Drake and Josh Drake's Dream Come True

Chapter 5

The next morning Drake woke up in the apartment he was staying in and ate breakfast. After he finished breakfast he remembered his plans to go to the beach; he grabbed the bikini he bought and changed into it in the bathroom. When he finished putting it on he turned around and looked at himself in the mirror; he smiled as he looked himself in his new female form wearing a bikini.

He smiled as he said, "I am so hot! I wish I could make a clone of myself like this so I could date myself."

He made a few poses with his hands on his hips and he shook his head to wave his hair around.

He smiled and said, "I could so be a swimsuit model."

He walked out of the bathroom and grabbed his beach towel and sun block and walked out of his room.

Meanwhile at Drake and Josh's house

Their parents were away and Josh was reading a book and Megan was looking at him from the living room, near the front door. She was smiling evilly as she went up stairs to her room. She turned on her big screen plasma TV (the one she got in the salsa episode) and pushed a button on the remote and made it show Josh in the living room. She turned on some speakers and a recorder that was connected to it.

Megan turned on the speakers and played a recording of a cop saying, "Attention, you are under arrest, we have you surrounded! There's no escape! Come out with your hands up!"

She also played the sound of a police siren; it sounded as though the police were right outside and Josh began to panic.

Megan played the sound of a gunshot at it scared Josh so much that he fell out of the couch; he got up and yelled, "I'm not a criminal, I didn't do anything! I'm innocent!"

He ran through the front door and Megan changed the image on the screen so she could see the front yard as she laughed.

Josh ran outside and yelled, "I'm innocent don't kill me! I…"

When he saw no cars he was confused and said, "Wait where are the… What about the… I heard a…"

Suddenly he stopped and had a facial expression of anger as he yelled, "Megan!"

Megan continued to laugh but she stopped early and said to herself, "It's not as fun without torturing Drake too."


Drake arrived at the beach and put some sun block on; he laid the towel down on the sand near the water. He lied down on the towel with his feet straight and there were hardly any people around him; everyone else at the beach was at least twenty feet away from him. A few times Drake decided to have some fun and he lied on his side with his hand on his hip like a bikini model and he would pretend he was on the cover of a magazine. At one point a girl passed by Drake and Drake saw her and thought she was hot. He smiled and looked at her like he would when he was a guy, but when she saw him she showed a facial expression that indicated she found him creepy. Drake turned away as he realized that he was now a girl and he pretended he wasn't interested. A half hour later a muscular guy his age walked by and pointed at him with a bright smile; Drake frowned and turned away indicating he was not interested.

Another half hour later Drake thought about how he was now a girl as he looked at the water and said, "Now if only I could look hot while swimming."

Suddenly he thought of something stupid and he began to walk to the water while saying, "Hey, if I can turn into a hot babe, maybe I can turn into a mermaid."

He walked into the water and jumped in the deep end but when nothing happened he said, "Darn, whatever spell did this to me is broken."

He walked back onto the sand with a disappointed expression, when he walked he swayed his hips like a normal girl would. He lied back on the towel and looked up and saw some grey clouds hide the sun. It didn't look like it was going to rain but everything on the beach looked darker than when the sun was out. Drake began to think about how hot he was as he looked down at his female body. He admired how he looked in the green bikini; he smiled when he looked at his female chest (you know what I mean). He loved how his female stomach and belly button looked, and he looked down with admiration at his legs. He turned to the point where he was laying on his stomach with his head turned sideways and he began to take a nap. He slept for a half hour and while he was sleeping some boys his age passed him and smiled when they looked at him. When he woke up he sat up with his upper body leaning back and his arms holding it up. He smiled as a gentle breeze began to blow; it felt nice on his female body and on his legs.

The wind felt different on his legs because of the bottom of the bikini, he liked the feeling and said, "I could get used to this."

He laid back down with his body straight but then he bent his right leg up. Suddenly Dash pulled his car over by the beach; his car was a red convertible with the roof open. He stepped out of his car, revealing that he was wearing swim trunks and he took his shirt off to reveal his pelvic muscles and a small six pack. He took off his sandals and began walking on the sand; not long after he began walking he saw Drake lying on his back, on the towel. Dash smiled as he began to walk to Drake; when he was next to him he got down on his side and looked down at Drake's head.

Drake was surprised to see Dash as he said, "Debbie, fancy seeing you here."

Drake showed that he was annoyed and said, "What are you doing here?!"

Dash did not change his facial expression as he said, "I finished all my homework and decided to come here for the sun and the ocean. What brings a hottie like you here?"

Drake did not change his facial expression while he said, "I came here because I decided to come and have a good time, but now it's ruined!"

Dash chuckled and said, "You're a funny girl Debbie. You know you look even hotter in that bikini."

Drake continued to show that he was annoyed as he said, "Thanks, I already know that."

Drake turned on his side and faced away from Dash, who put his arm around Drake's stomach and said, "You know, a hottie like you should really be dating a guy like me. You'd be popular and you'd look really good with me."

Drake pulled Dash's arm off him and said, "Thanks, but I'll pass."

Dash lied on his back but his head remained facing Drake as he said, "Oh that's too bad. By the way, did it hurt?"

Drake's eyes moved back and forth as he asked, "Did what hurt?"

Dash smiled as he said, "When you fell down from heaven."

Drake was extremely annoyed and in his mind he said, "Come on! That's the cheesiest line in the book!"

Dash smiled as he reached his left arm under Drake's shoulder and managed to turn Drake onto his back. At this point Drake was lying down with his back on Dash's left arm and he turned to Dash, who was facing him with a smile and his left hand holding onto the side of Drake's left shoulder.

Dash smiled as he said, "You know we should really start dating, if you want this summer I can take you with me on a vacation to Sidney."

Drake was confused and asked, "Who?"

Dash chuckled and said, "No, the Sidney harbor."

Drake was still confused and asked, "Where is that, Paris?"

Dash did not change his expression but in his mind he thought Drake was dumb and said, "It's a good thing you're hot."

Drake wiggled slightly and looked at Dash's hand on his shoulder and said, "Can you please let go?!"

Dash smiled and said, "Come on Debbie!"

Dash turned onto his left side and he moved his left arm and got Drake on his right side to the point where they were facing each other.

Drake tried to turn away but Dash moved his right arm over Drake and pulled him closer while saying, "Come on, why don't we go out tomorrow?!"

Drake was starting to get worried as he said, "Not a chance!"

Dash pulled Drake closer and said, "Playing hard to get? I like that! But I told you that I'd keep trying until I get you, and I will."

He pulled Drake even closer and began to wrap his arms around Drake and Drake nervously said, "What are you…"

He was interrupted when Dash quickly closed his eyes and kissed Drake on the lips. Drake's eyes widened and he tried to break free but Dash was hugging him close to where both their bodies were touching.

When Dash was done he let go of Drake and Drake pulled away and said, "God, I can't believe you did that!"

Dash smiled like Drake when he has a nice date with a girl and said, "You are a great kisser!"

Drake quickly grabbed his sun block and beach towel and stood up and said, "See ya!"

He began to walk away but Dash stood up and asked, "Debbie, where's your car?"

Drake quickly but angrily made up a story as he said, "My car was wrecked a week ago so I walked here."

Dash smiled as he saw an opportunity and said, "Let me give you a ride to your apartment."

Dash ran to his car and sat in the driver's seat and turned to Drake and said, "Go ahead, it's my pleasure."

Drake gave Dash an ugly annoyed look but thought about the walk to the apartment and said, "Fine."

He sat in the left seat of Dash's car and while Dash drove he checked Drake out a few times in the green bikini. Drake just stared out the front of the windshield with an annoyed expression.

Dash pulled up in front of the apartment building and before Drake got out Dash stretched his arm across to him and gave him a piece of paper and said, "Here's my number babe, give me a call when you're ready to go on a date with me."

Drake took it with an angry expression and walked out of the car and into the building.

Later that night

Drake was sleeping in one of the beds of the apartment and he was having a dream. In his dream he was still a girl but was in a fancy restaurant and was wearing a sparkly blue dress. He was sitting at a round table and was confused; he was shocked to see on the other side of the table was Dash in a tuxedo.

Drake was confused and asked, "What's going on?"

Dash chuckled and said, "Debbie, you're so funny! I am so glad you're my girlfriend!"

Drake was shocked and yelled, "What?!"

Dash smiled as he said, "Not to mention you're so hot!"

Drake suddenly smiled and said, "Oh thank you baby, and you're so cute too."

Drake's happy expression changed to shock and fear as he asked, "Why did I just say that?!"

Suddenly the scene changed and Drake looked around with confusion to see that he was now in a church. There were tons of people in the seats; the men were wearing fancy suits and the women were dressed fancily like it was a special occasion. Drake saw Helen sitting at a wall of the church and was playing the piano. Drake saw that Dash and Josh were standing in front of him. Dash was dressed like a wedding groom and Josh was dressed like the best man. He turned to see that Megan was dressed like a flower girl. Drake was still confused and he became scared as he looked down to see that he was holding a bouquet of flowers in both hands and that he was wearing a white dress. He was also wearing a thin white thing on his head over his hair; he was dressed like a bride. He, Megan, Dash, and Josh were the same age.

Drake turned to Dash and asked, "Uh, what is going on?"

Dash smiled and said, "Well it's our wedding day of course."

Drake was now terrified and he asked, "What?!"

A man standing between them said, "Dash Barker, do you take Debbie Rider to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Dash smiled as he looked at Drake and said, "I do."

Drake was terrified as he looked back and forth; he wanted to let go of the bouquet but for some reason his arms would not do it and he couldn't run away.

The man turned to Drake and asked, "And do you Debbie Rider take Dash Barker to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Drake's expression of fear turned happiness as he turned to Dash and said, "I do."

But his expression turned back to fear as he said, "Wait why did I just say that?! No I don't! I don't!"

He tried to convince them but they went about like he never said it.

Suddenly the man between them said, "I now pronounce you man and wife."

Dash put on his wedding ring and he put the other one on Drake's.

Drake was breathing heavily in fear as he thought, "This can't be happening!"

The man between them then said to Dash, "You may now kiss the bride."

Drake then panicked as Dash grabbed his arms and pulled him in and kissed his lips. He had his arms closed as he kissed Drake; Drake's eyes were wide open as he screamed in his head. Suddenly Drake woke up screaming, he looked around to see that he was still in the apartment and it was morning. He looked down at his body and noticed that he was still a girl.

Drake breathed heavily in relief as he began to lay back down and said, "Phew! It was only a dream."