Drake and Josh Drake's Dream Come True

Chapter 1

It was a bright and sunny day in San Diego and Drake and Josh were at home sitting on the couch in their room, Josh was typing on his computer while Drake was tuning his guitar. They were doing their thing where they ask each other yes or no, Josh asked Drake, "Alright, if you could somehow turn yourself into a girl, would you do it?" Drake thought about his question for a moment and asked, "Could I turn back into a guy?" Josh thought about what his step brother said for a moment and said, "Possibly." Drake thought about it for another moment and said, "Could I be a hot chick?" Josh thought for a few seconds and said, "Yeah." Then Drake immediately said, "Yeah, I'd turn myself into a girl."

After a minute or two Josh said, "Hey Drake, what would you do if you actually turned into a girl?" Drake thought about what he would do and then he said, "Well, if I was hot, I would look at myself in the mirror making hot poses. I would also try on some nice girl clothes. I would maybe become a cheerleader. Oh, and I would look at myself naked!" Josh had a disturbed expression on his face and said, "If I was a girl, the only reason I would look at myself naked would be out of curiosity." Drake thought about what he said for a moment and stated, "Yeah, I think I would look out of curiosity too. But I would also want to see how hot my body would be. I wonder if you would feel any different with those new parts."

Their parents suddenly called them saying dinner was ready, as they ate dinner Drake was thinking, "Man how cool would be if I could be a hot girl!" Drake continued to think about what it would be like if he turned into an attractive girl his age throughout dinner and as he got ready for bed. Drake suddenly asked Josh, "Hey, isn't there a way people can actually change their genders?" Josh turned to face Drake and said, "Yeah, but that would require major surgery and probably needles." Drake snapped his fingers in disappointment and then lied down in his bed. After Josh turned off the lights Drake whispered to himself, "I wish I could turn into a girl."

While he was sleeping, something strange and magical happened without him even knowing.