File 25: Annabelle:

Side note: If you haven't watched Disney's Princess Protection Program, please do before reading this fanfiction.

Grown up Rosie(aka Rosalinda) and Carter were heading towards their destination on a top secret submarine, courtesy of the Princess Protection Program. Since they were now agents of the Princess Protection Program, they were on their own. They were drinking soda and burping up a storm, laughing in reflection of old times. Carter chuckled, "that never gets old."

Rosie wondered, "yeah…but who's driving this contraption?"

Carter reminded her, "it's on autopilot, Rosie."

Rosie realized, "oh, right. It's been hard for me…to get used to computers."

Carter pointed out, "incoming!" She saw through one of the porthole like windows another submarine…but one that was noticeably armed with bluish missiles. Carter quickly got to the controls of the Princess Protection Program submarine, and started firing missiles to counteract the missiles coming from the opposite submarine. Explosions of steam echoed across the ocean floor. Rosie was at the windows and periscope, checking to see if anything else was coming.

Rosie urged, "that's not all we got to worry about…we've got a leak!"

Carter urged, "I'm a little busy here!" She had the Princess Protection Program submarine circle around the opposite submarine, corkscrewing past the other submarine. The other submarine chased after the Princess Protection Program's submarine, firing more missiles as it glided across the ocean. Carter struggled to steer clear of the missiles, firing more missiles back at the other submarine as she did so. One of the missiles hit a porthole like window of the other submarine.

Rosie urged, "all covered up." She had used her hair band to successfully jam the crack in the submarine.

Carter sighed, "and just when I was about to gloat."

Rosie called out from a loudspeaker built into the Princess Protection Program submarine, "surrender Annabelle, and you won't be harmed."

Carter commented, "as if they make it that easy."

Rosie shrugged, "well, it was worth a try." She and Carter got on scuba gear to get ready to climb aboard the other submarine. They crawled through the blown porthole like window.

Rosie pointed towards a crying little girl, with a tiara crown and some scuba gear on her person…on the submarine floor.

Rosie urged, "it's ok…we're here."

The little princess cried, "bad woman tried to take me away!"

Carter wondered, "where's your parents?"

The little princess just cried again.

Carter groaned, "I got her."

Rosie called out, "behind you!" Carter turned around to notice several figures in scuba gear, with crowbars in hand.

Carter called back, "get the princess to safety!" Rosie nodded. Carter punched and kicked the figures in the water. One of them slammed a crowbar against Carter's air tank, which started leaking air bubbles. Rosie quickly swam back to the Princess Protection Program submarine's airlock, which they used to filter out the water before and after swimming to the other submarine.

Rosie suggested, "I'll be right back." She carried the little princess into the Princess Protection Program submarine. Rosie dropped her off and headed for the airlock. She saw with a chuckle…Carter using her leaking air tank as a unrestricted water ride. Behind Carter, the figures with the crowbars had retreated towards the surface.

Carter gasped for air after pulling herself into the airlock, having to let go of her air tank to do so. She muttered between breaths, "let's not…do that again."

Rosie suggested, "let's just get Annabelle back to her kingdom."

Carter concluded, "agreed."