File 19: Victoria:

Side note: If you haven't watched Disney's Princess Protection Program, please do before reading this fanfiction.

Rosie and Carter were at a gas station with their replacement white and black car, with Carter filling up the car's gas tank with gas. Carter concluded, "remind me again why we're here?"

Rosie reminded her, "to remember our...duties as citizens."

Carter remarked, "just Ed being at my place helps me remember."

Rosie figured, "I haven't had the pleasure."

Carter added, "what about prince Plersun? He seems nice."

Rosie concluded, "he doesn't like tomboys."

Carter shrugged, "then it's his loss, Rosie. All done." She put the gas tank nozzle back into a indent built into the gas station, then got back into the car.

Rosie concluded, "very true. He doesn't deserve me."

Along the way to their destination, the scenery changed from streets and apartment buildings to a bridge covered in vines. On the other side of the bridge were bushes shaped like hedges, and a castle overlooking it all. Suddenly, a gate on the other side of the bridge closed in front of the car, with two women in uniform coming out to greet Carter and Rosie. Carter cried out, "oh, come on!"

Rosie pointed out, "this doesn't look like the same Terra Bettin that we know."

Carter sighed, "I know."

Rosie greeted, "good afternoon. What is the holdup?"

One of the women in uniform concluded strangely, "you are a woman, yes?"

Rosie deduced, "last time I checked."

The same woman in uniform continued, "any men with you?"

Rosie pointed out, "no, just another woman." The same woman in uniform briefly checked around the vehicle.

She then said, "we hope you enjoy your stay in Terra Bettin." The two women in uniform manually lifted the gate away from the bridge, letting Carter and Rosie pass.

Carter muttered, "that was weird. Hmm…you smell something burning?"

Rosie wondered, "yeah…but where is it coming from?"

Carter figured, "I don't know: All I know is that I don't like this one bit." She and Rosie parked the car next to some hedge shaped bushes, then let themselves out. They were greeted by several men, dressed in white robes with the drawing of a certain jewel on their right arms. The men bowed before Carter and Rosie…even escorted them inside to an empty yellowish room.

They kept saying "your majesty" and "yes, your majesty." That is, until they left Carter and Rosie alone…under their requests.

Carter muttered, "now I know something's wrong."

Rosie concluded, "I believe you are right. Nothing in the case file said about these new customs."

Carter concluded, "but I admit…I like it."

Rosie sighed, "I'm usually not the skeptical one, but this place looks too nice to me."

Carter figured, "maybe if we follow the smell of the burning, we'll find out what's going on...and settle your skepticism."

Rosie sighed, "fine." She and Carter followed the scent of the burning, until they found themselves in an unlocked prison like hall. The prison cells themselves though were locked, with many men inside of them. In the center of the prison like hall was a circular bin filled with green crystals...and the throne of a crowned woman with purple robes on.

Carter remarked, "I've heard of women's rights, but this is ridiculous!"

The woman with the purple robes turned to Carter and Rosie, "who dares insult my kingdom?" Beside her was a princess, with a matching throne and matching robes.

Rosie realized, "is that…Victoria?"

The princess muttered, "who wants to know?"

Carter concluded, "agents of the Princess Protection Program."

The crowned woman laughed, "and what makes you think that Victoria needs saving from me?"

Rosie commented, "from you overthrowing your faithful kingdom, Queni."

Queni sighed, "I guess then the pleasantries are over with." She took out a quarterstaff and got off her throne to fight Rosie and Carter. Carter swung around the quarterstaff to swing kick into Queni, but Queni just ducked and kicked with one leg at Carter. Carter crashed down to the ground, next to a prison cell.

She began to sneakily pick the lock of the prison cell, groaning as she did so.

Rosie concluded, "and what say does Victoria have in such a kingdom?"

Queni laughed, "like she had any before."

Victoria then spoke again, "you lying witch!" She took out her own quarterstaff, slamming it into Queni.

Queni groaned as she reached for her quarterstaff. However, Victoria knocked it away. She cried out, "traitors! Traitors to your own kind!" Queni took out a smoke bomb, using it to give herself enough cover to get up and head for a spiral staircase behind her.

Rosie and Carter were groaning and aching from the radiation of the crystals that was not familiar to them, struggling to stay awake. Carter had unlocked the prison cell lock nearby, letting loose several men upon Queni. They started hurling spears at Queni, with one of them tripping Queni on the stairs. She fell off the stairs, landing to the ground with a thud. Queni didn't get back up.

Victoria said, "thank you."

Carter realized, "I feel…stronger." She started to easily get up. So did Rosie.

Rosie figured, "must be an effect of the radiation."

Victoria pointed out, "our power source."

Carter remarked, "could be the next best thing to bait."

Victoria concluded, "sadly, we can't share our power source with anyone else's kingdoms."

Rosie wondered, "why not?"

Victoria concluded, "these crystals are too dangerous to take out from the Earth. Many men were never seen again in the mines."

Carter figured, "so this prison is underground?"

Victoria deduced, "yes."

One of the other men figured, "it's great that Queni has been defeated…but what about us?"

Rosie concluded, "want to do the honors?"

Carter chuckled as she started to pick the locks of the other prison cells, with grateful men on the other side of those prison cells.

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