Hey guys! I just saw this movie last night and it scared the crap out of me! I loved it so much I wrote a story about it. Sorry this chapter isn't very long or as well written as I'd have liked. I wrote this quickly so that I could get it out fast. I'm writing the next chapter now, please review and tell me what you think! It keeps me going! :)

I had just married my wife Eliza. We still had that newlywed feeling between us. We were always cheery and we had not a care in the world as long as we had one another. She had always told me she wanted to settle down and start a family. I had promised her that once we were married that I would buy us a house and we would do just that, settle down. When I found out she was pregnant I finally started searching for a house. A few months later our daughter, Sarah was born. The idea seemed new to me. I never really had a family. My brother died when I was very young and my parents had never seemed the same since.

Eliza and I looked for a house, but we didn't have much money at the time. I was a doctor, but I was new to the practice and I hadn't set up an office yet. That's when I found that gem of a town. It was a small village. Coincidentally enough, there was a house we could afford and I could set up a practice there. From what I heard the house was a jewel itself, A little out of the way, but large and elegant. The man who sold it to me failed to mention what happened there. Even though the house was a chore, we bought the house. I was a doctor and I planned to open up an office in the small village. We arrived in the village on our first day. All of our belongings were in the back of my buggy. After the long journey to the village Eliza was tired so we stopped inside an Inn to get some refreshments before heading to our new home.

The Inn Keeper excused himself from the room upon our entering. Instead, a woman took his place gazing at us with sad eyes.

"What can I get for you?"

"Could I have some water please?" Eliza asked her. She was carrying Sarah in her arms.

The woman fetched her glass then turned to me.

"Please, Sir…" She whispered, "Get out of that house while you can. It causes nothing but tragedy…" Her eyes shifted to Sarah. "I beg of you…"

I furrowed my brow in confusion. "Pardon me?"

"Thank you, miss," Eliza said, setting down her empty cup and tossing a coin next to it.

The Inn Keeper reappeared then, stepping in. "Y'all best be going now, before the tide comes in."

"Right. Of course," I said, smiling weakly. I put an arm around Eliza and lead her out.

What was wrong with the house we had purchased? Was everyone in this village so hostile towards newcomers?

We arrived at our actual house late in the afternoon. The path leading to the house was covered in water when the tide came in so we were stranded at our house at certain times. It was one of the setbacks of having a home surrounded by marsh. I unloaded some of our trunks and lead Eliza and Sarah inside. The house wasn't what I had imagined. It may have once been elegant but now it was dark and trashed. Dusty furniture cluttered the room and cobwebs hung from the ceiling. It was not an ideal living space. It gave off a rather spooky feeling. Eliza walked over and picked up a picture frame.

"I wonder who this is." She said curiously.

The picture was of a small boy and what appeared to be his mother.

I shrugged. "It looks like the last owners left all of their possessions here. Maybe it's one of them. Here, let me see it."

She handed me the picture and picked up a different one.

Sarah laughed, staring at the second floor.

"What's so funny, Sarah?" Eliza cooed.

The baby giggled staring at the unknown object.

"I'll go see how it looks upstairs," I said, setting down the bags. I was more curious to find what was entertaining my daughter so much. I pulled a match from my pocket and lit a candle as I walked up the stairs. I still had the picture frame in my hands. Some light shone into the hallway from the last room at the end of the hallway. I walked inside to see it might have once been a nursery. Dolls littered the floor. I was more disturbed to find writing on the wall. I set the picture down on the muddy bed and walked closer to investigate.


That was what was written on the wall in crimson. I couldn't help but note that it deeply resembled blood. I shivered. This place was not what I had hoped it would be. I looked out the window and saw it had started to rain. I retrieved the picture.

Now we wouldn't be able to leave until at least tomorrow. I was starting to realize the problems of living in a house surrounded by marsh.

I turned to leave but something caught my eye, a quick movement. I thought I'd seen a shadow.

I left the room quickly, but before I'd left I heard someone whisper one word.