red. Sora blinked. Was Yamato blushing?

"Look, Gabumon!" She heard Agumon say as he gestured upwards.

Gabumon's mouth had fallen open, his red eye seeming to have grown wider, as he sweatdropped. "Y-Yamato?!"

Sora frowned in curiosity. She hesitated, before moving quietly forward, to the front row of bushes to get a better look. Sora peeked over the top of the bushes, blinking. Yamato's fingers were curled as he moved his hand closer to Taichi's, whose fingers were curled in the same way. Taichi was smiling widely and Yamato was looking down and- Sora was definitely sure he was blushing now, and she gasped, a hand over her mouth as she realized that Yamato and Taichi were forming a heart.

"W-What?!" Jyou exclaimed and Mimi slapped a hand over his mouth.

"Keep quiet!" She hissed. He blinked, then nodded and she removed her hand.

Sora's mouth was still wide open when Jyou moved to her side to get a closer view. His jaw dropped as he stared with wide eyes behind his spectacles. "T-They're!"

Sora saw Yamato frown, and she quickly shook herself out of her surprise and pushed Jyou's head down, covering his mouth with her hand as Yamato turned his gaze in their direction. She looked back nervously. Well, it seemed Koushiro had had the sense to make Mimi duck as well.

"Ow- Gabumon, your tail!" Koushiro said and Sora resisted the urge to laugh at the image.


"What's wrong?" Sora heard Taichi's voice.

"I thought I heard something…" Yamato said suspiciously. Sora resisted the urge to sigh in relief as he shifted his gaze away. "But I suppose it was just my imagination."

"Am I just seeing things or are Yamato-san and Taichi-san…?" Koushiro mouthed, gaping, once Yamato had turned his attention away from them.

"You're not imagining it!" Mimi hissed delightfully, her almond eyes sparkling, "They really are forming a heart! That's so sweet!"

"W-Why are they forming a heart?" Jyou stuttered, still unable to believe his eyes.

Sora didn't blame him. She herself had been shocked at the scene in front of her as well. "D-Do you think, t-they're together?" She whispered.

"Wh-mpf." Mimi turned a glare on Jyou, who slapped a hand over his own mouth, wincing a little in pain. Sora sweatdropped and looked to Koushiro, whose black eyes were wide in surprise.

"Is that it?" He asked curiously. "I…I always thought those two were unusually close, but…"

"Look!" Takeru interrupted excitedly, and Sora was reminded of his and Hikari's presence. He was pointing towards the heart Taichi and Yamato had formed. "It's like the heart is shining!"

"Shining with light!" Hikari agreed with equal excitement, clasping her hands together. She looked up happily at her big brother and Yamato.

"Look, Yamato!" Taichi said eagerly, as he smiled down at the heart his and Yamato's fingers had formed. "It looks like our heart is shining with light!"

Yamato blushed as he stared down at the heart filled with the blue of the sky and the green of the grass. The sunlight was shining through the heart, and it seemed indeed as if it was glowing with a light from the heavens.

Which was stupid, really, since this was the Digiworld and there was no heaven. Just data. Yet, despite himself, the warmth on Yamato's cheeks refused to go away and he hated the fact that he was indeed blushing, as much as he currently hated his decision to agree to Taichi's request for it was embarrassing to see Taichi looking so happy over something so simple.

"Ah, I wish I had a camera!" Taichi said, and Yamato winced.

Yamato twitched. "How long…" he said tersely as he stared down at their fingers which were barely apart, "Do we have to do this?"

"Until the sun goes down?" Yamato shot an incredulous glare at Taichi, who was looking at the bushes at the side. He turned back to grin at him. "I'm joking, Yama!"

"Taichi's seen us." Sora murmured to her companions from behind the bushes. She sighed, and looked to the side, "It's because of your hat, Mimi-chan! You shouldn't lean forward that much. "

"And Gabumon's horn." Agumon added helpfully, and Gabumon pouted.

"I can't help having a horn!" Gabumon said sadly as he lowered himself further to the ground. Everyone sweatdropped.

Agumon patted his back with a friendly hand. "There, there."

"Oops." Mimi smiled at Sora. She winked. "Well, I don't think Taichi will give us away. So it should be alright, right?" She grinned, unable to resist gushing and everyone stared as she whipped out a camera from her bag and shot a picture without flash, "They're so cute together!"

Yamato really wished he could stop blushing. It was getting awfully warm. "Don't call me that-" The blond stopped at the short sound of something which sounded like a feminine squeal. He looked up, narrowing his eyes as the bushes rustled. "So it wasn't my imagination."

Taichi blinked as Yamato took his hand away, taking steps towards the bushes. "Yamato?"

"Yamato saw us!" Jyou panicked, "What should we do?!"

"Hide!" Sora commanded, and everyone crouched down as low as they could go. "Mimi-chan, your hat!"

Mimi pouted, and ended up laying on the ground. Gabumon was trying desperately to cover his horn, Sora was biting her lip, Jyou had his hand over his mouth to prevent himself from giving them away, Agumon and Koushiro had their eyes squeezed shut and Takeru and Hikari were smiling at each other as they laid down low.

"Hey…if worse comes to worst, what will we do?" Jyou whispered quietly.

Gabumon sniffed. "I don't want Yamato to be mad at me!"

"Well, we could pretend we just arrived." Koushiro suggested softly. "He might be less angry that way."

Mimi nodded. "That way, it wouldn't seem as if we were spying on them!"

"It's our best shot." Sora agreed.

"Distract him by making him embarrassed!" Takeru said cheerfully. "Onii-chan can't focus when he's embarrassed!"

"I think that's a good plan!" Hikari grinned.

"He's coming." Agumon hissed, and the Chosen Children ceased their conversation.

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