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[Haste Decisions]

There was a fear hitting the city of Glasgow that the local gang were getting stronger as each day passed. There were endless rumours of both drug and gun smuggling but the more troubling was the talk about them now being involved with the selling of young girls for the sex trade. There were several attempts at stopping them, each one being coldly assassinated by a profession and Gemma, the medical examiner, was starting to complain about the lack of space in her morgue. She now had ten John Doe's taking up residency and no one was coming forward to claim them. The force had decided that there was only one real option; undercover.

The group had taken an immediate liking to Stuart due to his fresh faced innocence. This choir boy look would come in useful when it came to dealing with the police and the group knew how to use everything to their advantage. This had been the reason that Stuart had been chosen over Robbie, despite the elder detective's grumbling that he would be the wiser choice as he was gruffer, because Burke had been aware of how the boss would be thinking.

Tonight, rumour had it, was the night that they were going to get a shipping of guns after midnight. Thankfully, the plan was working because Stuart had been one of the few hand chosen to be there when the guns arrived on the docks. This had pleased Burke and the officers that were apart of the team responsible for bringing this smuggling down. Stuart's know how allowed them to know when, where and how much merchandise would be hitting Glasgow that night. The police would be able to intercept the guns and arrest the gang without there being any major disasters. Or so they thought.

Just before midnight, Stuart found himself standing at the side of the docks, his hands buried deep in his pockets as he moved from foot to foot in an attempt to keep warm. Noticing this repeated action, one of the gang members shrugged off his coat and wrapped it around Stuart's shivering shoulders, a warm smile gracing his handsome features as he returned his gaze to where he'd been looking previously. Stuart had developed a close rapport with Finley and he'd heard through rumours that Finley was one of the few members of the gang to bat for the same team as Stuart. Stuart, thinking like a thug, had acted shocked but the boss had immediately warned him that homophobic behaviour wasn't tolerated in their group and Stuart had quickly admitted his sexual preference, covering his disgust by stating that he always feared how people would react.

Stuart could still remember how the boss had just laughed, his hand clapping down on Stuart's shoulder as he started to explain that the other people in the gang just accepted a person for who they were. It was a case of 'you couldn't help you fall in love with and you sure as hell can't help it if the person was the same sex as you'. He'd gone on to explain, despite his fraternisation rules, that Finley would be very pleased to learn about Stuart's sexual preferences because he'd voiced a liking several times towards the blonde haired and blue eyed man that had just joined their fold.

Blushing, Stuart had excused himself from the main office. Being a detective, Stuart had got used to hiding his sexuality and he'd realised a very long time ago that he'd been able to do it with ease. Due to being a team, he'd made sure that Burke, Jackie and Robbie were aware of his life choices but he believed that he'd managed to keep it quiet from the rest of the station. Or so he believed...

Sitting out in their paroled car, the uniformed officers checked that their guns were loaded as they waited for the order off DC Fraser that they should close in. Both had grumbled a disgust that their chief in command tonight had been a "fag" and had protested their involvement but Burke had silenced them with a cold look before explaining that of course they could have the night off but then had proceeded to explain that it would be a case of not coming back tomorrow. They'd be fired.

Officer Jenkins had learnt about DC Fraser's choice of lifestyle completely by mistake. He'd overheard DI Ross and DS Reid talking about setting up their friend with one of Jackie's friends from outside the station. He hadn't been that shocked at first because realistically when did detective's ever have time to go out and find a partner of their own? What had disgusted him though was when DS Reid had stated that Bobby was a nice guy and would know how to treat DC Fraser right. This revelation had been when he'd first realised the blonde haired detective was a 'fag' and ever since then, he'd held a hatred towards him but yet here he was watching the man's back in case things turned ugly.

"Are you okay, Jenkins?" His partner, Dan Smith, asked and Jenkins turned to look at him before slightly nodding his head and then unclenching the hand resting on his thigh that had curled into a fist without his knowledge.

"I was just thinking, Smith." He explained lightly, his hand reaching out to fidget with the radio just so that it would have something to do.

"You thinking about the 'fag'?" Jenkins had filled Smith in about DC Fraser as soon as he could and had taken great pleasure in highlighting how disgusting it was. The two officers had been partners for many years now and even though Smith didn't hold the same beliefs as Jenkins, he still talked as if he did because he knew that you needed to be able to rely on your partner in a case of danger. Smith had sensed that if Jenkins was to find out that Smith didn't think homosexuality was disgusting then he'd treat him with the exact same amount of disrespect.

Smiling over at his partner, Jenkins nodded his head. "I sure am. I feel so angry that the man goes against the norm and yet here we are sat around waiting for his damned command." He snorted. "The 'fag' probably slept his way to the top."

"I don't think DCI Burke swings that way, Jenkins."

"Jesus Christ, I think you're right!" He grunted as he shook his head. "The dirty 'fag' must have screwed even higher!" The man cursed angrily before leaning out of his window and spitting. Smith bit back the urge to vomit, his stomach churning at how disgusting his partner actually was but all thoughts vanishes when he heard DC Fraser's voice come over the crackling radio, stating that it was time. Climbing out of the car, they reached down for their guns before nodding their heads at each other. It was show time.

All around the docks you could hear shooting and both officers approached cautiously, their gaze falling on DC Fraser as he moved away from the scene. Jenkins motioned for Smith to keep moving forward while he went to check that DC Fraser hadn't been hit. Smith just nodded his head, nothing thinking anything of that as his sole focus was on making sure that no one was injured. Arriving at the scene, his gun held up, he noticed DI Ross was already there and handcuffing one of the suspects. "Smith, where the hell is your partner?" He growled hating it when the officers split up. It was when they did stupid things like that the force ended up with fatalities.

"Jenkins went to check on DC Fraser, sir." He informed the DI, his gun now concentrating on the suspected that DI Ross was still holding down to the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Suddenly a loud scream caused them both to move quickly, guns drawn as they saw DS Reid running out of the warehouse. "Robbie," she cried running towards him. "Stuart's been attacked." She informed him, her hand running through her short brown hair as she tried to control her emotions. DI Ross instructed for Smith to take over with the suspect as he turned to follow Jackie into the warehouse.

The first thing he saw was the puddle of blood surrounding the man. Whoever had beaten him had surely not intended for Stuart to live so that he was able to tell the tale, especially due to the amount of bruising he had to the facial area. Robbie felt his heart sink as he knelt down next to the man, preserving the evidence the last thing on his mind as he stroked the blood matted hair and held Stuart close to him. "Jackie, ring for an ambulance." He ordered before watching as she walked away, her phone in her hand as she searched for reception. Turning his gaze back to Stuart, he felt the sting of tears in his eyes as he whispered. "Don't you dare leave me. I couldn't bear to lose you." His biggest secret about to slip out due to the shock of seeing his friend like this. "I love you."

to be continued...