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The forest gods had had enough with then humans. The humans had run out of iron to mine in the mountains, so they had begun to mine the iron under the forest. The only way to do that though was to clear away the trees.

All the gods were angered by this. The leader of the Boar Tribe, Nago, had attacked the humans when they were in his tribe's territory. Eboshi had been with the miners when Nago attacked. Eboshi had her gunmen fire at Nago and they almost killed him.

Nago was overcome by so much hatred and rage he had started to become a demon. Before the first signs of being a demon appeared, Nago fled from the forest never to return.

Moro was sickened by Nago's weak and cowardly behavior. When her mate, Ookami, was turning into a demon he asked the Forest Spirit to take his life. Ookami was brave and was not scared of death, Nago was scared to die so he fled hoping to escape death, but intern only sealed his fate completely.

San sat at the top of her family's den. Out of the forest Feng and Xin appeared. Moro followed after her two sons.

San jumped off the den roof and approached her mother. Moro carefully looked at her daughter.

"We are going to attack the humans in their town. San, you and your brothers are thirteen and now are full adult gods. You must be able to hold yourself against the humans. For I can no longer protect you from them." deeply told Moro.

"I understand mother." said San.

Moro turned around and prepared to leave. San grabbed her spear and dagger and climbed onto Feng's back. Feng set of at lightning speed, with Xin following close behind.

In a matter of moments the wolves had reach their destination, Iron Town. Moro went over the plan one more time before they attacked.

"I will strike at the gate. Xin you attack from the south and east. Feng you must get San over the wall then join me and your brother. San you must kill that gunwoman while your brothers and I have the other humans distracted." ordered Moro.

The three siblings nodded in understanding. Moro rose to her feet and began the attack.

All the gun men began to fire at Moro as she charged at the north gate. Other gunmen shot at Xin as he climbed over the eastern wall. Feng jumped over the western wall with San on his back. San demounted her brother and ran off to find Lady Eboshi.

Eboshi was in the center of the battle giving orders to everyone. She suddenly noticed the wild wolf-girl running at her. A faint smile crept upon Eboshi's face.

"Let the girl through. I want to fight her myself." shouted Eboshi.

The soldiers disarmed and let San run through the crowd strait to Lady Eboshi. Eboshi dropped her cloak and drew her katana and knife. San had reached her father's murderer.

"We meet again, Princess Mononoke. Have you come to avenge the animals we killed and the trees we cut down?" mockingly asked Eboshi.

San growled and tightened the grip on her spear and dagger. She hated the smirked smile on Eboshi's lips more than she hated Eboshi.

"I come to avenge all the animals and trees you killed. But more importantly I come to avenge my father. You and your guns are responsible for his death. I curse the day you and your descendents were ever born." growled San.

San lunged at Eboshi. Eboshi stopped San's spear with her katana. The gun woman then aimed her knife between the wolf-girl's eyes. San jumped back and avoided Eboshi's attack.

The two mortal enemies clashed for what seemed like hours, but in truth was less than ten minutes. They could have kept fighting all night if Moro hadn't given a howl sounding a retreat.

San reluctantly left behind Eboshi and climbed onto her eldest brother's back. The white wolves and wolf-girl disappeared into the forest in the blink of an eye. If any guns were fired at them they would be unable to hit.

San got off of Feng, pushed up her mask and scowled at her mother. Moro noticed her daughter's angered glare. San stomped her foot against the ground.

"Why did we retreat? I nearly had that gunwoman's head. We would have been rid of her for good and father would have been avenged. His spirit could have finally been able to rest in peace." screamed San.

Moro snapped her fang to silence her daughter.

"That is enough San. You are acting like a spoiled pup. We were simplely to kill as many humans as possible as you distracted that gunwoman. Without her commands the humans were mindless sheep who couldn't think for themselves. We killed over fifty of Eboshi's men, thirty of them gunmen. We have put a number on her forces. She will be unable to attack the forest for a long time. Be patient, San. Someday we will avenge Ookami and crush that gunwoman's head." snapped Moro.

The wolves went back to their den to heal their wounds. While San rode on Feng's back she began to think. She wished for away to get rid of the humans forever. Perhaps the answer would come to her in a dream?

That's the end of the story. It was a lot of fun writing it and I will write some more Princess Mononoke real soon. Comment if you like the story.